Just a fluke,that I thought would be a flop!

You may get a chuckle out of this post when I share the story with you.

You see I have been in the midst of giving my little office/loft area a face lift.

On a small budget, as always.

Basically, a can of paint and some time.

I did not buy a thing new for this room makeover.

This is what it look liked before I started.

Nothing wrong indeed. However, I was tired of the dark wood cabinet and thought a simple solution would be to paint it.

More on that later…after this post soon, I promise.

So you see that pretty piece above the armoire?

I bought that at Pier I a few years back.

If I recall, it was a steal.  Originally over $100.00, I scored it for $30.00.

It is a nice heavy piece of wood with pretty carved flowers.

It however, was NOT going to go with my current redo

So I thought…hmmm…

I wonder if I spray paint it, then hand paint in the some of the flowers with craft paint??? It may or may not work, so let’s give it try.

I did just that!

HOWEVER, after I spray painted the piece, I totally forgot it about outside for over  a week.

UGH, I thought crap now it is probably ruined.


it was not…

So I got out my craft paints and turned into


I just changed up the decor some.

Found this candle sconce under my bed.

I believe I used these as wall decor one time in our guest bedroom.

QUICK TUT before the full reveal

Spray painted the piece first.

Let dry outside for over a week and forgot about it.

Artist brushes and craft paint to fill in some of the flowers for detail.

Lightly waxed and sanded the piece.

DONE..it was a total fluke that it even turned out.

Full reveal soon!
Thanks for stopping by today.


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  1. says

    I love this!! And so happy I clicked over because~ this is chatty hope that’s okay~ I totally have a Pier 1 large wooden thing in black and red that used to fit our decor before we moved and my tastes have totally lightened up…yada yada.. But I got so busy with other stuff I forgot about it and it’s hidden behind curtains I put up for a backdrop in my garage…. Thank you Thank you for reminding me and now I know exactly what I want to do with it!! You’re brilliant!!~ Lori

  2. Rondell says

    It looks great Deb! I’ve did the same as you…just forgot about it until the hubs says something about it because it’s in his way:)

  3. says

    WOW! It looks amazing! I was thinking how can Debbie make it look better. Well it’s gorgeous now.
    I see the cabinet also got a new makeover. The color is beautiful!

  4. says

    What a great thing to happen, I love it when you think you have a bo-bo and you really have created a masterpiece. LOL
    Also loving the piece you painted in blue, can’t wait for the whole reveal.

  5. Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers says

    I love it when happy accidents happen! I can see a sneak peek of the newly painted cabinet!

  6. says

    Debbie: That was perfect. Didn’t hurt it a bit. I think I’ve caught a peek at the newly painted cupboard. Looks good, now can’t wait to see the whole thing..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  7. says

    Oh my gosh! I love your version SO much better! Pier 1 is going to have to do a recall and have them all redone like that. Awesome job!


  8. says

    Well….please excuse ME while I ….FALL IN LOVE.
    My gosh, Deb, this piece is awesome. You do sooo good at this sort of thing. I am waaay too scared to tackle something like this…I have ruined more things than I care to mention. :(
    I want to see what you did with that beautiful cabinet…!!
    …and, just since the time you were at my place this morning, I have already changed my header…AGAIN. :))

  9. says

    I can start my day feeling better about my self and I have you to thank. I’m known around these parts for forgetting what I’m spraying outside. I don’t usually have favorable luck for my forgotten items though, as in can’t salvage. This gives me hope.


  10. says

    Debbie, not only do I really like the finished product, but I can relate to the story. I have left painted things outside too. I can’t say the outcome was a pretty as yours. It looks great with the other items in the sneak peek.


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