30+Fall Knock off decor ideas

Happy Fall Y’all!

Today I am sharing my Better Homes and Gardens inspired copy cat challenge.

Plus you will find…

30+Fall knock off decor ideas. Entertaining, tablescapes, centerpieces and more.

If you have been around for a while you know this is my all time favorite time of year.

The colors, the smells, the baking, and all the lovely things the Harvest season has to offer.

Welcome to my Magazine copy cat challenge.

I think I have been doing this party well over  a year now.

Consistent I am NOT..but we eventually get this party going.

This month I found my inspiration from Better Homes and Gardens cover photo.

It was sitting on my coffee table for awhile and when I went to pick it up to thumb threw for inspiration to copy,

BAM there it was.

ALL I had to do was put it together real quick for my photo op.

Of course, my leaves are faux.

The leaves here have not started changing color.

Thank you all for joining me.

Many of you have not missed a one!

I appreciate that so very much….

and I truly look forward to seeing what you have all come up with.

Let’s get this party started.

Please add my link or button to your post indicating you are joining me.


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  1. says

    I like your pretty copycat, Debbie. Your colors are much more appealing than those on the magazine’s cover. I think you could be a stylist if you wanted to…. I need to go mum shopping….your post has reminded me of that! My summer flowers are looking leggy and *sad*

    Thanks so much for hosting! 😀

    Ricki Jill

  2. says

    This is hands down my favorite party ever…each time you have it I feel myself pushing to do better. You know I love ya, Debbie! Now to finish up the rest of the other little push you have given me 😉


  3. says

    I love love love your beautiful leafy copy cat….as always, you did a marvelous job.
    Thanks, Debbie, for putting this fun-loving party on each month. I so look forward to it as it is my favorite party. It’s such fun to search and ponder and decide what you want to do for the next challenge.
    hugs, bj

  4. says

    Your Copy Cat looks great Debbie!
    I’ve been so looking forward to this challenge ever since you announced it. I knew in an instant what and who I was going to copy.

  5. MariaElena says

    With all the excitement I forgot to leave you a comment and thank you for hosting this great party! Your copy cat is awesome! It looks just like the picture on BHG! Although I like the beautiful colors on yours better! Thanks again, Debbie!

  6. says

    Love your copy, Debbie! What a simple way to dress up napkins! And, *one* of these day, I’m going to participate in this fun gathering. Looking forward to the upcoming Fall par-tay!

  7. says

    Thanks for hosting, Debbie! I did a real easy one this time {I’ve been so busy with painting and sewing I needed “easy”}. I see you did an easy one, too! Such a great idea for a place setting for a Fall table. I love the casual look yet it makes it feel special.

  8. says

    Hi, Debbie,
    Thanks for stopping by to see my copy cat pics for your party. I love your copy cat. Don’t you love BH&G?
    P.S. I’m joining you today for a second go round. :)

  9. Sonny says

    fun party as always Deb. I’ll be visiting the folks who posted tonight after work.

    I tried to get my copy done but even I, born on dec. 25th, cant make paint dry any faster than it will .. lol lol

    I’ll be late late late to the party but maybe by tonight or in the morning, I can get here and posted.

  10. Rondell says

    I’m sorry Deb, it just won’t show the picture goes thur the whole shmil but when I check it isn’t there, I had tried before so I didn’t think it would let me try again but it did. Thanks for hosting though, love your copy cat too!

  11. says

    Debbie you are one cool cat, and this party is one of my very favorite! This time I got my game face on and put something together. Thanks so much for the challenge!


  12. says

    I am hanging my head in shame. Not only my favorite time of year, but my favorite link party and I didn’t get to attend. But you know…. that might not keep me down. I’ve been known to do a copy cat after just to cheer myself up.


  13. says

    I never, ever get tired of seeing what amazing things people come up with to copy something from a magazine or catalog in home decor. What a fun party! I have nothing to offer, but I so enjoy looking at everything!

  14. tammy says

    We can always count on you for some great ideas. When this time of year comes around it’s all of a sudden I wake up one day and have to start decorating.


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