Traditional style home tour in Central NC!

When I first started blogging, a little over a year ago, I remember well how excited I was to link up to my very first linky party right here at Debbiedoo’s!  
Debbie is so generous with her time and encouragement to everyone.  
I’m honored that she asked me to participate in her Home Tour series!

Pookie and I have lived here at Worthing Court for a little over six years.  We’re located in central North Carolina – right between the ocean and the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Perfect location if you ask me!

I’m not sure what you’d call the style of our home.  Traditional?  Transitional?


(Don’t you just despise those utility boxes?  Why oh why do they have to put them in the front yard?!?!)

It is a three floor, 4500 sq. ft. spec home that was built in one of those neighborhoods where all of the houses are built by one builder. Spec home = no personality!  So I’ve spent the last few years trying to add some interest to what was a very blah house.
I take care of two of my granddaughters, Miss M and Miss K during the day.  They’re inviting y’all to “Come on in!”.


I’ve been working my way through the main floor of my house, trying to give the rooms a bit of an updated look without making any major purchases.  The foyer was the first space completed with the addition of a gifted bench, new rug and different accessories.


After the foyer, came the dining room.  In here, I replaced some accessories, painted my formerly bronzey brown chandy and created a gallery wall that includes two diy convex mirrors.


I haven’t quite finished updating the living room yet, so for now I’ll just show you the bookcases that I restyled.  I have one more project to complete and then I’ll reveal the entire room with all of it’s updates.  

               Before                                                         After


All of you are the first to see my powder room.  I’ve never shared any pics of it before.  It is the next room on the update list after the living room.  Hopefully, it will look entirely different (in a good way) when I’m finished!


The office is definitely one of the rooms due for an update.  Gotta get rid of the faux finish walls!  In addition to painting, I’m planning to get rid of the hutch on the credenza, change out the light fixture, all of the art work and accessories.  I’d like to replace the desk chair too, if I can find one that is affordable.  I’m not sure if the window treatment will stay or go.  I like the idea of grasscloth in this room, but I probably won’t spend the $$$ for it since I hope we’ll be downsizing within the next couple of years.


Our family room is wide open with soaring two story ceilings.  And you guessed it – this room will get some updates too.

(The walls in this room are no where near as gold/yellow as they appear in the bottom pic).


I love that the kitchen is completely open to the family room.  I never feel like I’m cut off from the action when we are entertaining or hosting family get togethers.


The last room located on the main floor is the laundry room.  Adding lots of color to this room makes me just a teensy bit happier when doing laundry.

Upstairs there are four bedrooms and three bathrooms.


I did a few things to our bedroom when we first moved into this house, but I never liked the direction it was going.  I got rid of what I had started with and completed the redo at the end of last summer.  I have a custom drapery workroom in my basement, so I was able to make my own window treatments, pillows and a box pleated tableskirt for the decorator table in the sitting area.  Let me just say that starting a blog has been the best motivator ever for completing projects!


Here’s another room that I’ve never shared before.  This is the master bath as it looked when I finished redecorating the master bedroom.  I’ve already replaced the rug, the vanity stool, the lamps and the accessories on the dressing table area.  I still need to make a window treatment, add woodwork around the ginormous mirrors and some other small things.  Can you tell that I have trouble staying focused?  I can’t work on just one room at a time!


This is the room most often used by our overnight visitors.  It’s the one room that I haven’t made many changes to since we moved in (besides painting, that is).


As I mentioned, I take care of two of my granddaughters during the day while their parents work.  I quickly found that my whole house was covered with toys, so I claimed one of the extra bedrooms to use as a playroom.  There are quite a few diy projects in this room.  I had so much fun revamping thrifty finds!


Sorry, but the second guest room is in such dire need of a re-do that I don’t want to share any pics yet!  Yes – that’s yet another room I’m working on!


The basement consists of several rooms – a kitchenette, pool table room, media room, exercise room, bathroom, a small workshop and my drapery workroom.  We took on the project of finishing the basement right after we moved in, but with so many projects going on upstairs, it has become a dumping ground of sorts.  So…the only room that I can show you right now is my drapery workroom.  


