Mom keeping it 4 real in Kentucky home tour {Charming, recently renovated diy kitchen makeover}

Welcome Jessica at Mom4real living in Kentucky, and this Mom sure does keep it real.
I adore Jessica and think she is so talented and she is so very sweet!
Come check out her recently renovated diy kitchen cabinet redo and more!

Hey y’all!  I was surprised and honored when Debbie asked me to do a home tour…who me?  My house isn’t big, it’s quite small actually.   Then I thought…well, not everyone has a huge home…why not?  Just do it.  Just keep it real.

I’m so happy you are here…welcome to our not so old Kentucky home.

When we moved into our home several years ago, it was completely builder’s grade.  Parquet foyer floors, all gold plate fixtures, lots of linoleum, and no character.  So, I made it my mission to turn our home into a reflection of our family.  We are drawn to a comfortable cottage style, so that is what we are slowly turning our home into.  We started by painting the parquet floors in our foyer.  Not very conventional, but so us.

Our living room is what I would call comfortable.  I want our family and guests to put their feet up, and dig in…really make themselves at home.


There are plenty of magazines and books to kick back with, and of course a quilt at arms length.  I have recently become obsessed with making my own dropcloth pillows…an idea I got from a blog friend, Linda at It All Started With Paint…she sells them 😉  


This is where we gather for meals.  I’m not sure I would call it a dining room, more like a gossip spot.  The kids, Matt, and I share our daily happenings, secrets, and a little gossip here.  We eat our meals here, set out buffets for friends who have come to watch football, and sometimes play cards here. 


It’s also the spot where I keep my most beloved treasures.  The Wilton Armatele that my Grandmommy buys for me each Christmas, my favorite Lenox candlesticks, and my julep cups…being a Kentucky girl means you must have a love for mint julep cups.


Now this is the room in my house that really makes me smile right now.  My kitchen.  Just a few days ago, it was totally different.  Wanna see?  You won’t believe it.

Please don’t hate me for painting my cherry cabinets.  They were completely worn, and just weren’t my style.  I’ve been dying to paint them for years, and when Debbie said “home tour,” I knew now was the time to paint.  Then the stars aligned, I won some free cabinet paint, and busted hiney to get them done in time for their coming out party…this home tour.

I added a beadboard backsplash and rehung my chalkboard menu.  I noticed that my sweet little girl wrote me a note in the left hand corner…not sure I’ll ever change the menu now. 


I love the white…it’s just so bright and fresh.  It makes me want to cook again…which I’m actually pretty good at. Can you tell that I love aqua, red, and white?  I didn’t even know that these colors could live together until I put my Breakfast Nook together.

This is hands down my favorite space in our home.  It’s bright and colorful, and totally reflects me.  I love geraniums, aqua, shutters, benches with mismatched chairs, old magazines, and sunshine peaking through white wood blinds.  I can see my herb garden while eating breakfast, and watch the bunnies hop across our patio from here.

I recently made this Faux Stained Glass Window to hang in my breakfast nook…don’t tell anyone, but it hides the ceiling fan that I haven’t replaced yet 😉

And here is a little peek of our patio.  This is where we stretch our legs out after a long day at work and school, where marshmallows are roasted, puppet shows are staged, and good times with family and friends are had.  

Thank you so much for coming by.  I hope you’ll stick around, and possibly visit me on my blog, Mom 4 Real sometime!

Thank you so much for having me, Debbie…you know I love you to pieces!
thank you Jessica!~Love ya back girl!

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See you all later on for the Power of Pinterest party.


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  1. says

    Love your home, Jess! It’s beautiful! And I ADORE those curtains in your dining room!!! Did you do a tute on that and I missed it??? Something like that would be awesome in my kitchen! Thank you so much for sharing your house with us! What a welcoming place to call home!

  2. says

    Your home is your home…and has Jess Fam Love written all over it. It is gorgeous Jess, I am on my way {think I am kidding?} grabbing one of those cozy blankets, the couch and a fun magazine..Then we can head over to the gossip table! :) Love your home sweet girl!

  3. says

    How neat! It seems so real and inviting. Not the kind of home where you’d be afraid to sit down and be real. I especially LOVE the kitchen nook area! Charming and sweet!

  4. says

    What a difference paint can make,wowser those cabinets turned out beyond fantastic!
    Enjoyed the tour Jessica and Debbie,such fun looking around in and out!

  5. says

    Awesome! Jessica, your home looks so cheerful, bright and welcoming. Of course, I’m loving the touches of red and turquoise…two of my favorites. Super job on the cabinets ~ makes a HUGE difference in the kitchen. I would feel so comfortable visiting your home and that’s what it’s all about I think!

    Thanks to both of you for sharing!

  6. says

    Jessica, your home is lovely. I I see a lot of Love was put into it. I think painting your kitchen cabinets is wonderful. There’s nothing wrong with change and if it makes you happy, go for it! Your foyer is very welcoming. Love the pops of turquoise. Thanks for giving us a peek into your living space.

  7. says

    It’s fun seeing everything in one place :) Love the floor at the entry way. When you did that, I was floored. Such a good makeover :) The kitchen looks wonderful now, I know what you mean about having to love the space you’re in. The white is so bright and cherry!!

  8. says

    Your home is truly adorable! Your kitchen redo is wonderful — love the white cabinets and adore the mix of white, aqua & red! Wonderful tour!

  9. says

    I love it Jess! I am also a big fan of aqua, red, and white! they play really well together. And I’m still not over that painted floor! You should be very proud of your home and proud to have it featured here a Debbiedoos :) See ya in a few days!

  10. Lisa says

    I enjoyed your home tour. I am remodeling our kitchen in aqua and white, and enjoyed seeing how you used color in your kitchen. I just wish I could convince my husband to paint the cabinets white. Yours look great! I have a question about your beadboard backsplash. How is it holding up, as far as stains and splatters? Is it easy to keep clean? I am torn between tile and beadboard. Tile seems like it would be easier to clean, but I like the cottage feel of the beadboard. Thanks for sharing your home with us!

    • says

      Hi, Lisa! That’s not actual beadboard…it’s actually beadboard wallpaper. It was around $20 for a huge roll and I only used a about 1/4 of it. It is holding up well and is paintable, so I can always touch it up. The white has brightened things up so much, and made a pretty small kitchen seem quite a bit bigger, plus now when I drip something on the cabinet doors, I can just wipe them off with a cloth instead of having to get out the Murphy’s Oil Soap. Let me know if you have anymore questions and good luck talking the hubs into painting them white! Have a great week!

      Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  11. Heather says

    My new home has nice, new medium colored wood cabinets, however, it is a small galley kitchen and I like white. I am scared to paint them. Even though they are not quite my style, I am afraid of ruining nice cabinets. You said that the Nuvo paint is easy and looks good. Can you see any paint runs, streaks, or brush marks?


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