Tradtional style Home tour on Sutton place

Welcome Ann from over at Sutton Place.

Today Ann is sharing her Traditional style home tour.

Completely remodeled, updated and filled with LOVE.


I am so happy to have been asked by Debbie to share my Home Tour.

This house has been a work in progress since we moved in 19 years ago. At that time it didn’t have much going for it. We worked for years on the outside and when we had that under control we worked on the inside. A lot of paint and fabric, small remodeling projects and new doors finally turned it from someone else’s house into our home. Hope you enjoy the tour!

Fall 2011
Christmas 2011
February 2012
Spring 2012
July 2012
Fall 2012
Spring 2012
Fall 2012
Oh Ann you home is just filled with so much LOVE, charm, personality and a true sense of style.
Thanks for having us over.
If you have not been over to Sutton Place...what are you waiting for?
She has some sweet tea waiting for you on her gorgeous porch.
Don’t forget I still have my Magazine copy challenge going on, and later on tonight come back to get your pins on with the

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  1. says

    Oh Debbie…thank you a million times over for featuring my home and for being my friend. There have been times with I think I would have quit blogging if you hadn’t talked me off the ledge. You may not even realize how much you have helped. I want you to know that I appreciate every minute of time you have willingly given me. See you tonight for the Pinterest party!

  2. Rondell says

    Ahhh Deb, what a beautiful home Ann has, I love her sunporch…aren’t the polka dots so adorable? Looks like I’ll be painting my wicker white next spring (back to what they were,lol) Love her livingroom too, what’s not to love in her whole home? Just fab!

  3. says

    Ann’s home is just a cheerful as she is. She has such pretty fabrics everywhere. It seems like all of her rooms are “happy” rooms. I love how she dresses her porch for the seasons too. Thanks for sharing her lovely home. She has a wonderful sense of style!

  4. Sonny says

    Ann, your home is stunning and has such a welcoming feeling to it.

    thanks Deb for showcasing it. I have seen it before but this chance to see it again was a wonderful experiece.

  5. says

    Ann’s home is just lovely! She is such a sweet person and her home reflects her vibrant personality! The decor is simple yet elegant and the color infused throughout really show off her sewing skills! Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. linda says

    love how warm and charming the intire home is .And love the pops of yellow so cheery thank you for shareing it was fill with great ideas:)

  7. says

    Beautiful!! Thanks to both of you for sharing this lovely space. I love so many elements and the front and back yards are wonderful too. I get the feeling of “serenity” while viewing ~


  8. says

    Beautiful!! Thanks to both of you for sharing this lovely space. I love so many elements and the front and back yards are wonderful too. I get the feeling of “serenity” while viewing ~


  9. says

    Debbie, Thanks for featuring Ann’s beautiful home today!
    Ann, what a lovely home you have… love the colors! I see lots and lots of detail that I would love in my own home! Your porch is my favorite spot! So welcoming!!!!
    Thanks so much girls for putting this great post together!!!!

  10. says

    Ann’s home is gorgeous top to bottom! I would give anything to have that gorgeous deck and garden! She puts a lot of work into everything and it shows. Love her handmade pillows!


  11. says

    I loved the tour of Ann’s beautiful home and seeing all the changes she’s made!! Ann’s a sweetheart and a FABULOUS seamstress! Thanks for sharing Ann’s beautiful home with us Debbie! Have a great weekend ladies!

  12. says

    Thank you for featuring Ann’s lovely home, Debbie. It is so bright, cheery and inviting. I loved taking a look around. Especially loved seeing the front porch in decorated for all the different seasons and holidays.

  13. says

    Thanks for the tour Debbie, I like being able to see the whole house in on place. Have always loved Ann’s house and enjoyed seeing it again.

  14. says

    I have bookmarked this post to enjoy later on during the weekend. I love Ann’s style, and I am seriously obsessed with her kitchen. We have some tile in ours, and I want to rip the granite out and install tile in our kitchen (but leave the granite on the island where the cooktop is)…..LOVE the blue and yellow in Ann’s home….so cheerful!

    Thanks for the great tour, Debbie!


  15. says

    It is all so beautiful….and clean…..and straight.
    I guess I’d better clean house today. :))
    Loved seeing your beautiful home and grounds.

  16. says

    You’ve really made your home special with your beautiful touches. My first impression is all of the nice sun you get on your front porch! That is so inviting and makes me want to sit down….and stay a spell! You have a lovely home!

  17. says

    Thank you, Debbie for featuring Ann and thank you, Ann for giving us this tour of your bEAUTIFUL home! I can’t decide what my favorite part is! The front porch is so welcoming and the deck is AMAZING!!!!! I love how you have each room decorated too, love those yellow chairs. Thanks again, Pinky

  18. says

    Hi Debbie,
    Thanks so much for featuring Ann’s’ home, it’s so beautiful and serene looking. She has such great style.
    It was nice to see it in it’s entirety.
    Hugs Cindy

  19. says

    Ann….your home is beautiful….I cannot help but notice all the magnificent fabrics throughout your home….gorgeous!….and I so love your beautiful property too!….

    Debbie…thanks for presenting Ann’s wonderful home…I so enjoyed touring her gorgeous home….look forward to Fridays at Debbies!!…

  20. says

    Thank you to Debbie and Ann for sharing this wonderful home tour. I always love Ann’s home, and I really enjoyed this tour of so many of her special places.


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