The itsy bitsy spider! Black and Yellow Garden spider pet


I am all about decorating for Halloween.

I love spooky, fun around here for sure.

Meet my new spider pet Charlotte.

 Today while watering my plants, I came across this!

I never in all my life saw anything like it!
Look at the cool Zig Zag it makes in the web.

Apparently this Black and Yellow Garden spider is harmless.

Does this look harmless to you?

Well anyhow, it is, and I decided to spare her life.

She will leave soon and move on when the cooler temps hit.

Really she is not bothering me, and she in fact is eating all the other critters away.

FAST too , from what I read.

The web is so thick, it really looks hard to destroy even if I wanted to.

Of course my boys, JUST LOVED THIS!

 I will say it made for some great photography fun!

Going to check on Charlotte today and do some more clean up outside. You never know what your going to find.

Sneak peek at what else is cooking around here.

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  1. says

    When I saw her on Facebook, she looked pretty scary. I’m glad you’re letting her live and do her part in nature. I just don’t like spiders in real life. I do a spider stencils and love them. Go figure…

  2. Lizy says

    I’m with your kids here Debbie…I think she is quite cool!…she is keeping the bugs out your house and makes a nature free halloween decoration!!!=0)

  3. says

    EEK, is right. I hate spiders and we have those here, too. You are right they are harmless, but still they creep me out. You got some great shots of that creepiness.

  4. says

    I am not a big fan of spiders. In fact I run as fast as I can in the opposite directions. Your pictures, however, are beautiful. The yellow color on the spider is stunning.

  5. says

    Oh Debbie … I love those spiders. I call them Zipper Spiders because of the zipper in the web. I know this is not the correct name, but forgot what it is. We used to have a lot of them, but have not seen one in a long time. They are ‘good’ spiders and just in time for your Halloween decorating.
    Audrey Z.

  6. says

    EeeeK!! Is right I would be flipping out. Spiders are the one bug I can’t handle, every other one I just get rid of but spiders give me the willies.


  7. says

    My mom has had one or two in her garden the last couple years. She HATES spiders…but even she thought they were cool and left them alone. She always made sure she knew where they were, though. 😉

  8. Kris says

    That is one large spider! We have so many here. I am not afraid of them, but I prefer they stay outside!!!!
    I am so behind on reading my favorite blogs!!!!!!!!!
    xo Kris

  9. says

    I hate spiders, but must say, that one is a pretty one (if there is such a thing). Ha! His web is very interesting. I’ve never seen that before. I’ve got spiders in all my windows because they like the light at night to attract bugs, I guess. I just recently cleaned them all out, and they’re already back again! Guess, they’ll continue to hang out until it gets too cold for them.

  10. says

    Oh boy, Debbie. Did Charlotte pick her timing to show up or what??!! How interesting. I see those thick webs around here but thought they were Black Widows, which we have a lot of. No zigzag though, so I’m probably right. UGH!!.Happy Thursday..Judy

  11. says

    ah, ah! I namemy spiders as well, they are less scary once they have a name… But living in the countryside, in an old stone house surrounded by fields, I get so many at that time of year that I name them in alphabetical order, like hurricanes! I don’t name those who are outside, though! The ‘letting them live” depends on their size… Only small ones stand a chance!

  12. says

    What an incredible spider, we don’t get anything nearly as exotic looking as that here in the UK. Debbie I’m jumping aboard your wonderful blog today, I love it, so much fun! Paul:)

  13. says

    Yoooooooow! That thing is terrifying! It’s stuff like this that makes me glad I don’t live in the South. (just remind me of this in Marchl when I’m complaining about the neverending snow, ok?) lol

  14. says

    I am a huge gardening nut and I absolutely hate spiders. I have these from time to time and I just freak right out. I don’t kill them, but they scare the bejesus out of me and I avoid them at all cost. I had one of these in my greenhouse and thought I was going to die. And then the other day, I found a dead one in my living room just like it. Only bigger. If it hadn’t been dead, you would have heard the shrieks, wherever you live!!

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