Cape cod style home tour {What a charmer}

Welcome my friend Gina .

Today Gina is sharing her Cape cod charmer home tour in Utica NY.

Good morning, friends!
Gina from Random Thoughts here.

When Debbie first asked to feature my home many months ago, I giggled, then panicked.  I remember saying something like, “but I don’t have one of those new, big, perfect houses that everyone has.  I don’t want to disappoint your readers.”   Debbie reassured me there was nothing to worry about, but I was too scared to do it.

Months passed & Debbie asked me again.  I told her I was still scared.   Then I realized that if I was waiting for this old house to be perfect, it was never going to happen.  So I told her I would do it, but in the Summertime when I’m off from work.   Debbie, poor girl, asked me a third time & here I am.  And yes, I’m still scared!

My husband & I love old houses.  We looked at a gazillion homes when we were ready to buy.  Nothing seemed right.  Our realtor (who we adore) was a hard sell.  She would actually talk us out of a house if she didn’t like it.  lol

Well, we all fell in love with this one though…a 1933 Cape Cod style home.

I don’t even want to tell you how well known this house is.  It’s almost to the point of silliness.  Everyone in the city knows it, loves it and makes sure to tell us how they’ve admired it for ages and ages.

So come on in!  Welcome, welcome!


To the left of the front door, we have the dining room.


On the far side of the dining room is my favorite room,
although I’m not really sure what to call it.
Living Room?  Sitting Room?
I’ve always thought of having a poll to decide the name of this room.
Any ideas?


To the right of the front door, we have our living room/family room.


This next picture is looking straight ahead from the front door.
I am in the process of painting all my dark doors white.
Off to the side is a coat rack.
I love this coat rack.  It is original to the house.
Straight through the hallway is our very tiny bathroom.
To the right of the bathroom, we have the master bedroom.


Now there is another bedroom next to the master.
However, it’s an office/craft room/library/dumping ground,
so we’re going to stay away from that, okay?
To the left are the stairs that I recently painted.
Up the stairs is another bathroom & my kids’ bedrooms,
but I’m thinking the world may not be ready to see any of that just yet.
Moving on.
Next to the stairs, we have the kitchen.


Here is the side & back of our house.
We live on a corner lot.


Going into the yard, here is our pool deck.
I just love how that Morning Glory has wrapped itself around my railing.



 Here’s a little of the pool, and some of the side & back yard.


Maybe someday soon I will show you all the areas we’ve missed on this tour.
Honestly, I am honored if you’ve stuck around with me this long.  It may not be perfect, there’s so much more work to do, but this is where my ♥ heart ♥ is.  Thank you so much for visiting my home today.
OK seriously, aren’t you glad I begged:)
I absolutely adore Gina’s home and style.
Thank you so much friend.
Don’t know Gina?
Hop on over and say hello. She has wonderful crafts,recipes and randoms always going on.
NOW for another announcement…
come back later on where Shannon and I will be starting our weekly Pinterest party.
YEP, I said weekly we will get your pins on, and so will you.
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  1. says

    I love this style home and Gina yours is gorgeous!! All the details are amazing! Thanks so much for inviting us to tour.
    Thank you Debbie for this wonderful feature.

  2. says

    What a charming home! I love how the interior really compliments the exterior too. It looks like you would expect it to on the inside. I really like the stenciled stairs. I’ve never seen that done before (other than numbers) and hers is very unique. I love the old fashioned charm of the kitchen and bathroom too. Thanks for sharing her beautiful home!

  3. says

    Gina, girl, you had nothing to be scared about. Your home is simply charming. You just don’t know how badly I would love an older home. You have decorated it beautifully and I love your cute kitchen.
    Deb, thanks for sharing!

  4. says

    Wiping the drool- what a gorgeous home! Wow, Gina thank you so much for opening your doors..and letting us poke around! Love your original coat rack as well..too cool! Your colors you show throughout your home look wonderful together! Thank you once again!

  5. says

    That is one gorgeous house! Every detail perfect. The stairs are unbelievable, the kitchen stole my heart. The bedroom, the bath! Amazing, every room. Thanks, Debbie, for this fantastic tour. Mary

  6. Melanie says

    Not perfect? Well it looks absolutely perfect to me! What a charming home you have, every ounce of it is so darling….decorated beautifully!

