Southern Traditional Home tour

Hi there….I am Shirley with HOUSEPITALITY DESIGNS.

When Debbie of Debbie Doo’s so graciously asked if I would like to have my home featured on her blog…

…..I was over the moon excited…”Yes, absolutely”…as I was doing cartwheels across the floor!

So, today, I am very honored to present my home to you on Debbie’s Friday Feature of Homes.

7217231730_2d2d539ffe_z Southern Traditional Home tour

I live in North Carolina….

We relocated to North Carolina from Florida, where I had lived most of my life. We love it here.

It was a difficult move as we were leaving our friends and family, so that we could be close to our son and his family.

We had our home built in a beautiful golf course neighborhood. We chose this plan as almost every room had a view.

A view…”it’s all about the view”…..So come on in and hope you enjoy the tour!

7206164026_15495f89fa_z Southern Traditional Home tour

The front facade of our home….One day while my builder was supervising the pouring of our driveway…
….someone drove by and said, “Oh what a cute little house”…He replied, “It may be cute, but not that little”…

7198658872_320bb7f5e0_z Southern Traditional Home tour

A view of the back (in the winter…I love the snow on the ground)…

As you can see, we have many sets of french doors that overlook the back yard…

With the exception of a few bathrooms, and the bonus room, all the rooms have a view of the back yard.

So come in and make yourself at home…

Starting off with the living room area…..

7217050402_1e26512b81_z Southern Traditional Home tour

As you will quickly see, the main floor is really one large room…We wanted that casual, great room feel.

7217051992_8177372dee_z Southern Traditional Home tour

7217055474_9aa35ef788_z Southern Traditional Home tour

So now, we move into the dining room…It is a casual room…unlike many dining rooms, it faces the back of the house.
The best part is that we use is every day…unlike our former dining rooms in which the chairs “were warm” only a
few times a year!

7196263658_e700bc1d30_z Southern Traditional Home tour

And now we move on to the kitchen….

7216336864_883dcb0f98_z Southern Traditional Home tour

The cabinetry is Cherry….We had “discussions” back and forth as to the style and color of the kitchen…
We had many cherry and mahogany pieces, so it was best to go with the cherry…(or so I thought at the time)….
But at least I sneaked in the farmhouse sink!!!

7217031474_c827012dc7_z Southern Traditional Home tour

7217033802_2c4ae5410b_z Southern Traditional Home tour

And then there is the pantry..It originally was slated for just a room with a door and shelving…but I had the
builder re-work it into a butler’s pantry with plenty of storage behind cabinetry….

7217035702_85253fcd2b_z Southern Traditional Home tour

Where was that wide angle lens when I needed one!…

And now moving on to the keeping/sunroom…

7217005580_423e30be80_z Southern Traditional Home tour

The windows in this room were not covered originally…our view was trees all around…a true sunroom…
Then the house went up next door…so I decided to place curtains half way I do not subject my nice neighbors..
……to me in PJ’s….

When I saw this wicker at the High Point showroom, I fell in love with the color…(mfgr is Lane Venture)

7217007870_3da9e42df3_z Southern Traditional Home tour

7217009482_70e0d92e8c_z Southern Traditional Home tour

And now..down the hallway..we go toward the laundry room and the powder room…and beyond the door is the entry to
the garage…

Now, have you had your second cup of coffee yet…you may want to grab another as this post is heavy on the photos!!

7217038612_d3a1dd178c_z Southern Traditional Home tour

7217040562_2f051660c8_z Southern Traditional Home tour

I wanted the cherry cabinetry to flow through the main floor for consistency….Oh..are those “orbs” in the lower
left hand corner?…wooooo

7217041614_613001807b_z Southern Traditional Home tour

7217044672_1abd4fbb37_z Southern Traditional Home tour

7217042690_e14d67422c_z Southern Traditional Home tour

And then across the hall…the teeny powder room…that is on my list for a facelift! No Botox…

7217046116_8aba0337f0_z Southern Traditional Home tour

I’m really needing that wide angle lens…hope “honey” is reading this!

