Diy Christmas ornaments and crafts

Yep, Christmas is fast approaching and I know I am getting a jump start on it this year.

Today I am sharing 10 + diy Christmas ornaments and diy

Christmas crafts, wreaths and more that I have done in the


you can do yourself, for your own tree trimming, or for a gift

of love, teachers, family, friends, whomever you feel like giving.

Let’s start with my diy Paper mache Joy letters.

First, and last try at glitter. I admit, not a big glitter fan.

Then my Dollar tree special in which I called these my sentimental ornaments

Although these are not ornaments, they certainly can be.

diy place setting tags

These are just a little throw in from my boys through the years

You may enjoy my Christmas home tour from 2010 as well.

The cutest little diy Snow man ornament that my younger son Jack made.

I will never forget him coming home and asking me if this was photo worthy for my blog.

Then of course a Holiday knock off or two.

This initial was inspired by Ballards version$w400$

My Diy Christmas Mesh wreath.

this was my first time making one. My Mom and I did it together and you may check out that post for   step by step.  We totally cheated, but hey it worked.

Of course what would be a season without spray paint?

You may see the many lives of this wreath as well. It has been just about every color  and still going strong.

Spray painted Christmas wreath

Don’t forget to save those cute soda bottles too.

I actually had red carnations in them at one time.

We bought the soda’s at World market

I also made this diy Holiday tag inspired by Pottery barn

for the life of me I can’t find that post.

Basically all I did was tea stained some plain white paper. First I printed Happy Holidays.

Cut them with those jagged scissors, and bam had some cute tree tags, or as you can see here,

lamp tag:)

Of course what would Christmas be without the Dollar tree?

I love my big stockings and can’t wait to see what they have this year to decorate, craft with.

This was my last year’s Carolina rustic porch


Here are some of my recent diy Christmas decor projects

Holiday Knock off decor


And then there was my Accidental Holiday KNOCK off decor wreath.

Who knew?


Sparkly Dollar tree Christmas peppermint display


And if you are looking for TOTALLY frugal and fun ideas…

You must check out the Dollar tree Christmas party.

Almost 100 inspiring ideas!

Amazing what you can do for little money.

Hope you enjoyed your visit and please do come again.

You can also find me on Facebook and


And of course Pinterest where there are a million and one and more inspiring ideas.


Have a great day and thanks for stopping over.


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  1. says

    Debbie: When my mind goes blank, as it often does, I can always count on you for some festive and wonderful ideas..Happy Thursday..Judy

  2. says

    I’m getting super excited for the holidays and just the thoughts of lights and ornaments and getting crafty is even more exciting! Love this!!! Hope you are FABULOUS, Debbie! :)

  3. says

    Oh no! I’ve been trying to resist the pull of Christmas, I’ve been tyring not to watch White Christmas this early & here you are tempting me! LOL All such great ideas! I am thankful, however, that you didn’t show those soda bottles in the big glass jar with the snow & bottle caps (remember the year you did that one?). That’s a favorite for me & it just might have been enough to send me up to the attic for my Christmas decor this weekend! : D

  4. says

    It’s not too early to think about Christmas decorations! It maybe a bit early to put them up, but we can think about them. Thanks so much for coming to visit me. it’s always so great to hear from you!!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  5. says

    Early, but not too early if we don’t want it to get ahead of us. :( egads
    I used the red mesh on a tree one year and I like your wreath. Maybe I’ll use it again.
    Thanks for the Christmas tickler!

  6. says

    I can’t beleive it is time to think of Christmas! Well I hope I can scale down this year, as I did with Halloween. I donated all but a handfull of decor to the church for the childrens Halloween festival. I just feel the need to lighten and simplify for some reason….

  7. Dawn Masterson says

    I am wondering if you could repost the how to make a Christmas wreath from last fall? I think it is cool you can spray paint and change the color. I love it but first I need to make the wreath. What is made from and so on?
    Very cool idea……….

    • says

      Hi Dawn if you go under my diy gallery under my header and look under spray paint gallery you will see it. Also, for the record I bought that wreath at Hobby lobby in it’s natural state for around$5.00 with a coupon. It has had many lives. Thanks for stopping by.

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