  7. Rondell says

    Hi Deb, I think this is the first time I’ve seen Gina’s home, how adorable, she certainly has been busy…love the stairs and little cubbies! I’d love to own a house like her’s, so very charming is the word that comes to mind:) Gina should be very proud!

  8. says

    Beautiful home! Love all the little details like the frame with 1933, the stairs with the added touch of the painting and the original coat rack~who wouldn’t love that! Enjoyed the tour. :0)

  9. says

    😀 Your house is so cute, Gina! I love it. I don’t think I had seen all of these rooms before this post, and I am so happy that Debbie featured your adorable little cottage (thanks, Debbie). I love the original features. That coatrack is *to die for* Your stairs are so cute. I love how you painted the risers. You have truly given me confidence about my next project! ;P I love the creamy whites, blues and reds you have in your home. *squee* I love those colors together! How is the FP hearth coming along? I need to see if I have missed your posts about it. Back to school has been tough around here for us!


  10. says

    What a darling home! I just love Cape Cod style homes. My parent’s very first home was a cape and now I live in one. They pocess so much charm and your home Gina is soooo charming. Love what you did with the steps and all the little nooks built into the house. I think I’ll just go back for a second tour through your home…I may have missed something! So glad Debbie begged…she knew what she was doing!!! Have a great weekend!!! 😀

  11. says

    OMGoodness Gina has a BEAUTIFUL home!!!!! I just LOVE everything about it and it’s so beautifully decorated. What a great home tour feature.

  12. says

    I have followed Gina since I first started blogging. I used to go to Utica when I was dating…to an Italian eatery there. Her house is just like her-warm and welcoming. I just love it. She has done a wonderful job there and I can see that it is a happy home-a real home. Perfect- Hugs and Smiles- Diana

  13. says

    Well Gina, you have nothing to fear – cute is cute. I’d hang out having coffee, crafting, watching everyone swim cuz I’m not putting on a suit. I enjoyed the tour and while I’m grocery shopping I’ll be thinking of something interesting to call your unnamed area.


  14. says

    What an adorable home! I LOVE that kitchen and dining nook!!! And the wainscoting in the bathroom is so pretty. I admit, I’m jealous of the pool. 😉 This is a great home and I can totally see why it’s where your heart is, Gina. Thanks for sharing with us today.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  15. Tardevil says

    Cute house! Love how she did the stairs! Her living room almost looks like a sunroom! Love the coat rack, too. Thanks for sharing.

  16. says

    I would LOVE to have a home like Gina’s. I have a newly built home (not big!) and would trade it in a second for an older home like that.

    Love your new Fall blog design, Debbie :)
    Shasta @InTheOldRoad

  17. says

    Gina’s home is BEEEEEUTIFUL! Thanks so much to both of you for sharing! I am SO glad you begged:):) Now, I want to play at the party but am not sure HOW to pin something from here? HELP!!!!! XO, Pinky

  18. says

    I absolutely love Gina! She is so sweet and her home is gorgeous. I love all the vintage details, like the coat hooks. I love the breakfast area as it makes for great conversation around a cup of coffee. So many details, I hate to leave anything out. The stair are so neat. Love your both, Ginger

  19. says

    Gina I don’t know why you were nervous, your home is beautiful!! I would take an older home over a newer one any day, they’re filled with so much character!! Great tour Debbie!

  20. says

    Oh I love Miss Gina, what a gorgeous house, honey the big old houses have nothing on you, they miss the charm and oh,,,, that original coat rack and the un-named room! Gorgeous! And KIDS….. CLEAN UP YOUR ROOMS SO WE CAN SEE WHAT IS AT THE TOP OF THOSE GORGEOUS STEPS!


  21. says

    I love me some G :) This house is darling, darling, darling!! I spotted a few things either she had not shown or I missed at some point. That original coat rack? Fabulous!!!! The stairs look great and I noticed the trim in the cabinets was different (and super cute!!) Happy to get the grand tour girls. Thanks!!

