Upcycled garden gate

This project was totally unexpected!

Not only unexpected, it was free!

It was all set to go out to to the trash, before I put a halt to that.

A dear friend of mine was kicking it to the curb.

Free upcycled garden gate

I of course said,  can I have it?

There has to be something I can do with it.


I put my husband to work every chance I get!

I really like to see his muscles is the truth of the matter.

He bought one post and some cement to actually have this secure in the ground.

Otherwise it would topple over…common sense there!

The fence was sort of old and weathered looking.


Mike is the one who came up with the idea of putting it tucked away in our woods where we had lost some trees last year.

It was a great filler.  He even came up with the stenciling idea.

I tell you, the guy needs to take over my blog.

He is full of ideas sometimes!

Jack picked the color stain.  I went with it, and thought OK, he has a good eye too!

I of course had to throw in some whimsy.


It really turned out cute and adds a conversation piece out here for sure…well another one, because you know us, we have a few things to talk about.

This is what it looks like from the street.  Again, the neighbors go by shaking their heads every time.

Although, I will say the other day one of the neighbors said to Mike….

“we all thought you were crazy when you planted thousands of zoysia plugs in your lawn, but look at it now”.

Just sayin, we do have the nicest grass in the hood!


My garden pallet from Last fall, is seriously out of control now.


I do nothing in terms of fertilizing. I just water, when I remember to.

Everything is so green an plush!

I can’t wait for our cypress trees to grow some, and gives us a little more privacy when out in the back.

Good thing is, is we only have one neighbor is site and we only see the side of his home…and he never comes out!

That’s it for today! I would say this was a new thrifty treasure!



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    • says

      It is grass,that is very expensive if you were to buy it in bulk or have someone do it for you. We bought the plugs 5 years ago and put plug by plug by plug in our entire lawn. It has taken 5 years to actually grow in fully. The zoysia takes over the lawn and goes dormant in the winter. It is great stuff!

    • says

      Zoysia is a genus of creeping grasses native to southeast and east Asia and Australasia. These species, commonly called zoysia or zoysiagrass, are found in coastal areas or grasslands. The genus is named after the Austrian botanist Karl von Zois. Wikipedia

  1. linda says

    what a great idea i love it see someones trash is another persons treasure and you two sure made it your little treasure .Great job Mike :)

  2. says

    I love it, Debbie-I think it add the perfect touch of whimsy back there. How nice that you only have one neighbor that backs up to there and he never comes out. You sure he’s alive??? xo Diana

  3. Sonny says

    LOVE that gate… you lucky duck, wish one of my neighbors was giving away stuff like that..

    I hope the folks who post listen to your request about word verification. I love visiting the folks who post to this party but I refuse to real with the WV thing. its just too time consuming and annoying and no need for me to become on of their followers either becuase I would NEVER comment under those circumstances..
    I will add a PLEASE here and maybe that will help… They are loosing so many views and followers and thats sad..

  4. says

    Looks great…I love the saying…and love gates of all kinds!!!….Your hubby did a great job…
    Zoysia……We have fescue…however, we miss the hearty grass of Florida…St. Augustine…my hubby misses it so…so easy to maintain and looked great!….

  5. says

    What a great idea – love the secret “getaway” and the stencil is just perfect! Thanks for hosting the Newbie Party. Haven’t posted much lately – hub just had major back surgery so have been busy dealing with that. Hope to make the rounds out in blogland today! You miss so much when you are gone for a few days.

  6. says

    That gate looks great there! Love your backyard area with the fireplace. Your grass does look wonderful! We need to plant cypress trees like you did to block our neighbors. We should’ve done it years ago so they would be big by now.

  7. says

    Love fences and gates and your gate to ‘a road going nowhere’ is so inviting. Glad you are doing your part to recycle and having fun doing so.Mike did a great job of hanging it !!!
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. says

    I wondered what you would do with that gate, funny thing is I didn’t think of you using it as a gate, with your imagination one never knows!
    It looks like it has always been there, the quote just makes it.Looks great!You have creative such a beautiful sanctuary, looks wonderful,

  9. says

    The gate looks great…love the stencil. And what a clever place to put it. Props to Mr. Debbiedoos! I’ll be back later to check out the newbie party. Have a great day :)

  10. says

    I love it! Of course, I love whimsy and funky stuff….with color. Great job and yes, great conversation piece.


  11. says

    HUM, I would rather if hunky man worked in his plaid shorts! Cute idea and fun yard, I think we should do an unscientific study, do fun people have fun yards and boring people have boring yards??


  12. says

    That is TOO cute! And I love the “road to nowhere”…..that makes it so whimsical! It was nice to see some muscles too! It looks like you have a beautiful home but like all of them they require upkeep and the older I get the harder I can “keep up” with the “upkeep”! LOL! Enjoy the rest of your weekend~

  13. says

    Love your gate! And, love that it was a family project :) Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. Summer is always a tough time for me to keep up with blogging… too many kid activities! I look forward to catching up on your latest projects. Hope you’re having a great weekend :)

  14. says

    Hi Deb, You outdoor area is looking SO FINE! That gate is the neatest thing and I love the stenciling. It is so funny, just before I got to that line, I thought Debbie’s is going have to watch Mike, he’ll be blogging soon. Then I hit the down arrow and you nailed it.
    Love to and the boys, Ginger

  15. says

    Debbie, Seems some people just don’t want us to comment or follow. I just visited one of the links, I read and enjoyed the post. I typed my comment and even mention that I was going to follow. When I went to publish, there IT was, WORD VERIFICATION! I deleted my comment and went on to the next blog.
    Hugs, Ginger

  16. says

    Great idea for the fence. One of my favorite pictures is of an old fence at the edge of a meadow, it does not seem to connect to anything, but it looks just so old country. I have always wanted to put a door in the middle of our backyard. There are way too many nosy neighbors that I would love to fool.

