Creepy, spooky dollar tree pumpkins!

Creepy, Spooky, dollar tree pumpkins, that anyone can do.

A few minutes of time, some Mod podge and your off!


Dollar tree Pumpkins

Dollar tree Napkins

Dollar tree Halloween fingers

Mod podge


NOW, let’s see what I came up with.

I am sharing this Halloween Mod podge pumpkin to remind you,

our Primp your Pumpkin party is still going on until the

end of October.

We want every pumpkin out there to be in one place.

I have only done one pumpkin this season.

By far different than this spooky one I am sharing today.

Shabbylicious pumpkin


This only took a few minutes time.

I then embellished it with a spider I bought a pack of from Walmart I believe.

the finger stem cracks myself up!

Hope you enjoyed my Dollar tree Mod podge napkin pumpkins.

Creepy for sure!

The newbie party will be starting tomorrow Morning instead of this evening.

I have too much catching up to do with my other parties for now.

See you in the morning!


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  1. says

    Love these Deb! I think I will go to the dollar store now. Rainy cold day here, and this would be perfect project for today. Thanks for sharing!


  2. says

    That dag-gone finger looked so real,I took a double take!…Debbie you spook me out for sure!
    Too Funny gurl!


  3. says

    The shabby chic one is my favorite. I cracked up when I read the line that said you will need “dollar store fingers” I had to go back and reread that, I was sure I was mistaken. LOL Great inspiration, Debbie:)

  4. says

    Creepy with the finger but I Looove these spooky silhouette napkins ! I think they’re cute and I’m all about getting into the Mod Podge! Seriously, your boys don’t know how lucky they are to have a rockin’ fun mom decorating their house for Halloween! Super fun~


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