  22. Cookie17 says

    This house is beautiful,you can tell you put lot wook into it. Pretty,Pretty,Pretty, thank’s for showing it ..,Cookie17

  23. says

    Oh Gina, thank you for inviting us in your home!!! I can’t find enough words to describe it…….adorable, sweet, fresh and pretty, love the lace curtains throughout, still love the blue dresser in the parlor, am lusting after the coat rack in the front hall…… all the vintage details and your special touches, not overdone, but welcoming and very homey!!! Everything is beautiful and touched with love!!! hugs…cleo

  24. says

    LOVE! Gina, there’s nothing to fear…your home is delightful! So much character and it’s warm and inviting. I love all the nooks, the coat rack, everything. Great job on the stairs! All of the blues look very peaceful and of course, I adore the reds, my color. :)

    Thanks to both of you for sharing!

  25. says

    Thank you to both of you for sharing. This home is charming and lovely. I love all the extras. By the way, my aunt has a room like that. She calls it her “conversation room”.. It always makes me smile.

  26. says

    i am not quite sure why Gina was so hesitant…I love her house….Gina your home is beautiful and so very charming…you have decorated your home so beautifully keeping it with the tone of the charming exterior…So glad you decided to share your home with us…Beautiful.

    Debbie…great home feature today…I truly loved the tour and glad that Gina shared it with us!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  27. says

    Gina, your cottage is adorable and you shouldn’t have hesitated to show it off. I love all the touches you’ve done. The white paint, the feminine touches that aren’t too feminine, the coziness of it all. I could definitely move right in. :)

  28. says

    I love Gina is so sweet and funny,I enjoy blogn’ with her and now I see she and her family have a most gorgeous home…I love everything and every room…can’t wait for the upstairs tour….gosh I love this kinda stuff…it’s days like today that make us realize just what enjoyment we get from blogging.
    Thanks Debbie and thanks Gina for blogging fun in blogland!!!

  29. says

    Gina! It’s absolutely gorgeous and soooo charming! You and I have identical taste I think! I love every single detail…how about I come over and have coffee in your sweet breakfast nook, then take a swim?

  30. says

    This home is charming and warm and oh, I just love it’s friendly feeling!!!! Gina, what a delight. I could move right in! Kitchen’s always call to me and your’s is just as cozy and sweet as they come!!!
    I really appreciate your attention to detail… beautiful details!!!
    Thanks, Debbie for another home to inspire us!

  31. says

    I LOVE Gina’s warm and cozy house! I can see why she feel in love with it. It is just neat as a pin and decorated perfectly. I really loved the red touches in the kitchen and how Gina showcased the glass front cupboards with all her pretty things. Thanks for pestering her to share her beautiful home.

  32. says

    Gina has a beautiful home! I adore her sitting room. I look forward to seeing her craft room someday. I remember all the details that went into redoing her bathroom. It turned out so good!!!


  33. says

    Debbie, I love Gina’s home! You really chose a great one to feature! Her home is charming! I love it! She has decorated it beautifully! The coat rack is amazing and such a treasure! Thank you for sharing home and showcasing her talentt!

  34. Diane says

    Gina, I sure am glad Debbie was so persistent … your home is absolutely charming. You must be glowing right now, having read all of the accolades above. Well deserved!

  35. Lisa says

    What a delightful home! It is very similar to what we want ours to look like and we are having a wonderful time planning our renovation. You have kept lines and colors fresh and simple; keeping in style with the home. I particularly love the blue bathroom. One thought on the name for the room on the far side of the dining room is “keeping room”. Early New England homes often had a large room where they ate and sat around the fire and it this is what it was called.

    Currently our fireplace is a wretched glossy, yellow brick and we are toying with painting it white. What process did you use to transform your fireplace?

    Great job and obviously a labor of love. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Thomas says

    Thank you for sharing your home with us. I’m currently rehabbing my parents Cape Cod in the far north Edgebrook neighborhood of – Chicago IL. I’m trying to stay within the scope of traditional Cape Cod interiors. You have given me some fantastic ideas so that I may be able to maintain a sense of continuity within this great historic home. Thank you! Tom Feddor, Chicago IL.

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