Fall/Harvest recipes sure to adore!

I noticed I mostly feature home decor after my parties.

In fact, I can only remember a time or two featuring a recipe.

So not fair of me! And I never even realized that til now.  So I do apologize to all you foodies, because I sure love food and a good recipe myself.

With that being said, today I decided my features are all about Fall/Harvest recipes, from cupcakes, cookies, muffins and more!

and I throw in a baked meatball for good measure:)


get ready to drool.

I will start with Kathryn from the Dedicated House’s 

Cookie, Reese’s, Brownie…Whatchamacallit
I will stop right here and you will have to go over to see the rest.  OMgoodness these are on my list.
Who doesn’t like Apple Cinnamon this time of year?
mmmm…I can smell these from here.
Organized Island shares a super easy recipe
Kelly from the moon and me, shares a really delish and easy baked Meatball recipe.
I have never baked a meatball a day in my life.
Sounds good for Fall though.
Everyone needs a little witches brew shared by One step Woman
Shannon from SMC by design shared some yummy looking
Halloween Meringues
How about a Harvest salad?
Cath’s cookery creations shared Sea Slat Chocolate snaps!
Say what?
Oh boy these look so good.
So now that you are drooling, how about we get this week’s party started!
Feel free to grab a feature button on my side bar.

Let’s get this party started:

I plan on shouting and sharing on Facebook, and then doing a big feature post each week.


I also pin a few while I am at it…so follow me along there if you wish.


Please add my link or button. If I don’t see it, I can’t feature you.  Thanks:)

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CRAFTS/diy, all are welcome.


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  1. says

    God Bless All of Us in the Eastern Portion of this Country …so that we have electricity and the means to try out these recipes this week :)
    Prayers and thoughts to all as this superstorm approaches…

  2. must love junk says

    YUM!! Thanks for hosting! I only have 1 more week to link as a ‘newbie’, then I’ll be a graduate! :)

  3. Sonny says

    I posted and under newbee graduate. I hope thats ok Deb .

    so many yummy features but the apple cinnamon buns would be mine with a latte..

    thanks for hosting deb.

  4. says

    Those cookies and those meatballs? They look so good! I should probably start with breakfast first. Tis the season to start cooking and eating! Happy Monday Debbie! -K

  5. says

    Thanks for hosting. I still post under “newbie” as my little tiny small baby blog doesn’t have many followers, but if you’re fed up with me doing it, I’ll post under “graduate” next time, even if I’m not a real graduate… I’m wondering how I would look with a graduate hat, though…

  6. says

    Well, I am back from my blogging break and am tickled to see recipes here. They ALL look good and I will head over and visit a few of the blogs- Blessings to you- Diana


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