Hot fun in the Summer time!~

Summer Fun is on it’s way in our house!

We kicked off the fun recently with a pizza party!

It’s not often I get to be around little girls, and all their sweetness.

Read on…..

Outdoor pizza oven

Mike usually starts firing it up around two hours before we are going to throw the pizza’s in.

We buy the pizza dough from our local pizzeria.  I still have not tempted to make my own, and this is so easy to roll.

I had to master that over time.


How about a little dessert pizza?

We bought the banana chocolate spread at World Market… was awesome!

This picture is worth a 1,000 words!

Meet Celeste! The surprise baby for friends of ours who have a boy Jack’s age and a teenage daughter.

 Celeste is an absolute doll face…she is so much fun to be around.

Such a girlie girl, something I have no clue about.

I tried fixing her pigtails and one was high and one was low…

Girls are not my thang!

We like to have the outdoor fireplace going too.

Just in case the kids want to do some smores!

Little Celeste loves sitting on the outdoor bench..not sure why it really is not that comfy.

Glad you stopped by!

Hope you did not drool too much.



  1. Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers says

    Oh yummy! Pizza made in a real pizza oven. They looks wonderful Debbie!

  2. says

    We make our pizza dough but I’m pretty sure it’s not the quality of a restaurant…i think the hardest part is spreading the dough…my hubby is the king here with that. Never had dessert pizza….hummmm sounds amazing! Wish we had a World Market here and a Trader Joe’s and the list goes on! Happy Thursday!

  3. says

    looks perfect Debbie! and sounds yummy too! I would love to throw an outdoor pizza party. maybe someday :) that sweet little girl is darling!

  4. says

    mmmm that pizza looks yummy! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time… a perfect summer outdoor party! Love your outdoor space! The view with the outdoor fireplace and the greenery in the back ground has me dreaming of a tropical vacation! Celeste is adorable:) and I’m loving those green bamboo candle holders. Nice post! Hugs,Poppy

  5. says

    Y’all have the best outdoor stuff to enjoy. I don’t have anyone to sit outside with so I don’t. Hubby not into just hanging outside. If Brooke was still her she would hang with me. That pizza looks awesome.

  6. says

    What great party fun. I know how you feel, I only have teenage boys (no girls). But when the girls come over it is a whole new ball game, they giggle and the drama, OH MY. I think boys are so much easier:)

  7. says

    Oh Debbie , that pizza looks just like the pizzeria pizza we buy, its all about the crust and then the sauce, am I right?The crust is so important and that crust you have looks pillowy and light, it must be wonderful to have the ability to make your own.I bet you have already recooped the cost of the oven , good take out pizza is pricey, well here in our Canadian city it is.This little city we live in has a huge Italian population and our Italian restaurants are know Nation wide. We know good pizza!!
    The desert pizza looks really yummy, I haven’t heard of that spread, we rake for ever to get some of the yummy things we see advertised in the united States, this is something we’ll watch for! That little girl ‘s face speaks a thousand words,

  8. Diane says

    Your own pizza oven!! I’m jealous :) I mix my pizza crust in a food processor, much easier than by hand. You should give it a try.

  9. Denise M says

    I love your outdoor fireplace. I would love to have a fireplace like it but where I live they won’t let us. Hope you have some lovely evenings sitting by the fireplace. Have a great day. Denise

  10. says

    Debbie, I love your outdoor pizza oven. We have ours in the house and I have so many friends who would love one but couldn’t do the remodel and fit one in. This would be perfect for them. We love the dessert pizzas too. Everyone makes their own pizzas and we have made up to 110 in an evening. That was just this May for my daughter’s church group. It is sure fun for a party and yours looks wonderful. Here’s a link to take a look at our indoor oven.

  11. Kris says

    We are big on pizza making here too! Hubby wants to have a pizza oven built out back. I am craving pizza now!!!
    Have a good day friend.
    XO Kris

  12. says

    Well I’m definitely drooling. Pizza is my favorite food, but I never had it made in an outdoor oven. It’s looks as delicious as the adorable little girl clearly shows. Well,I guess its now Pizza Hut for lunch for me; on dear, more obesity. Great fun and thanks for sharing. Peggy

  13. says

    OMG My stomach is growling and mouth watering now!! Wow that pizza and dessert pizza look AMAZING!! And yes, aren’t little girls so sweet!?

  14. says

    Boy, that pizza looks so delicious! I just think it’s so cool that you your own pizza oven. I only have girl children and girl grandchildren – I wouldn’t have a CLUE what to do with boys!!!

  15. says

    Pinning that pizza oven. There was a rumor around the ranch that Brawn was making one last summer. This summer is here and now I really want one. We do put pizza on the grill often, hence why he wants a real oven. I want a little Celeste too. And some dessert pizza as well. And the banana chocolate spread. I don’t ask for much.


  16. says

    Okay….I am adding an outdoor pizza oven to my dream list! What an incredible time you had! And that pizza looks delicious :)


  17. says

    It all looks wonderfully fun and delicious to boot.
    And that little surprise was an adorable one.

    I’m just as ill at ease with boys as you say you are with girls. I’m hoping for some grandsons someday so I get to practice on them.

  18. says

    that pizza looked great! i love the dessert one too. yum! glad that you were able to put your pizza oven and outdoor fireplace to use. that’s what having them is all about.

  19. says

    Well, now I’m craving a slice of one of those pizzas, Miss Debbie. Cute post! Celeste is precious.
    Happy Summer Time! ~ Sarah

  20. linda says

    omg what a tease look what iam missing those pizzas look DELISH what a cutie she is love the choclate covered teeth:)

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