20+ Mod podge projects (Mod Podge on a globe and more)

Good day!

It is  absolutely gorgeous here today and I plan on going out and enjoying it here shortly.

Today I am sharing a Mod podged globe and 20 + Mod podge projects I have done in the past.

First I will start with the Globe I did most recently  that has been in my boys TV room for sometime.

I at one time or another chalk painted it and added cute little boy decals too it.

{Can’t find it..that was a long time ago}

Now that it is Fall, I thought I would cover it up with the cute owl tissue paper that I had left over from my other

Dollar tree Mod podge project.

It really shocks me to know some of you have never mod podged before.

I know, I act all high and mighty because I have, and really just found out about mod podge a few years ago.

Shannon and I have a back and forth discussion and some awesome tutorials in our recent


It’a all about a Homemade Thanksgiving.

It’s our first one, so cut us some slack on the technical difficulties.

I do share with you how YOU too can make this cute can.

Now onto the Mod podged globe.

Keep in mind I wanted the texture.

I could have done this all nice and neat and cut the tissue paper into strips.

That certainly would have been for the neat look.

Not what I wanted though.

I found this cute little owl at Marshalls a few weeks ago.


That’s it..nothing special, just cute!

A Little Mod podge, a little tissue paper and you have yourself a cute and quick transformation.

I have done many of Mod podged projects here in the past.

FOR 20+ more…

visit my gallery.

See you all later for my NEWBIE with a twist party.

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  1. says

    What a fun transformation Debbie. I love modpodge too!
    I just found your page with all of your various projects neatly organized. I love it! You have really done some fun things and it’s great to see so many of them all in one place.

    Enjoy that beautiful weather. Very, very snowy here. Beautiful, but lots of work to keep it cleared off where we don’t want it :)

    Have a great day.

  2. says

    That little owl is the perfect companion fro your globe.. and I love the curtains in there!! Those are my colors :) They would be perfect in my bathroom. I notice the blog is looking a wee bit different. Having fun? hehe

  3. says

    I love the globe! I’m just such a big huge fan of decoupage. It’s kind of therapy for me for some reason. I love that owl tissue paper and would love to have found some of that.

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