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Hello, everyone!

When Debbie from Debbiedoo’s left me a comment on my blog to please email her when I had a chance, my first thought was 
“Oh, boy, what did I do wrong now” LOL. 
You see, I had just linked up to her Monday party and I thought
I had messed up the link, which I have been known to do in the past. :)
Imagine my surprise when Debbie email me back and told me that 
if I was interested, she would like to feature my home in her weekly Home Tours Series.
Yes, yes, yes, I am interested!
And then I panicked!!! LOL 
Debbie, it is a huge honor for me to be featured on your blog!!!
Never in a million years I would of thought my blog or home worthy
to be in the company of such wonderful bloggers and their gorgeous homes.Our home is still a “work in progress”, but I am happyto share with everyone what it looks like today.
So here it goes!

Everybody, welcome to our home in San Antonio,Texas!




We are a retired military family, so after 23 years of traveling the world and
living in 16 different homes due to our many moves, you many understand why our home is so special to us.
We finally feel like we belong somewhere.We never planned to retire in Texas, but the military brought us here, my husband retired, and the rest is history.We are here to stay.
 We built our home four years ago and since then, we have not stopped
trying to improve it and we still have a while to go.
Please, come on in!

This is the view when you enter the front door.
We just love the high ceilings!

To the left, you will find the formal living room and dinning room.

We gave away all our furniture when we moved into our new home

and we are buying new pieces little by little.

After all those years of moving, it was time.

 Although we have made some improvements in this area, like the chair rail, chandelier

 and wall stencil, we are taking our time looking for the perfect dinning room set.


 As you can see, I am the only person in blogland without a dinning set.

And area rugs! LOL 



To the right, we have the entrance table and the hallway

that takes you to the library, laundry room, guest bathroom

and exit to the garage.




This was the first project we ever did in our new home.
My husband built all the wall to wall shelves and I have to say
is my favorite room in the house.
it also serves as our home office.









Straight down the entrance hall, you will find our kitchen and breakfast area 

to the left and family room to the right.

This is where we spend most of our family time.

Our kitchen table extends to fit eight people and it has seen

some great family dinners and get togethers.







And off the kitchen, you will find our porch.

I made the outdoor curtains a few years back and I have been

having fun with this space since then. :)



We also did upgrade the stairwell a couple of years agoby adding the molding.


 Upstairs, you will find the master suite to the left.

Our room is not quite finished yet.

We would like a bench at the foot of the bed  and also a small table

or ottoman in our sitting room.









 And, on the other side of the upstairs landing, you will find
our daughter’s bedroom.




Our son’s rooms, which are connected by a Jack and Jill bathroom.


And, my still a work in progress, soon to be craft room,

which I am working on fixing little by little.

So far, we added hardwood floors and we will be adding cabinets,

counters and a work table very soon.


And here is the view from upstairs


We love our home and we are looking forward to many more years
of furniture shopping and DIY home improvements which I hope to be able
to keep sharing with all of you.
Meanwhile, Debbie, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart
for this opportunity and for thinking of me.
You are an amazing lady!
And, also thank you to all of you for taking the time to visit.
Until next time!
Thank you so much Maria Elena for sharing your lovely and most inviting home.
If you do not know Maria Elena, head on over and give her a warm hello!




  1. Sonny says

    I cant think of a prettier home to show off than Maria Elena’s.. I was just at her site a few days ago ooohing and aaahing over all her rooms and her porch decor thru the different seasons…

    thanks so much for featuring her, Deb~!

  2. says

    Debbie, this was an awesome feature! I love seeing Maria Elena’s home! She is such a beautiful decorator and her home feels so warm and inviting. You can feel the love that has gone into making her house a home!

  3. says

    Debbie, Maria’s home has been fun to see evolve. It’s always been lovely, but she and her husband always add something extra special to make it lovelier. I love her stenciled dining room ..she did a great job on that. And that mantle her husband built is outstanding. Those are just 2 of my favorites of their many great projects!

  4. says

    What a beautiful home. It must feel wonderful to be all settled down after moving around for so many years. I can see so much love went into decorating this home. Just gorgeous.

  5. says

    Debbie…I have been following Maria Elena’s home for just a short while but I always come away with wonderful ideas and inspiration! You couldn’t have picked a better home to feature. Her style is elegant an impeccable! Thanks so much!

    By the way…somehow you fell off my blogroll. Sorry! I am following by email now.


  6. says

    Your home is so beautiful, Maria Elena. I never get tired of seeing what you’ve done in different rooms. You do such a wonderful job of decorating and adding just the right touches to your home. I’m really looking forward to seeing that craft room!

    I’m looking forward to seeing your Christmas decor go up!


  7. says

    Thanks so much for sharing Maria Elena’s home with everyone, Debbie. You couldn’t have picked a sweeter lady with a more beautiful home.


  8. says

    Oh, Debbie, how nice to feature her lovely home! It’s gorgeous and looks so big! :) Hope you’re being a good girl! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉


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