City of Chicago Home tour

When Debbie asked me if I’d like to be part of her Home Tour series naturally I was flattered. 

And excited.

And said yes …

… and then panic attack #1 hit.  Debbie wanted a picture of the front of my house.   Let’s just say she was nowhere near ready for a close-up (the house that is, not Debbie).


Linda from it all started with Paint

Sure I spruced up my porch last fall with a rug I painted directly on the landing

Painted Porch Rug for Blog 4 (600x450) (2)

And numbered the steps just for fun …

2012 summer front porch

But my postage-stamp-sized front yard?  That required some major weeding and pruning and planting and mulching this week …


Then Debbie asked me to describe the style of our Chicago house.

Panic attack #2.

It’s a basic wood frame.  Not a cool historic bungalow.  Or Prairie style.  Or even a converted two-flat.  It’s wood frame house with a railroad style floor plan built in the late 1880’s.  A wood frame house whose only original architectural feature when we took ownership 17 years ago was the staircase.  The very same 100+ year old staircase whose newel posts and balusters I dared to paint when I remodeled the entryway

Entry favorite view (550x413) (2)
Entry enter (550x413) (2)
We added the faux board and batten ourselves – using hammers and nails —  to infuse some architectural interest … as well as function.

Entry B&B more (550x413) (2)
And then Debbie wanted to know what’s my decorating style.

Can you say panic attack #3?

Does “eradicate all traces of hunter green” count as a style?  Or is it more of a mission?  Because my hunter-green-laden-circa-2000-Pottery-Barn-influenced living and dining rooms are in the queue for major overhauls …

Living Room Couch View

Holiday Table 7(550x413) (2)

What I’m hoping to bring into these spaces is more of the feel of the entry.  And our powder room


… where, once again, we hung our own faux board and batten.  Although, this time we invested in a nail gun.

Powder Room Makeover After Faucet_thumb

The exception is my son’s room remodel, which took a completely different direction …

Teen Room orange gray black 2

But kid rooms – even if that kid is a teen – are always a great space to experiment with design styles and color.

Panic attack #4 had me wondering what I could share during this home tour considering much of my home is still a “rework” in progress.  But there is the kitchen


… with the chalkboard door I made out of foam core, chalkboard paint, and moulding.

And I can’t forget my most recent project:  the screen porch


Panic attack #5 took hold when I looked again through the past Home Tours on Debbie’s blog.

Seriously, I am so out of my league.  Mostly because much of my house is still under redesign construction …

And now I’m wondering if Debbie will let me update this home tour when I finally and successfully eradicate all traces of hunter green from our Chicago city house …


I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE your Chicago home!

Sorry I gave you so many panic attacks!

And TWO, you ARE SOOOO Not out of the league.

You have some serious decorating talents and they sure shine through!
If you do not know Linda, go on over and check out her


thank you.

Please share me


  1. Becki Foster says

    Great tour! I can just imagine how I’d feel if I had to share my home online – more than a panic attack! Your home is lovely and unique!

  2. says

    I love Linda’s home, and it’s so nice to see the whole tour all in one place. Love the board & batten, and the chalkboard door, and her son’s room is one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sonny says

    I Love it.. to me this is a REAL home, fresh and cozy. Somewhere I’d love to visit but dont worry I wont pop in unannounced lol..
    You’ve made some great improvments so I know all the rest will be that too..

  4. says

    Debbie is right Linda. You are not out of your league. We all copy your projects, and read your features all over blogland. And besides, what really makes you the league leader is that it’s not just a house……. it’s a home.


  5. says

    I really LOVE this one! The whole landing and steps thing had me at hello and it just got better and better with each picture. I laughed at the hunter green comment. I’m just about finished chasing it out of the house, but I have a few pieces of upholstery with remnants. Be gone!

    I love these home tours in such a big way. I can honestly say that I look forward to it every week.
    Of course, I also look around my house every week and say, “Shame on you, you butt ugly house you…”

  6. says

    I love all the character! The kitchen is gorgeous! And the board and batten adds so much! I love your home, Linda. And I’m sure you won’t find one homeowner who is completely happy with everything…we all want to update in one way or another! :)

  7. says

    Linda is hilarious! Her house is absolutely incredible and filled with fun and warmth. Like Linda herself! I can’t get over how fantastic that porch is! :-)

  8. says

    I love Linda’s home! The projects she has done have been all over blogland, and have everyone trying to imitate!

    I think it’s great that not every single room in her home is perfectly done to her satisfaction yet! Where’s the fun in that? The readers want to watch the process!!! That’s where we get our inspiration, after all!

    Love Linda, her blog, and her beautiful home! Great guest post!


  9. Denise Z says

    I love Linda’s home! It’s warm and inviting, and looks like a home where people actually LIVE. She’s put plenty of her own personal touches on it and made it her own. TFS!

  10. says


    Linda’s house is amazing! I love her colors and her crisp sense of style. Wonderful job Limda!

    No panic attacks necessary :)


  11. says

    I agree with everyone who says that Linda’s house is a HOME–functional and fun and cozy, but in transition. As someone who has always lived in homes that need reno (including the one in which I grew up), the fact that something is always changing shows that someone really cares about the house and wants her own little corner of the world to be a better place for all who abide there. Thanks for the tour!

  12. says

    Debbie, thanks for featuring this fabulous Chicago home. I enjoyed seeing this one so much and love your weekly features. Have a great weekend. Peggy

  13. Rondell says

    Love it! I’d love to own a house like that, love the entryway and having the orignal staircase is so neat! I’d love to see her house again when she completes what she wants, but if she is anything like the rest of us she will never be done.LOL

  14. says

    I love the home as it’s warm and inviting, fun and comfortable. There’s no pretense or “perfectness” about it. I just made that word up I think. :-) Seriously, there’s so much beauty…and the front steps and porch say “Welcome” before you enter.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  15. says

    Your home looks absolutely amazing, and even with the kitchen being “in the works” it looks great. I really love that outdoor porch too!

  16. says

    I love seeing all type of home tours and yours was certainly worthy! Thank you so much for allowing us to peek inside your home. You have done a beautiful job so far. You have a wonderful style that I really like and enjoyed seeing!

  17. says

    Out of your league?…oh my Linda….your home is gorgeous….You are so very talented and there is such a tremendous amount of creativity in each corner of your home!….I love the look and feel that you are going for…the foyer is one of my favorites!..You know how much I love your home…and in awe of your awesome creative talents!

  18. SWEET TEA says

    I love your house and the fact that you have made it a “home”.
    A home is never finished and I hope to see even more
    as you continue re-doing. Great ideas!

  19. says

    Oh, I enjoyed this tour so much. Linda has such a clean and classic style and her blog is just charming. And, yes, this gal has serious talent for making things look great!

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