Cottage charmer Home tour in Oregon

Hello Debbiedoo’s Readers!!

I’m so excited to be here at Debbie’s today.
It’s been a while since I had a play date 😉

I’m Shannon and I blog at Foxhollow Cottage

Debbie graciously invited me over to be a guest in her home tour series. Now, I read and view all these tours… so I admit, I was a little hesitant!
You see… I do not have a big, fancy house.

Then I thought… oh, screw it!
So here is my real live house.

In Oregon.Where I live with my hubby of 20 years, our son Austin and our 2 kitties!

My husband and I try hard to do something today that is not always easy… we live within our means. (ie; no charge cards)

I know. 
It can be a real challenge. 

I will be totally honest, some days… 
I want to throw caution to the wind and make changes 
we can not afford by using one of those 
magical little plastic things.

But we (wink wink) refrain.
And I know in the end… our family is better off.
Here Is The Nickle Tour

We’ll start in the Living Room

I realized something today… I have a zillion photos.But almost every one has been taken at some holiday or another.




I could try to pretend I’m ready for FALL.

(but I would be a big, fat liar)

I took two new quickie-pics instead… 

Since pretty much nothing 

looks the same now besides the couches.


Then, we have the 

gawgeous fiya-place 

the home came with…


Which is currently under construction.
But it has had a few tweaks over the years.

From the banishing of the 
pumpkin paint in place of a neutral tan. 
To pale aqua…

Then to a deeper aqua…

At present… the hearth is demolished.
It’s getting new tiles!

So in real life… it looks like THIS!

Now… On To Our Before Bathroom


This was the before… before.
I went from pale aqua walls to a cottage green.


I am about ready for the calmer spa-look again.
I miss it!

I love changing out *accessories for a whole new look. 
And with this room, all I have do is 
paint that small accent wall. 
Bam. New color story.
This is THE easiest room to change.
Super fun!!

(*that I steal from other rooms of the house!)

The Kitchen

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

I’ll leave it at that.

… and After.

With loads of hard work and some occasional cursing.




This was the far side of the kitchen before…
We added some additional storage with
cabinets and counter tops.



I took the glass front doors off of the upper cabinets a few months ago. I never really liked them. The frames covered up way to much of my “stuff”. Now I can see all my goodies.

This is our sun room. It’s just a step down from the kitchen and we have a deck off of it for outdoor dining and BBQ’s.



 Whew! That’s it for the first floor.

Maybe I’ll let you peek in my bedroom next time? 

It’s about due for a freshening.

I have something new that is going to need my attention…

And I’m sure as a La Craie  retailer… 

(eco-friendly chalk based furniture paint)

it is going to include


Thanks so much for having me Debbie!!

Come say “Hi” anytime over at 

Fox Hollow Cottage on Facebook.

I pretty much live there 😉

… and if you want to know more about

La Craie, I’d be happy to tell you!


Shannon Norman-Fox
La Craie Paint Retailer
Tel: 541-294-7243
Fox Hollow Cottage


THANK you Miss Shannon from

Fox Hollow Cottage!~

Did you know I also met Shannon on Rate My Space some time ago? Probably not, how would you:)  

I saw her lovely spaces and decorating, and said “Girl you need to start a blog”!

Took her a while, but she is finally here, and I am so happy she did.

She has become a true gem of a friend to me and many others.


Hop on over and say Hello!

You will be glad you did.

Please share me


  1. says

    Shannon your house is gorgeous! You have done great work, amazing transformation in that kitchen! I love your bathroom and all your white in your home. It really opens up the space and looks so fresh! I will be over in the morning with coffee! Thank you Debbie for sharing this awesome home!

  2. says

    Well, I must say you have done MIGHTY well with Nickle and Dime(ing) it. Your home is LOVELY and it just goes to show that it can be done. Love the Fireplace renovation :)
    Great job Shannon and Great Home Tour Debbie.

  3. says

    Love Foxy Mama’s cottage! She has put so much love and effort into transforming her home and it paid off and to imagine doing it CC free! I wish we could be. She is a true inspiration in more ways than one! Thanx Debbie & Shannon for inviting us in.

  4. Linda@Coastal Charm says

    Now tell me…how could you not love a gal like Shannon? She is so funny and has made her home very charming. Let me say…LOVE that kitchen makeover!!!


