Chevron curtains,puppy love,& Terrie Smiling:)

Hey Y’all!

Glad you stopped by today.

Can we get any busier this Fall season?

I will call this season the Fall fest of fun.

This weeks party was killer!

First let me share December’s Skye’s sunny, sunshine, Chevron diy curtains.

OH my this room just says Hello I am so happy!

Next, is  House honeys.

Now I know most of you here, LOVE animals, dogs, cats, horses, whatevs…

but puppies, well we all know what they do to our hearts…and this indeed is very touching.

This post is ADORABLE and I urge you to go over for your smiles for the day.

And speaking of more smiles. My last feature for the day is my dear friend Terrie from Terrie’s Smiling.

that is a very good name for her blog, because she is always smiling.

She is so very talented.

Hop on over to see this fun process of these lovely scarves she makes.

You will make her day.

I shared so much on my Facebook page, you probably were sick, sick, sick, of me.

In fact, if you do not have  a FACEBOOK page I strongly encourage you to make one.

I spend A LOT of time there shouting and sharing and it is a wonderful way to grow your blog and readership.

Trust me, I don’t know what I would do without anymore.


The magazine copy cat challenge officially starts tomorrow  9/27/12

I will have the link up this evening…let’s say around 9:00pm or so.

I have been so busy girls.  I am sorry I am not the hostess with the mostess anymore.

I just wish there where more hours in the day.

I love ya though, so do know that much, and I truly appreciate you coming by to say hello and share your talents with me and my readers.

Please share me


  1. says

    Hi Debbie! Yesterday, after I read your lovely comment I wanted to send you an email. I clicked on ‘about me’ and found an email at the bottom of the post but I wasn’t able to connect. I thought maybe it was my computer or something but I just tried again and nuttin’! I really wanted to thank you not only for your comment, but for all your help and support for newbie bloggers. It’s easy to get lost in the sauce out there in blogland and there are times I feel like I’m doing little more than keeping a high tech diary, but bloggers like you help us keep the faith and keep on truckin;! I don’t know how you do it with your family, your own diy’s and your party. You’re like a super woman! And now I find out I’ve been featured! That’s so cool!! Thank you so very much :).

  2. says

    Great features Debbie! Terri is always smiling!!!
    I’m so behind too. So many things going on this time of year.

    I’ll see you tonight.


  3. says

    OOO, aren’t those curtains just adorable…and the puppy dog…so cute.
    This was a great post…and, darlin’….there’s nothing you could do (or NOT do) to take away your title of
    Gosh, we are all busy this time of the year…and you have been involved in a LOT of parties.
    You are doing great…and we all love you, forever and ever.
    See ya later tonight…..:)

  4. says

    Thanks so much for featuring my yellow chevron curtains! You are so nice! I appreciate you being willing to host these link parties for us!

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