Ideas for decorating Terra cotta pots in the garden

Hi there everyone. Glad you stopped over today. Looking for a little Spring inspiration for garden pots. 

Good because today I am sharing

Ideas for decorating and Dressing up Terracotta pots,

with paint, mod podge and embellishments have been just a few of my past projects.

Thought I would share some of my own and some  I have gathered from the net for inspiration for you.

10 Simple garden pot ideas


So many ways you can dress up those plain ole pots…let me show you a few.


Mod podge is always fun, take this old recipe book for instance

Mod podge on Terra cotta pots

Painted and stenciled Terra cotta pot

Another version, painted and stenciled terra cotta pot

Chalk painted  terra cotta planters for a teachers gift

Here is my latest painted and stenciled pot.

I planted some happy pansies in it for the Fall season.

Now how about a few from the internet that I found to inspire.

Painted & Personalized Flower Pot via Personalization Mall 

Stenciled House Number Planters via Martha Stewart

Chalkboard Flowerpots via Fiskars

Gem Covered Pots via Busy Hands Busy Minds

Broken Ceramic Tile Mosaic Pots via Hobby Craft

If you are not a regular here, I sure would love to see you back again.

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  1. Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers says

    I love all of these wonderful pots! I used to mosaic pots quite often when I was creating mosaics. I think my favorite one of all of the ones you showed was your aqua blue ones that were stenciled.

    • Tara says

      Penny- I’m going to try doing mosaic pots with a girls camp group in two weeks. I’ve never done it before. I”ve read up on it on-line, but since you’ve done it do you have any tips for me? Thanks.

  2. says

    Such great ideas, Debbie! I love your latest “Laugh, Believe” stenciled pot. Thanks for sharing … I just might have to create one for myself.

  3. Sonny says

    I like them all but the Gen Covered pot would be perfect for my guestroom bedside table.. perfect timing for seeing this as I am in the final stages of decor in that room- thank goodness and Finally..

    thanks for sharing all these creative ideas with us.


  4. says

    See why we love keeping in touch? Because you just inspired me to scap up all of my discarded terracotta and paint them white with some embellishments and use them in my living room.Thank you…thank you!

  5. says

    I like the chalkboard finish. I would start with the inscription, “please don’t die”, then I would eventually change it to “RIP” or “Mom’s homegrown potpourri”!
    Great ideas…perfect for holiday gifts!


  6. says

    oh my gosh I love all the pots, they are amazing!!! I missed blogging so much but after all my bad luck I still came back, I will try one more time, wish me luck with my new blog please, I have started from the ground up, its backed up and protected to ying yang and back so I should have no troubles,,I hope!1 hope you are well and enjoying this beautiful Fall day, ( well its beautiful here),

  7. says

    I love the ones for the herbs the best.

    Right now, I’m just trying to keep my stupid mums alive in my pots. UGH!! They weren’t looking so swell as it is, and then I was sick for most of a week and totally neglected them. Can we say pathetic? Cute pots will not help.

  8. says

    I just love the terra cotta pots Debbie! Gorgeous mosaic tile pots too, that’s on my list of things to attempt. I’ve missed your blog so much, I still can’t seem to get it on my blogroll for some incredibly annoying reason:(

    We’re moved into our Florida home…finally!

  9. says

    These are all sooo cute. Love the house number one.
    You have a knack of knowing what we all like…that’s why your blog is a favorite. :))

    Love your cute header…that magnificent rooster is adorable. I’ve been trying to find some cuties like that but every where I go, it says COPYRIGHT…bummer. (they are all sooo picky….:)))

  10. says

    Well this was timely..I have that big wedding in 4 weeks and I was just looking at my patio plants, thinking I need to spruce up my plain clay pots…I am thinking my be the stencil? Thanks Debbie!


  11. says

    These are super-pretty pots, Debbie. I like the decoupaged ones, and I like your blue ones with the stenciled words on the rim. Also a neat idea to put the house number on a big pot out front–clever. So nice to hear from you over at my blog, and I’m glad you enjoyed my antique ribbon lampshade. I’m happy with it, and it looks vintage in our bedroom, which is exactly what I wanted!

  12. says

    I got over here from your more recent post about mod-podging clay pots…I have to say that your painted and stenciled ones are just hard to beat. Also I love the chalkboard ones. Thanks for all these great ideas!

  13. Betty819 says

    I’m going to have to check my garden pots tomorrow and see if I have any Terracotta ones. I think most of mine are plastic..Love that purple one that is sitting on a small chest, next to the pot that has been personalized “The Brown Family.” Did you buy it like that, or do this yourself? I went to that site but didn’t find any garden pots like yours.


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