  17. says

    The gate turned out great! I love the little getaway you’ve created.
    Thanks for hosting the newbie party! I’ve had quite a few visitors from your site and love to see what others are doing as well.

  18. Rondell says

    How neat! Don’t you just love it when they come up with an idea pertaining to the home? The gate looks so very nice Deb!

  19. says

    Another trash to treasure for sure! Love this project. Your family is a great team. Thanks for sharing new super duper idea. Peggy

  20. says

    Debbie, that is the bomb diggity of finds. Joe and I love other folks trash too. It makes a garden room for you there of sorts. hugs, olive

  21. says

    HI Debbie Dear! Oh, this is just the most creative and cute thing I’ve seen in a long time. Your hubby did good and nice of you to allow him to show off a bit – his talent and his muscles! :) What a sweet spot.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia 😉

  22. says

    Thank you Debbie for hosting an amazing party once again! Love the gate!!! I may have to use this inspiration somewhere in my back forty :)

  23. says

    Watch out – your hubs may soon take over your blog! He does the muscle work, picks stain and stencils – all the ladies reading this are green with envy!

    Love your landscaping around your patio too – I love an enclosed feeling. But it’s great that you don’t have to worry about privacy since your neighbor is a hermit!!

  24. says

    Love your backyard space! Makes me wish that I had a big backyard!

    In addition to no word verification, I think it’s important to give an option of commenting with a “name/URL” or just a name. I often do not comment on blogs b/c they force you to sign into a Google account or have a Blogger account. Too tedious.

  25. says

    I love your creativity with the gate. I’m very happy to have “stumbled” upon your blog. Thank you for the party for “newbies” like myself! {this whole blog thing can be very intimidating when starting out!}.

  26. says

    Debbie, that is just too cute! I love that it turned into a family project! Zoysia grass is gorgeous. My aunt and my dad both did it and it is like walking on carpet!

  27. says

    Looks great! WV should be off! If those are Leland cypress it will take many years but if they’re emerald arborvitae (that’s what they look like) you’ll have a nice beginning screen in about 5…..ours are wonderful and so pretty! You have to broom the snow off them though bc it will break the branches and evergreens do not replace broken or cut branches….you’ll have a big empty spot instead! Many people wrap them with burlap….I’m too lazy but YOU LOVE BURLAP….A NEW PROJECT!!!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  28. says

    You salvaged the fence and now it stands proudly, snubbing the neighbors and loving you guys for seeing its potential. Love it and great job!!! I think there’s a little spot that needs some stain (one section on the crossbar)?

  29. says

    Your yard looks very inviting! Love the new door idea and the stenciling! It’s always nice when the husband takes part in our projects! Dan helped with mine this week – he even cleaned out his side of the closet and got rid of tons of stuff!

  30. says

    I love your gate and it’s location – “A Road to Nowhere”. How cute! Your flowerbeds look great too.
    And a big Thanks for hosting the Newbie party.

  31. says

    Love your new fence gate to nowhere~very cute!!
    Thanks for hosting, it’s been a while since I came partying over here but can’t wait to see what everyone links up.
    Have a great week!

  32. says

    Love the whimsical garden gate ! I am enjoying your site…I found a link to it from over at Grandmalay’s Daydreams!
    Thank you for hosting the newbie party / great idea !

  33. says


    Love that A Road to Nowhere thrifty find! And your husband is such a trooper to get in there and make it happen for you … this whole diy thingy is really spreading out to our families, right? I’ve given my daughter the crafting bug. And my husband doesn’t walk by the dining room table quite as often with a giant question mark over his head!



  34. says

    I love the gate! We have a piece of fencing in our back yard as decor (I’m sure our neighbors roll their eyes!)
    I’m a new blogger linking up-thanks so much for hosting!!

  35. says

    Debbie, I LOVE your gate!! What a great save from the dump and such a creative use for it. The stenciling is perfect….love the “road to nowhere”. Your flowers are looking really lovely. Thanks so much for hosting another terrific party! :-)

  36. says

    I just named that my favorite Debbie Do ever. Really, I love it. I have a thing about gates, and I love the whimsy that it adds, especially with the message stenciled. Two thumbs up!

  37. linda says

    2013 ; the gate reminds me of my front yard garden. We share a common flower bed with our neighbors. I have been maintaining it for 30 yrs. on our property line my crab tree after all these yrs. died. So I asked my hubby if he would mind making me a gate with posts, hinges , so it will open and close . So we put the gate at an angle so it faces the road as people drive by. And the one post is on our property line. ( we shared with the neighbors our tree died and we were taking it down, they had no problem with that) we have wonderful neighbors. So I did not have white paint so I took the cream color from our house and watered it down. And I gave the gate a look of old worn gate been there for yrs. I planted flowers around the gate add a few medium size rocks and hens and chickens , leaving the front and back free from landscape so you can see where you can open the gate and walk into my secret garden. I have had so many compliments from our neighbors. On the gate I add different signs. And during the seasons add signs. Your gate is great !


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