Spray painted wreath for Fall

Yep, I know I said my spray painted wreath was on it’s last life!

I said it was a gonner after Easter, I said you would never see it again, and my cheap @** would go buy another one!

Guess what? I lied, yepper I did. Call me out, boo hiss, whatevs!

I feel attached to it though…I just can’t let it go!  It’s kinda like my adult blankie at this point. It’s been through so much, every season, every weather element, sun, rain, snow, you name it.

wreath+collage Spring decorating! I know, I know...Im crazzzzy!

 Spring decorating! I know, I know...Im crazzzzy!

Yes, this is the 5th time spray painting it!!

I used Ivy leaf by Krylon.

Only takes a few quick sprays at this point…it is well primed.

Loved these little flower embellishments I recently used on my burlap banner…soon to come.

I promise you..this is the last life for this wreath!

wait, I take that back…You never know!!~

I did move it to  a new place though as you can see.

It sure held up well though I tell ya!

This is all I can show you of this now..I have other projects revolving around it!

You may see more of my spray paint projects under my gallery page.

Tis the season, and I will be sharing more soon.


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  1. says

    You have certainly gotten your money’s worth out of that wreath and I mean that in the most flattering way! I need to learn from your example because I’m always so quick to throw stuff away when new life can be found with a can of spray paint. Loving the new green color & that flower!

  2. says

    You crack me up the wreath sure has had many glorious day:) The color IVY is very pretty. Why throw it out, when it can be revamped into so many beautiful wreaths. Save you money for another project:)

  3. says

    Yes, it is the ever changing wreath. The wreath with nine lives so to say. I am sure we will see it again. Love the green.

  4. says

    It looks great! I tell ya, that is thrifty girl!! And still looking good. Love it. I can’t believe the great coverage you get too. Amazing what a color and a wee accent can do to change a mood. It’s like new all over =)

  5. MariaElena says

    The wreath looks gorgeous! No reason to throw it away when it still looks so good!
    I think you still have a couple of seasons or more left in it! Love the green color with the burlap! Very pretty!

  6. Sonny says

    wow great minds work alike lol.. mine is just a regular round wicker wreath but I bought the ivy spray at lowes yesterday and one antique white cause I plan to use my twig birdcage on it- again:) is it ok to say I Copy Cat’d ya even though I am soooooooooooo late to the party.:)

    I have to say In GREEN it looks, to me, the best ever of all the colors yours has been.

  7. Rondell says

    I love it especially the green spraypaint and where you have it now! Somethings just never die out I think in decorating:)

  8. says

    I like that new color. I think you have a few more years left in that wreath. You haven’t done black for Halloween yet, you know.

  9. says

    Hi Debbie Dear! I love your wreath and it’s had a lot of lives. I love it’s new life!
    Now you had better slow down now! 😉
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  10. says

    when I read the title on my blog list i almost laughed because I remember you saying that before!!!!Ha ha , but it looks great and its probably got a few more lives in it yet, I do love this color with the burlap,

  11. says

    Hi Debbie: Because I am newby to your blog, I hadn’t seen it before, so I’m not judging! Looks pretty in all colors to me and I bet there is a least one more color out there..Happy May Day..Judy

  12. says

    I knew it! I told you! And you are not through yet.! I don’t blame you.
    I know why you moved it, the weight of the paint pulled the door off it’s hinges.
    This looks great, love the new location. Looking forward to the project surrounding.
    That is the color I used on my front porch tables last year. I just love that color.
    Hugs, Ginger

  13. Peggy says

    You crack me up! I’ve done exactly the same thing before. It works; why toss it, and you even found a new place for it – perfect! Spray is next to sliced bread and ice cube makers for me! Great job. Peggy

  14. says

    I’m such a big fat cheapie that I’m cheering you on. I love this version the best of all! Considering the trouble I have making wreaths for my door. I just need to find a dramatic big honkin’ one and just keep spray painting it.

  15. says

    Such a wonderful way to reuse, recycle, and repurpose and it looks wonderful… loving the ivy green. The burlap ribbon and flower looking very pretty with it…. that ivy green color make the twigs look like real stems… awesome job, Debbie! Have a wonderful evening!~Poppy

  16. says

    Don’t throw it away! It’s got such a great shape! Several years ago, I allowed the Headmaster to talk me into getting rid of a great old dried honeysuckle wreath on the back door; claimed he got tangled up in it all the time. I regret it to this day!

  17. says

    Wow, this wreath keeps reincarnating into higher and higher life forms. I think you have almost reached nirvana with that pretty spring green. Nope that wreath is never going to die!


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