  5. says

    I luv your home Shannon’s . Thanks for sharing ladies. I look forward to the house tours :-)
    Awaiting the fireplace transformation… I know it will be a stunner.

  6. says

    Well, since we’re another one of those families who don’t do the plastic thing, I am DOUBLY impressed with what you have done with your home. I love all the white you’ve added. It’s so light and airy everywhere. The kitchen is probably my favorite room of all, but the remake in that bathroom is a close second. You have a lovely home and one that is very much to my taste!

  7. says

    You have a beautiful home, Shannon! I think you’ve done great fixing it up while not going into debt! If you take your time you sometimes luck into better deals and can really think through your changes. I love your kitchen and bathroom – they both really had quite the transformation. Thanks for sharing Shannonn’s home with us, Debbie!

  8. says

    Shannon, loved your house thank you for sharing it. It really isn’t the size, but the quality inside! Debbie, I have to tell you the funnest thing that happened while I was reading this post. My nine year old son came and sat with me and said, “Whose blog is this? It smells like a blog. Just looking at the sides (your background pattern) I feel like this blog would have a certain smell to it, like flowers.” So you see, your blog is even enriching the senses of a 9 year old boy! love it!

  9. says

    Shannon, I love your cottage with all the wonderful bright light and colors. I would love to actually downsize into a cozy little place. Can’t get the man to leave his garage though. Thanks for sharing your home.

  10. says

    I think your home is lovely, Shannon! And love Bliss’s comment!!! Living within your means is the only way to go, but I admit I do use my credit card for EVERYTHING…then we pay it off in full every month. I usually earn between $1,000.00 and $1500.00 CASH rewards by the end of the year!! Free money!! They’re not all bad!!

  11. says

    Shannon…your home is beautiful!!….So very serene…I love your color palette and the transformations are truly gorgeous….I heart, heart your kitchen!!!….Thanks for the beautiful tour of your home!

    Debbie…another great home feature…I look forward every Friday for your features!!! Thanks so much!!

  12. says

    Pretty impressive! It’s refreshing to see what a couple can do to update and improve their homes while staying within a budget. Bravo for Shannon and her husband! Their home is lovely. I like all the soft details. It’s a very calm, elegant space. Thanks for the tour. ~ Sarah

  13. Sonny says

    I love your home.. I can see so many rooms standing in one spot and that makes me feel comfortable, secure and happy… You’ve done an amazing job with the remodeling and the decor.. do please, stand up, and take a bow, on a job well done indeed~!

  14. linda says

    well if this is not a charmer i dont know what is .This is my kind of homey home i love everything you have done its all wonderful.Thank you for shareing with us Shannon:)

  15. says

    Amazingly beautiful! I don’t use the plastic either….and you have done an incredible job with all the changes. I love, love your kitchen! Would love to stop by for coffee ~


  16. says

    What can I say??? First, I LOVE the aqua in the living room!! I love the whole house. I LOVE the white tile counters, and I wish I had the courage to try doing that. I just love it all!! I’m pretty sure, though, that my house is the smallest, with the most people crammed in on Debbie’s home tour circuit, lol.

  17. says

    Thank you, Debbie, for featuring Shannon’s lovely and welcoming home! I’m a firm believer that bigger isn’t better just because it’s bigger. I’ve seen many a huge home that is cold and uninteresting. Shannon and her hubby have done a fantastic job on their house!

  18. says

    How pretty! I love all the things you’ve done! and redone! I wish I had taken photos of my ratty old bathroom when I first moved in so I could show everyone how horrid it was – but that was before the blogging bug bit me and I really didn’t want any reminders!!


  19. says

    Well… I can never have a bad day for the rest of my life! If I am, I’ll just come read all these lovely comments :) You guys have made my heart full. Sometimes it can be a little scary to share… thanks so much for all the sweet words!!!!

  20. says

    I’m so glad you featured our girl Shannon’s beautiful home! I love it! The girl just has a knack for decorating. Thanks Shan & Debbie!

  21. says

    Now that was so much fun,I hung on every word like I was reading a very interesting exciting novel.Your home is lovely Shannon….your photo’s are fantastic,I just can’t get enough,I’ll be popn’ over to Fox Hollow Cottage right now.

  22. says

    Shannon is amazing – her home is fabulous (she deserves it after those befores)! and she’s one of the most sharing people I know! A few curse words were definitely called for in finishing that kitchen – but well worth it in the end!
    Another great feature Debbie!

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