Light bulb moment at the Dollar tree crafts {diy}

Hey there!

Today I am sharing diy Dollar tree craft.

Think outside the box ideas.

FROM the Dollar tree:

Using light bulbs, napkins and all their seasonal embellishments the Dollar tree has to offer.

Having the dollar tree just two minutes from our home could be trouble sometimes.

Even if I just have to hop in there for a gift bag and card, I still wind up picking up a cart full.

I just tell myself, it’s only a dollar!

It was while walking around, filling up my cart  when the light bulb went off.

In the cart went a few silver trays, light bulbs, steel wool pads and some Halloween napkins.

I mod podged the light bulb first.

Then I lightly painted the tray with black craft paint.

took the steel wool and rubbed the tray lightly.

From there I took pieces of the steel wool and wrapped it around the light bulb.

Then I lightly splattered some red craft paint to appear like blood drippings.

This worked great because there is hardly any paint left in the bottle…so I splattered perfectly.

I hot glued my light bulb to the tray, then I took the glue gun and started lightly making stands of glue all around it to appear web like.

Skeleton hand from the dollar tree, hot glued next to the light bulb.

Hot glued the bone across the tray.

Turned out spooktacular for a light bulb moment!

Please always keep in mind, when I do these crafts, I totally think of my boys.

Now If I had girls…everything would come up smelling like roses!

But I don’t so you have to put up with this silly, spooky stuff sometimes.

This year I sure have been keeping the dollar tree in business!

My Halloween pumpkins, Halloween Mantel, tablescapes and more!
Thank you Dollar tree for allowing me to have so much fun:) On the cheap!~

Gothic Halloween Mantel

Mod podged spooky pumpkins

Shabbylicious pumpkin


and my one of my favorites is my Purple Halloween wreath, embellished with Dollar tree spiders, skeletons and the web!


Hope you enjoyed my Dollar tree crafts and the next time you are there…think outside the box and come up with something crafty of your own.

You still have about a week   or so to get your pumpkin in on the PRIMP your pumpkin party.

Largest selection of Decorating pumpkins out there on the web…right here!

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Dollar Tree Christmas linky party.

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The Dollar tree all things Christmas party

with over 100 participants!

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  1. says

    I just had to tell you! I noticed the Jeffery introduces 13 More Southern Ghosts book, I believe it’s written by Kathryn T Windham? Anyway, when I was in the the 3rd grade and lived in Alabama I met her and had her sign her book 13 Ghosts and Jeffery. She was such a hoot! I thought it was so cool seeing this book in your picture!

  2. Rondell says

    Dollar Tree thanks you Deb:) I’m there all the time it seems but never have any light bulb moments like you do! I love yours and I’m sure the boy’s do too!

  3. says

    Dollar tree should pay you for all the business you send them. We just never know what your brain is going to come up with. I am sure your boys love all the creepiness.

  4. says

    Hi Debbie! Great tray! I really love all of your Halloween decorations! Your mantel is awesome! I have girls (grown now) and they always loved the scarey stuff! Halloween decorations are one of my favorites! Always love the inspiration on your blog! Hugs, Leena

  5. says

    I hereby give you the Deco-Crown for this one. I’ve decoupaged a lot of things around here, but I would never have thought to do a light bulb. I think it’s crazy cute and has an Uncle Fester meets Thing moment going on. Really love the way your brain works, Debbie.

  6. says

    Gotta love the dollar store and the great ideas that we all get here…but, now I’m off to decoupage all of my brightly colored scissors…the ones that drive me crazy and do not match my decor!

  7. says

    So cute!! I love all the creepy things going on there. I haven’t done much for Halloween, so I am enjoying it through everyone else’s blogs! Christmas is coming, I can make up for lost time!


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