My first crack at La Craie chalk Paint

Hello there!

Finally today, I share with you my office/loft  makeover reveal.

I have been very anxious to share my experience with La Craie chalk paint.

What started off as something so simple, had me tripping along every step of the way.

ALL faults of my own, if I may add, and it had NOTHING to do with the paint!

I have been dying to try La Craie paint that my dear friend Shannon from Fox Hollow cottage is now a distributor for.

First it was my color dilemma.

Shannon helped me out with that.

You see our home is pretty much an open floor plan.

It is really important for me to decorate our home with color flow throughout.

So this was after I painted it the piece.  The color I chose is  called Mardi Gras.

I picked that one to compliment the draperies that actually go all the way up to the ceiling, and are seen from the loft as well.

You can see the green here.

Now it may make sense to you as well the colors I chose for my Artwork makeover

View from down below when you enter the front door.

So after I painted the piece, I decided for the inner panels I would scrap book paper it.

Well as shown here earlier, it looked AWFUL!

it was very shabby chic ish, which was not not the look I was going for up here.

My husband kept asking me, what are you trying to achiever here Deb.

MIKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I have no clue, just shut up and leave me alone!

How am I going to fix this is the problem.

WALL paper…that is what I will do.

So off to Lowes…AGAIN, to buy a roll of textured wall paper.

Certainly could not leave it white.  That would totally not work either.


I will use my copper color craft paint that I used when I stenciled my ceiling medallion.


This space has NO windows. However, when it is a nice sunny day and sunlight is streaming through from Jack’s room, I promise to take a better photo.  I was kinda anxious to get this out there.

It really did turn out pretty.

Certainly a lot lighter and brighter than the Before.

I Loved working with La Craie paint.

It was smooth, there was No priming, no sanding and covered completely in two coats.

For more information you can hop on over to 

Your Le Craie furniture retailer Miss Shannon Fox!

She will be more than happy to help you with all your painting furniture needs.

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  1. says

    Oh DEBBIE! It turned out so cute. The Mardi Gras is perfect and the fix for the panels was brilliant. I’m so glad you didn’t let me peek and I got the see the real reveal :) It looks fabulous! Lighter, brighter and much more interesting!! Awesome job.

  2. Linda@Coastal Charm says

    Looks outstanding Debbie…luv how the wallpaper turned out. Looks like I need to try this paint.


  3. says

    It turned out great Debbie. I have never heard of that brand of chalk paint. It is nice to see there are more color selections out now.

  4. says

    Looks great Debbie. That is the same wallpaper pattern I used for the little “fireplace” in the master bedroom. I wanted it to have the look of tin.

  5. says

    I love it! The new color makes it stand out better and gives it more personality. That was a clever idea to use that textured wallpaper in the inserts of the doors. I think it matches your drapes perfectly now.

  6. says

    You did a great job. I love the color you chose. I didn’t know there was another manufacturer of chalk paint. I’d love to hear how you would compare it to AS Chalk paint.

  7. says

    Hi Debbie. Very pretty. Love the colors and the wallpaper inserts. Everyone uses AS chalk paint. Have you before and if so how does this brand stack up, especially price wise. It sure is pretty and matches the stained glass you have below..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  8. MariaElena says

    Love, love the color of the cabinet! What a difference! Using the wallpaper on the panels was a magnificent idea! It looks gorgeous with your newly painted artwork! So pretty!

  9. says

    I just love the wallpaper that you can paint and wish I had thought of something like that when I was making my Murphy Bed! Looks so great!!!

  10. says

    Very nice! I am also trying to reduce some of the dark decor in my house and I’ve been eyeballing Shannon’s La Craie paint. I have two projects in mind to test it. Glad you went first! :) Your space looks good and the paint colors are very pretty.

  11. says

    Outstanding! I thought from the previous photos it was more turquoise, however, you mentioned it was green. Either way, it turned out beautifully! Great idea to add the wall paper and paint it. A lot lighter and brighter is true.


  12. diane appanaitis says

    I luv the colors you used! turned out beautiful! I luv the curtains as well!! an I dont think I have ever heard of this paint brand? it sounds like its prbly close to the AS? luvn the colors you picked! :)


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