And so the people Picked… {People’s Magazine Annual Sexiest Man Alive issue} and winner of the CVS gift card

And so it has been revealed!

 PEOPLE Magazine’s Annual Sexiest Man Alive issue

 is out.

I have to admit, at first I was a little disappointed.

I saw the cover and I thought really?

That young buck?

My sister of course, said, are you crazy??, he is HOT!!!

So I gave the guy a chance, read the article, got to know him, and by the end of the date…

I mean

by the end of reading up,

he grew on me.

I gave him a second chance.

You see when I first stepped into CVS pharmacy

 there he was just waiting for me…

gazing at me, and just wishing my fingers would run through

his glossy pages.

Channing Tatum it is!

Charming and Chiseled…

I can see that now.

Hey the guy sculpts and gives great massages…what more can you ask for?

Oh and he can cook too so that is a plus.

Even if it is just the basics.

I can tell you my sister enjoyed reading every square inch of this on the cozy couch.  I had to wait my turn to read

 PEOPLE Magazine’s Annual Sexiest Man Alive issue.

People Magazine is filled with great articles and another one that I found so inspiring to read about was Lauren Scruggs.
You may remember the beautiful young model who had that tragic accident with the plane propeller.

It was chilling, however, Lauren has come a long way and this article definitely made me stop and think about life sometimes….just how fast it can change.

BACK to the hotties…

I will say Robert Downey jr.

and George Clooney looked mighty fine.

But of course my all time favorite, and where my loyalty will

always stand is with Richard Gere.

He is just still a dream in my eyes.

The winner to the CVS gift card is


number 52


deeg131 at gmail dot com

Congrats Dee!

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  1. says

    Ok, that young guy is pretty easy on the eyes. And the t-shirt with biceps showing is ummm…. nice. But I wish the People Mag people would of at least checked out Lisa’s husband.


  2. says

    Hi Debbie Dear! Oh, my! Look at that dude! I look and think – he could be my grandson! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and quit drooling over the young hunks.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  3. JackieToo says

    See, I’m more of a Gerard Butler/Hugh Jackman kinda girl. If I had to choose between those two, I’d go with — not literally, of course 😉 — Mr. Jackman. He’s a family man and I find that very attractive. It’s probably my age; you have different priorities as you get older. Gerard does look goood in a kilt, though. 😀

  4. says

    Not hard to tell how old I am – still in love with Tom Selleck; ha! Loved your room presentation at Savvy Southern Style. Your outdoor area is fabulous and it’s easy to see how you love it and can enjoy it so much. Thanks for sharing your lovely “room”. Peggy

  5. says

    He’s too young, he should be on “People Jr.” he’s barely out of school! OK, I agree with you about George Clooney 100%, however, I’m not a fan of Downey Jr., Richard Gere – oh yeah, and I have to add Tom Brady . . . now he’s hot!

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Looking forward to seeing your Christmas decorations!

    • JackieToo says

      I’ve just never seen what other ladies seem to see in Richard Gere. Is that blasphemy in present company? :) I can only think of one movie that I really liked him in – “Sommersby” – and he died in it! One of the young whippersnappers that I like is Chris Evans. He’s good at being goofy. He was especially goofy in “The Losers.”

      Have a good rest of the weekend, y’all!

  6. says

    He’s hottie, for sure – but I prefer a more “mature” man, I guess. Now, my cousin… She was first in line to “Magic Mike”. LOL! I agree, Richard Gere has him beat IMO! Pretty Woman… Officer and a Gentleman…. *sigh* 😀

  7. says

    Well, I have to say they made a pretty good choice. You notice I am past the screaming phase so I’ll just quietly say that he is a cutie-pie. Now had it been Mr. Banderas, I might have let out a small eeek. I saw Lauren Scruggs story on Katie the other day. What a courageous young lady. I can’t even imagine what she and her family went through..Thank you for keeping us informed of the days events. . Happy Sunday..Judy

  8. says

    I have that issue & the one thing that I was totally ooged out over is the pic of Ryan Lochte! I’m not a fan of his & the picture just made me think he’s more of a tool that I thought! HA!

  9. says

    You’re definitely not a cougar Debbie and you didn’t see Magic Mike. (Channing Tatum played a male dancer in the movie(he was one before he was an actor) My daughter went with her girlfriends to see it and said the the theater was filled mostly with a bunch of cougars who hooted and hollered during the entire movie. Too funny. Channing Tatum definitely has the “it” factor.

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