Summer freshness! New blog header and background

Howdy there everyone!~

Do I have to apologize some more for being so out of touch?
Nope, I don’t think so, if you are a Mom of younger kids…. you get that!

Been a fun summer so far and it is not even official yet!

HOWEVER, it almost is, and we are kicking it off with

our pool noodle party!


This is going to be so much fun! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

The party will be starting Tuesday evening some time.

This party was prompted by the lovely

Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage.

Denim+wreath+tutorial+pool+noddle+base Its a noodle party!

Shannon made the cutest wreath, in fact two of them…

It was shortly thereafter that Mom4Real said, hey let’s have a noodle party!

Sounded good to me!!~.

Shannon has been a long time friend of mine since before blogging.

That site Rate my space sure brought a lot of us women together and so many have formed some really nice friendships because of it.

One day, I contacted Shannon and told her, I thought she was really talented and loved her spaces.  I of course said, you need to start a blog.

Hence, it took her a while, but here she is!

NOW, Shannon not only creates beautiful crafts and shares gorgeous photos of her cottage, she is also a huge cheerleader for many of us.

Do you like my new HEADER?

Oh my gosh, I  LOVE IT!

So, fun and so fresh.

Shannon offered to do one for me, and I jumped at that opportunity. You know she loves to play and create in picmonkey, and that girl has some patience.

 Not me, so YES, go for it.

Shannon would LOVE to help you create a  new header that is totally reflective of your own individual personality, and blog design.

She can also make really cute buttons, and social icons.

She is just starting to dabble in it, but I think she really is onto something and I would love if you would give her a whirl for a Fun,and oh so fresh, header, buttons, and social icons on your own blog.

She is dirt cheap right now, so get in while the getting is good!~

Thanks Shannon for all you do, for so many of us!

Love ya girl!~ XO

You may visit Shannon


or contact her directly via email

P.S.  The new wallpaper you see, I installed.  I googled wallpapers, found the one I liked, saved it to my images, and then downloaded it under my background option.  Easy peasy!

WAIT one more thing...sorry I am long winded today!

I had an urgent problem today on my wordpress blog.  I tried to add on a plug in, that was a conflict with my blogs current theme.

It then left me with a fatal error and I could not get into my account.

I contacted my blog angel Kristi from Addicted2decortating, and she bailed me out quickly!

Kristi offers her services at a very reasonable rate.

If you are with word press, or thinking about moving to word press, I would give her a shout!
Reliable, reasonable, GOOD,  and so very kind!

What more do you need?

That’s it for today folks!

I LOVE my blog:)



  1. says

    I love it too! The blue and yellow background is yummy. Perfectly you. I saw your posting on Facebook and came right over to check it out. Keep enjoying these long summer days!

  2. says

    Wow! You are right, such a bright, summer look! It really freshened everything up, and I love your wallpaper too! Even though I’ve never met you in person, I have a feeling that freshness, color, summer, and brightness all describe your personality. You are a great lady, Debbie, and I love your new look!

  3. says

    You are too good to me lady! It was my pleasure to whip you something up 😉 I loved getting to be creative. Thank goodness for Rate My Space right? Thanks to that and YOU, here I am blogging and having a ball!! The wallpaper you choose is slamming! It’s so vibrant and energetic. The blog just fits you to a T for Summer!! So glad you had Kristi to tweak you up!! Looking forward to the noodle party (thanks for the great idea from Jessica). We are going to start Summer with a SPLASH =) Off to the knee ninja. Have a super day!!

  4. says

    It all looks very happy and summery around here! For once, I’m ahead of the game with a party and already have my noodley post all done. I had so much fun making it that I’m already starting on another for the 4th.
    In the process, I have completely annoyed my husband by holding it up and saying, repeatedly, “Am I noodley enough for the noodle club? Noooodle. Noooodle.”

    (That’s from an old Dana Carvey movie)

  5. Rondell says

    Really sweet Deb, I love the colors! I’m having trouble with adding my featured buttons to the banner at the top of the header, actually for all of them:( Have fun this summer with your guys!

  6. says

    Love the new header and the background; just perfect! Can’t wait to see all the pool noodle ideas. I never even knew what a pool noodle was until visiting my son’s home in Florida where these strange looking things were floating in the pool, and then I found out they kept me from sinking – ha. Wow! Am I out of touch, but I am in awe of all you talented crafters, and Debbie, you know your special. Peggy

  7. says

    I was wondering why you dropped off my radar . . . derr, I missed your update about changing to your new weblink! So happy to be back again!

  8. says

    Deb, love your new look!!! The wallpapaer is terrific and so is the new header. I wish I could figure out how to change my header. I am going to experiment. I don’t ahve ANY extra $$$ right now because of selling and buying a new house! XO, pinky

  9. says

    First I noticed your header right away and LOVE It…It is so you, bright, happy, and fun! Cripes, I nver mess with my blog, I am so afraid I will screw it up! I can’t wait to see the noodle party!


  10. says

    O’Debbie, I LOVE your new blog design! Shannon did an awesome job on your new header!! Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

  11. says

    Love your summer “look”! I was having “noodle block” after seeing wreaths made out of noodles. That was all I could think to make but I wanted something unique for your noodle party. Then an idea hit me…I can’t wait to share it at your party. Gotta go get my post together for the party. Hey, does the noodle party take the place of a magazine copy cat challenge this month?

  12. says

    Love it, Debbie. One of the cutest headers I’ve seen. Love the fresh colors.
    I, too, have been out of touch with so many of my bloggy friends. Summertime is so stinkin’ busy but, don’t ya love it. !!

  13. says

    I am loving you new look! Especially that background (I do miss your old one a little bit) I had no idea that Shannon could do blog design too! I don’t think there is anything that that girl can’t do. I think I have been walking around with a headless blog long enough. I will definitely be getting in touch with her. Thanks for the tip!


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