This is where I have all of my fun!  It’s isn’t meant to be a pretty room, but it is one of my favorite rooms in the whole house.  If you enjoy sewing or diy’ing, I think you can appreciate this room even though it isn’t a pretty one.  This room used to be a storage area, but Pookie turned it into a partially finished room when I landed my first big job after starting my custom drapery business.  The worktable is 10′ long x 5′ wide and was built especially for my height (really saves my back).  The table and the gravity feed steam iron hanging above it are two things that I hope to never have to give up!  


That pretty much wraps up the mini-tour of my house.  I enjoyed having all of you for a visit.  Thank you so much, Debbie, for inviting me to be a part of your fun series! 


Thank you so much Suzy!

I have always been a fan of your home, and your flair for decorating.

If you have not visited

Suzy from Worthington court..

head on over will be glad you did!~

Good day ladies.


See you later for the

Pinterest pinning party.




  1. says

    Suzy has a beautiful home. Such spacious rooms and she’s made everything look warm & inviting. Thanks for sharing Suzy & Debbie!

  2. says

    Beautiful! Although I must say that I am jealous of the work room! My husband has banned me from using power tools for life!! (Im allowed to use a glue gun and a cordless drill….)

  3. says

    Beautiful home, Suzy! I love your powder room! You’ve made some wonderful changes and have some great ideas. I remember when we first were thinking about downsizing ~ I wanted to do things for the time we were still going to be in our home, but not spend a lot. Paint helped a lot and also reusing/remaking things/furniture we already had. Now we are downsized and a lot of those made over things made the cut to come with us. Thanks for sharing Suzy’s home with us, Debbie!

  4. says

    Debbie, thanks for featuring Suzy’s beautiful home. I especially like the way the family room and kitchen are open. And Suzy, I love that basement workroom and no wonder your window treatments are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Helen

  5. says

    What a beautiful home! That is one serious workroom with the industrial sewing machines and iron hanging from the ceiling over the work table. Reminds me of the days I worked in the fashion industry in Los Angeles. I’m sure she creates some fabulous things in that room!

  6. says

    Great home tour. I love that big old workshop in her basement….wish MY OWN looked nearly that good! It is fun getting to tour all these places through your blog, Debbie! xo Diana

  7. says

    After 30 years I finally have an extra bedroom that isn’t home to one of my kids. I’ve been thinking of turning it into a playroom too because I’m picking up more toys now than when my own kids were little! And I’m sending the photo of the master bedroom on to my daughter, her bed is set up with windows that very same way and she has a hard time picturing something on the windows.


  8. says

    I know and have met Suzy…she is a great person..and can’t wait to see her home in person…we live about an hour away from each other….Her home is beautiful…and her drapery treatments are gorgeous..such a talent!

  9. says

    What a beautiful home!! I have to say, the laundry room made me insta-happy. I got a big smile over that FUN color =) So zingy and invigorating!! I think I need that in MINE 😉

  10. Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers says

    Suzy has a beautiful home! Thanks for showcasing her this week Debbie.

  11. says

    I love you and your beautiful home. Debbie, you picked a winner here. Suzy you are so talented and have created a lovely atmosphere for you and Pookie. I have seen many rooms in your home and they are all very impressive. I wish I still had little grands to keep and you have provided a space for memory making. I am gaga over the workroom. I keep looking at the pictures and each time I see something different.
    Wonderful tour of a wonderful home. Thank for sharing ladies,
    Blessings, Ginger

  12. says

    I love the colors in your home. The green of the dining room, especially, is so warm yet light at the same time.
    And the ceiling in there is awesome! I thought it couldn’t get better, and then I saw the workroom.

    Speechless. Wow!

  13. says

    Your home is beautiful, Suzy! Your workroom reminds me of the one I had in Scottsdale, back in the day. We had a tri-level home & I took over the family room for my sewing workroom. Isn’t it great having all that space to spread out? I’m glad to be retired from that business, though, and just sew for fun! Thanks for sharing your lovely home.

  14. says

    I love these home tours! :) This is a gorgeous spacious home! Love that color in the dining room …i like everything but I want to play in the playroom! :)


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