Carolina Fall home tour


Today, I am sharing our Carolina Fall home tour. Beware not all pics are from Fall..I am cheating a bit.

You may link up your Fall home as well.


A room decorated for the season is great by me.

So here’s our story…and a STORY it is.

Some of you know, and some of you perhaps are new and do not know…..

We bought our home without ever stepping foot in it before the day we closed.

Yes, that is truth!

Not only that scary thought, but we also bought it before selling our Home in S. Florida.

The builder gave us 90 days to close with a non-refundable deposit of $10,000.

 Scary huh?!

Not only did we wipe out our savings at the time, we risked carrying two mortgages for God only knows how long.

With a lot of praying, St. Joseph burials and a positive attitude…

we had a contract on our home in South Florida in less than 90 days.

I knew the moment I stepped on this front porch, it was “Home”.

Yes, Mike and I seemed to be huge risk takers at that time.


I had a good feeling though, and we had plans of setting up our children’s college fund. That in fact was the driving force. Trying to plan a better future for our children.

We sold at a very good time of the market.

College for both our boys, books, tuition and dorm are both covered for at least 4 years.

What a huge burden lifted for my husband to have to worry and think of.

and me too of course.

We never looked back and have since moved forward.  We absolutely love our home and LOVE living in the Carolina’s.

So come on in!

Entry table

with my diy Family banner.

I like to move things around as you can see.

Fall Mantel….

with diy Fall banner

Gothic Halloween Mantel

Family room with 24ft ceilings.

This was once the dining room…

turned pub room

Lots of collections and antiques you will see throughout our home.

Some have been passed down, while others have a story.

Mike and I really enjoy the thrill of the hunt together.

For example that pulpit to your left.

Funny story, we had to have it, it was just meant to me.

Those are things we love to reflect on when we sit back and relax in this room.


Now a  little in the kitchen.

There are always little changes ever evolving in our hub of the home.

Recently a big one for us was some new kitchen lighting.

Pardon the mess, but we do live here.

In fact you should see some of the “REAL” behind the scenes.

We have had little changes we have had to make to our home.

Everything the builder did, we were pretty pleased with.

We will some day replace the carpets in the bedrooms and perhaps upgrade the master bathroom as well.

master Bedroom

this room had quite the makeover…

this is what it use to look like

I called it my hippie chick bedroom

In fact, if you go on over to the hippie chick bedroom you will see the many more beginnings.

I still have this poster, however it is under our new bed:( I love it, and really wish I found somewhere to put that little fink!

Be our guest!

this room to has evolved.  The furniture use to be black.

you can see the Before at guest suite with a garden view

Guest bathroom with diy painted countertops

Eventually we will upgrade the bathrooms, and perhaps pull out the carpets in the bedrooms.

Alex my older teenage son’s room

Then there is Happy Jack…

Jack’s bedroom makeover was super can see all that I did, painters tarp curtains, the toy box makeover, etc.

We sure enjoy this time of year.

Best time to be cooking up some pizza’s in our diy outdoor pizza oven’.

That is it for now peeps….Hope you enjoyed the tour. I am off to a road to Nowhere now:)

Have a fabulous weekend.

Now let’s see a room, or tour of your Home.

All I ask is that you leave my link or add the October fest of fun button to your post.

Thank you again for joining me.

I plan on putting together a nice round up of these rooms and/or if you want a chance to shine ,

link up!


If you would like to see our Original Carolina home tour from 3 years ago, you may peek at that as well!

Thank you so much for stopping by today.

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  1. says

    This ‘fest has been such fun. I love it when several blogs get together, as you’ve done, and we can include all of them in one post. :)
    Always love seeing your beautiful home and your photos of it are just beautiful.
    xo bj

  2. says

    Your house is beautiful but now I’m in a panic. We buried St. Joseph in my mom’s yard a few years ago and forgot to dig him back up. He was borrowed!


  3. says

    Debbie, I always love seeing pics of your home! You have some of the coolest accents! Your seasonal decor is always spot on! Thanks so much for sharing your home; and for hosting this fun party! Have a great weekend!

  4. says

    Oh my GOSH, your home is AMAZING and your antiques and collections are incredible! I love the wagon in your son’s room but my favorite of all has got to be the PUB ROOM!!! What a warm and inviting room and a great use of a room that people seldom go into! Well done, girlfriend! Fabulous! xo, Kimberly

  5. says

    I linked up my hometour on your site 😉 That’s as close to home tour as I have at the moment. Why are you not going to the Southern Bloggers Conference if you live in the South? We could have a ball!!!

  6. says


    Your home is just stunning and i adore the way you have it decorated for Autumn and Halloween!!

