When all else fails..call Kirstie Alley!

O M G!

Here I am in Edisto, Beach SC and have no internet in the beach house my friends and I are staying!

HOWEVER, my friends being my friends, found me one:) I won’t be here long….:as I sit here , waiting for my Shrimp and grits..My friends embracing me, as I blog!

This weeks blogger featured home tour fell through!

Darn it, now what do I do?

I know you all look forward to this feature every Friday!

Oh, I know, I will call my good friend Kirstie Alley!  You know her right?

Cheers, one of my all time favorite shows.

I knew she would pull through for me! She always does!

What you probably most will be surprised about, is this gal LOVES pink.

Pink, shabbilicous girlie house if I ever did see!


Come on in

Pardon the quality of pics.  She had to take the snaps in a hurry for me!

The house was built in 1993, the same year Kirstie bought it for 1,150,000. The 3,371 square feet, 5 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom home is decorated in a very girly way and it feels even more special and enchanting for that reason.

What beautiful and enchanting gardens that adorn the property.

Dining room.

This cottage was built in 1993 but has an old-charm feel.

Love that fridge…very retro!

I like the shelving and the sink.

This tour may not be for everyone…however, I am thinking we can all get some fun ideas.

I love that valance!

I can assure you my husband would not be caught dead sleeping in this room, and by right, he shouldn’t be sleeping with Kirstie anyhow!

Now, I would not mind being a guest here!

Signing off now girls!

Thanks Kirstie for having us view your lovely home.

Actually, I think this is your old home and you have since sold it.


Home bunch

DISCLOSURE:  I do not know Kirstie and we are not personal friends.

Did I really have to clarify that for you? Just in case:)

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  1. says

    What a sweet, sweet tour. Very feminine and girly. Not for my hubby at all either, but I think it is fun!
    Give Kristie a big hug for me!;>) xo Diana

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing! I do think she sold it…the last one she revealed on TV was very different in style. Anyway, I feel sure that she hurried to share photos with you for this post. :-) It’s really too fussy for me but everyone has their own tastes don’t they? The guest bedroom I could handle ~

    Hope you’re having a blast! Have some seafood and a drink or 3 for me, ok?

  3. says

    Hi Debbie Dear! Oh, shoot! No internet? Well, I’m so glad Kristie saved the day. :) You have lots of fun and no worries!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. says

    I love the kitchen in that home. Just adorable:) Thanks for the tour, it actually looks like a real persons house not some star who has a McMansion.

  5. says

    I wish I was sitting there with you eating some delicious shrimp and grits. Yum! That is a cute house, but maybe a little more floral and pink for me. Just saying. Kirstie is a good decorator though. I know I’ve seen her on Oprah before showing off her skills. Thanks for the tour!

  6. says

    You are a hoot….sounds like you are having fun minus the internet which is not always a bad thing! Pretty house too much pink for my hubby to live in!

  7. says

    She was always one of my favorites, too…:)
    I read 10 or 12 years ago that she was a fantastic decorator. While this house is a little too foo foo for me, it is gorgeous. I love it all….

  8. says

    Hi Debbie: I totally love this house. Now I know that all the guys out there and probably some of the women will frown on this next comment but……My husband, the Captain, would love it too. He is not a girly man by any means,and he wouldn’t agree that he has any kind of a feminine side, but, for some reason he would not object if I decorated this way. He even likes to go to have tea and he’s not even English. OK, now most of the women out there, I can guarantee, are turning green with envy..LOL..Have a wonderful weekend..Judy

  9. says

    What a pretty home.I would not mind having that as a cottage home for a weekend getaway.Hope you are enjoying time with friends.

  10. says

    Now you know that I would just LOVE this home! You know me, I do love my fluff and puff and this home is brimming with it!
    Thanks for sharing! I LOVED this tour!

  11. says

    Wow! That is one pretty house and very feminine. She must have owned this home during her Victoria’s Closet sitcom. LOL! Remember that show? I am glad to hear you are having a great time in “Edislow” , that’s what we’ve always called it. We love it down there. Haven’t been in years though, but we’ve been privileged enough to have gone there a lot with friends in our 20’s whose parents have homes down there. We also went with our kids a lot in our 30’s, both renting homes and camping on the campground in our pop up at the time. I have many wonderful memories of beautiful sunsets enjoyed on the beach at the point there closer towards the marina where it is so flat and the waves are very calm. Glad you got to be introduced to it with good friends, that’s the best way!

  12. says

    I was going to tell you I was more intrigued by the notion of shrimp and grits, but then you said your husband shouldn’t be sleeping with Kirstie anyway and I laughed at my computer which embarrasses me when people are here so I forgot about the shrimp and grits.


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