Crafting on a dime {Budget friendly Seasonal decorating}

You all know by now, I am all about saving a buck, and decorating on a dime. Sometimes even a nickel if I can.recycled cans decorating for fall

When the opportunity came up for the Google + live video, Shannon came right to me and asked me if I wanted to play along.

{The theme is Thanksgiving handcrafted home decor.}

UH NO, not really, I am not jumping up and down to partake in this one.

Do you know how bad I hate live action?

Really, I do.

As out going, friendly and fun as you may think I am…{and yes, I really am}

The reality is, I am extremely camera, public speaking shy.

But how can I say no to Shannon?

I can’t, and I won’t, so

a video it is.

The thing about crafting on the cheap, is really using everything you can on hand.

For example…I even recycled these flowers.

Instead of tossing these dried flowers out, I decided I would use them in my craft.

Napkins from the Dollar tree

 a buck!

and can

Mod podge, which btw everyone should always have a bottle of that on hand.

So many fun way to use it and create a decoupaged project.

A simple orange ribbon

Dried flowers, and a simple pine cone from my garden.

How cute these would be for your Thanksgiving table scape.

Down the center of your festive table.

I think 5 in all different sizes would be perfect.

Hope you enjoyed this budget friendly tablescape idea.

Upcycled can, mod podge and the Dollar tree.

Speaking of Shannon and I…AGAIN:)

She seems to be my partner in crime these days{Poor thing}

Today we did a live video together…

all about cans! It was all about a Homemade Thanksgiving and part of a google hang out.

Home Made Thanksgiving

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We share lots of fun and creative ideas.

And if you are looking for more

recylcled can ideas

well I have plenty of those to spare.

Thanks for stopping by today!



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    Wow, your are busy busy with all this crafting and videoing. I do not like to do live stuff at all. I am seeing a lot of this going on this week. Must be the new social thing. I don’t think I can do anymore socializing. I have no time for life. Cute can.

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