Spray painted Halloween wreath

OK, Please don’t laugh at me, laugh with me OK?

Yes, I am sharing today my recycled, re purposed spray painted Halloween wreath.


Plum and orange

I Was just diagnosed with


Doc said It’s when you just can’t throw something out, and you know you should.

You know it was only $5.00 to begin with, and you certainly can go buy a new one.

It’s when something in your head just won’t let you.

So I asked the Doctor to please give me the news…and this is what it was, as devastating as it sounds!

“You have a bad case of the Recycleititis and it is Terminal”, there is no cure, and in fact, there are many other diagnosed cases out there.

However, mine is bad, and I mean BAD!

I will be turning the shade of

PURPLE very shortly.


Lucy is very sad about this….

She was hoping I could have just left well enough ALONE!


Karianne from Thistlewood Farm had to go ahead and have a spray paint party.

Hello…does she even know me at ALL?!

I am thinking yes, that is why she is having the party:)

Spray paint, that is old hat to me now.

And of course it had to be with Krylon, some of the BEST color choices out there.

All embellished with Dollar tree items.

THey sure will miss seeing Debbiedoo’s coming in the Dollar tree on a regular basis.

They may or may not recognize me as purple….

I’ll let you know how that goes.

I do believe I am loving this color!

And that is the story of my new disease.

Oh wait you want to see all the Spray Paint colors of the past.

Well this is all I could find for now, but I do believe there were more.

And I welcome you, yet say farewell to this lovely color that was once a welcoming shade for our guests when they stepped on our front porch.

Thanks for stopping by today!

If you are not a regular here, I sure would love to see you back again.



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  1. Sonny says

    enjoy it for the season and then next season you can transform it again with another color.
    I too am a recycle person so mine will be sprayed again too:) gotta love spray paint and the amazing difference in can make in a matter of moments.

  2. says

    The Rich Plum is the best one yet! You know I love purple, but I like other colors, too!
    It’s great that you recycle. Love the change from year to year. Keep it up!!!

  3. says

    I love it purple!! So cute done up for Halloween! Sorry to hear about your disease, but I will definitely enjoy seeing you make over this wreath again.
    Debbie :)

  4. says

    It one must have a condition this is it. Hold onto your seat cause I am posting about spray paint tomorrow. The wreath is just spooky enough and goes well with those skulls. xo, olive

  5. says

    OK, really love it in purple, but had to laugh when I saw the can of spray paint. I said to myself “she’s at it again” LOL. I enjoy seeing all that wreath can become. Great post, and why buy new when you can recycle the old.

  6. says

    The cheapskate in me just LOVES that you didn’t toss it but used it yet again. I love the plum!
    I also liked the recycled cans post below. I’m all about using those.

  7. says

    I believe this is my favorite version of that wreath. I love the purple for Halloween and the wispyness of the wreath is so perfect for Fall and Halloween! This may be an affliction that you have, but then again, don’t we all have something? Ha!!

  8. says

    Debbie you make me laugh right out loud. I do love your now purple wreath. And please don’t throw it out. I can see that there will be many many more ways with it in the future! lol!!! What a fun challenge and you rose to the occassion beautifully!!! N.

  9. says

    Hi Debbie: YOu are so funny and I can’t say which wreath, in which color, I like the best. They all look perfect for the occasion they were intended..Keep spraying..Happy Thursday..Judy


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