    Thanks so much for hosting!!

    I linked up a few posts!


  7. says

    What a great story! And what a beautiful home, Debbie! I love every room, but I think your sons’ rooms are my favorite – or maybe that’s because I’m thinking about toning down our sons’ room and doing a more neutral color scheme than the current Iowa black and gold. LOL!!! What a lovely, lovely place to land. <3

  8. says

    Aww Debbie you home is just as gorgeous as ever! I love seeing how much things have changed. I don’t think I remember seeing that you had a patio under that fire pit before. That is new to me. It looks great! You have created a very beautiful home!

  9. says

    What a great story behind your move to the Carolina’s! You are very lucky to have your children’s education all taken care of like that. I don’t think I would’ve been able to sleep knowing that I might be stuck with 2 mortagages. We attempted to sell our house many years ago, and buried a St. Joseph in our back yard. It didn’t work though. I felt that it was God’s way of telling us NOT to move. And looking back, I’m thankful we didn’t. We ended up staying put and upgrading our home instead. I believe things work out the way they are supposed to. So, obviously you are supposed to live in that house! You must love the cooler summers there too. South FL is brutal! Your house looks so great with your Fall decor. That stained glass window above your fireplace makes me think of a tudor style home. Really pretty!

  10. says

    Debbie, I have seen bits and pieces, but it sure was fun to see it all together, what a gorgeous house, I get why you love living there! Psst, I know you already have my home on the home tour tab, but I thought I would link up..Am I just blonde? I don’t see the linky buttons?


  11. says

    LOVE your home, and the gothic piece over your fireplace is spectacular! LOVE that! Shanley Belle is home for Fall Break, so I did not have time to put together a post, but I enjoyed the tour of your pretty home, Debbie!

  12. says

    Debbie, I wondered when you were going to give us a tour of your own home! It is simply gorgeous and even though I’ve followed along with most of the changes, it was so good to see everything at once. Your tour really shows the hard work you have put into making your home spectacular!

  13. says

    Your home is beautiful Debbie! I love that tin ceiling in the pub. And the fact that you have a pub in your house!!

    Have a great day.

  14. says

    Debbie I always love touring your beautiful home!! I absolutely love your bedroom makeover, so pretty!
    We buried a St. Joseph statue when we were selling our last house.

  15. says

    I loved this tour Debbie. My favorite room is your bedroom. I love that bed. If I were not feeling so yucky today I would get some shots of my living room and kitchen but I am totally knackered. Hope your hubs gets rested too. xo, Olive

  16. says

    Your home is lovely, Debbie, and how wonderful that the move enabled you to save so much. I especially like your pretty guest room and the seating area outside with the Adirondack/Muskoka chairs. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Rondell says

    Hi Deb, I just joined in but I don’t see it yet, you said it takes a while to come up!
    What a great story about your home, you acted in faith and look what it brought you a beautiful home:)
    I’m still so in love with those burlap curtains and the pub area, I had forgotten about that.
    Hope your hubs is feeling better with the back too!

  18. Rondell says

    Hi Deb, I just joined in:)
    What a great story about your home, you acted in faith and look what it brought you… a beautiful home:)
    I’m still so in love with those burlap curtains and the pub area, I had forgotten about that.
    Hope your hubs is feeling better with the back too!

  19. says

    I did join in with my Doublewide Decor blog…..I am afraid I won’t be able to visit all the participants before I leave, but I will go to as many as I can. Thanks for the party….even in a Mobile Home, Harvest is Abounding!!

  20. Lizy says

    Dear Debbie…Your house is gorgeous! the height of the ceilings is impressing Wow!!!! But I fell in love with that little cocoa poster in your old master bedroom, if you ever decide to part from it, let’s say like around xmas as a present to your faithful reader ME!!!, please don’t hesitate to send him!!! It is lovely! Many Blessing pretty lady, and I promise I’m in the good list…so no lumps of coal for me =0)

  21. says


    Your home is amazing! I love that pub room. That was so clever. I love your style. The kitchen lighting is a great addition to your magazine kitchen.

  22. says

    Hi Debbie: Your home is amazing and so is the story behind it. I especially love the ceiling in your pub room and the DIY bath counter. I couldn’t find the post about it. It looks like a fun place to live..Thanks for sharing with us..Happy Sunday..Judy

  23. MariaElena says

    Debbie, what a great story and such a gorgeous home! It is wonderful when you know in your heart that it was meant to be. Your home is gorgeous! I love the high ceilings in your living area and every little detail is just perfect! Thank you for hosting this wonderful party, always so much fun!


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