Don’t bite the hand that feeds you {Dollar tree table scape}

Halloween, spooky, tablescapes

using decor from the dollar tree.

I will call this one, don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

I am good for ONE Halloween tablescape a year.

I always change them up so my boys never know what they will get from year to year.

Of course my one stop shop this time of year is the Dollar tree.

they have the best goodies per season.

mmmm..hmmm…that’s what she said!

I have  to add a touch of pretty.

My recycled cans of course.

Even the bandannas came from the dollar tree.

Let’s see, we have eyeball and ear appetizers if anyone cares for one.

I am loving these big rubber spiders.

Chargers, glasses, skulls, bones, gauze bloody runner, all from Dollar tree.

Those big sugar cookies were  a huge hit. Jack could not wait to finish dinner so he could eat this.

The big black cauldron came from Walmart last year.

Want to see the rest of my

 Dollar tree season?



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  1. says

    Oh that is too cute Debbie! Your boys must love all this stuff you do! My youngest son can eat sugar cookies like nobody’s business, he loves the ones with the icing on top…same with Kyran!

    I hope you didn’t get any of the crazy storm where you are!

  2. says

    Congratulations Debbie! That is the crreepiest tablescape I have ever “laid my eyes” on. Get it? Eyes laying on the table…..Oh boy, maybe I need more sleep.

  3. says

    Great table Debbie! I, too love to go to Dollar Tree, I make it there just about every time I go to town. Never know what they will have. Sure can’t beat the prices either.

  4. says

    Oh Debbie! You’ve done it again. This is way above and beyond, and I’m sure your boys are going to brag about this one. They sure have a super duper fantastic mom. Have fun! Peggy

  5. says

    Okay Debbie ~ love ya but you are creeping me out! I was fine until I spotted the eyeballs!! Hope that you and your family are all fine after the Frankenstorm.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  6. says

    What an absolutely gruesome table.. (meant in the best way)!!! I know your boys loved this. Your imagination is wonderful.. love it.. xo marlis

  7. Judith Polcari says

    Hi Debbie,

    You come up with the greatest ideas….I shop Dollar Tree all the time. I bought some of my nicest Holiday items at $ stores. Thank You for sharing….<3

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