Now we move on to the Master Bedroom…my builder loves making the ceilings very interesting…

7217010790_172d326495_z Southern Traditional Home tour

The walls will soon be painted with SW Silvermist..the same as the master bathroom…haven’t made it in there yet!

7217013618_8cbf9cfd70_z Southern Traditional Home tour

7217014776_6b76dcc83a_z Southern Traditional Home tour

Now we shall move on down the little hall to the Master Bath…

7216331932_86e4a626f1_z Southern Traditional Home tour

7216333902_4fcdb86b8a_z Southern Traditional Home tour

So now..I am going to take you to the other floor….and hope that I have not lost your attention….
As I said, this is definitely a two cups of coffee (or tea) post….

So now we shall enter the main guest room…
Oh by the way, all the bedding in all 3 bedrooms are by Pottery Barn…and some custom made pillows…

7216961624_c2ddb1ee85_z Southern Traditional Home tour

7216964964_640f3c2580_z Southern Traditional Home tour

I recently hung the iron gate on the wall…there are still more “wall projects” to come…

7216968078_a5d7f89d3c_z Southern Traditional Home tour

And more painting projects too…

7216954158_dd30da0d8d_z Southern Traditional Home tour

I love that I am able to place chairs in most of my bathrooms….a garden whirlpool tub is in this bathroom…
….for our guests to enjoy! Comes in handy after a long day of softball games!

7216956404_7fec4e390b_z Southern Traditional Home tour

So down the hall to the media room we go….

7216996642_b982fe6d40_z Southern Traditional Home tour

This is a great room for movies and enjoying company of others…

7216988200_49ba84a682_z Southern Traditional Home tour

The saying over the doors are there all year round…a request from our Granddaughter!

7216992106_24f2c3f975_z Southern Traditional Home tour

7216993476_bae468fa43_z Southern Traditional Home tour

A little kitchenette comes in very handy…

So let’s move down the hall…towards the second guest/little (and I mean little) craft space….

7216998732_00e0da5750_z Southern Traditional Home tour

7216975906_60084f4e39_z Southern Traditional Home tour

7216349962_bdbda05c49_z Southern Traditional Home tour

And here is my little craft space…hopefully soon there will be some new units there for crafting…

7216981266_8e2727c3f8_z Southern Traditional Home tour

Another bathroom for guests…no windows light not great….

7216983358_d096e9edd2_z Southern Traditional Home tour

A very large shower and toilet area beyond the door….

7216361014_f076da846b_z Southern Traditional Home tour

And here is a “glimse” of my hubby’s office…we utilized the 4th bedroom for it….he was in there working…shhhh….
He also has a great view when working….

Now, last but not least there is one more room to show you for today….whew…you probably thought this would never end!

7216355914_4a4ccb29a3_z Southern Traditional Home tour

Can you tell he loves baseball?…We added the wainscoting to match the pool table…

7216357636_af038936d6_z Southern Traditional Home tour

There is a wet bar up there…for those thirsty guys!…

7216356800_9aa40569a8_z Southern Traditional Home tour

There is a bathroom and a large closet in that room also…but not really photo worthy right now!….

So, I hope you enjoyed the very L O N G tour of my home….

Thank you so much Debbie for giving me the opportunity to present my home…you are the best!!

Y’all, have a wonderful weekend!!!….

Thank you Shirley for having us over to your lovely home!

It sure is a stunner.  If you do not know Shirley, I would go on over and say hello.  She is a real sweetie of a lady and always has something fun to share!

Happy Weekend to you all!

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  1. says

    Holy cow, what a house!! This is just stunning~so many rooms in such gorgeous detail! I would love it if you would do a post JUST on the sunroom, with closeups of the window treatments, the fabric on the wicker and all…it is my favorite room! I love the color of the wicker too, it resembles Versailles chalk paint color…just lovely!

  2. says

    Debbie…I want to thank you again for the honor of you featuring my home….I must stay that I am a very happy “Graduate” of your “Newbie” family….You provide such a great venue for all the “newbie bloggers” to get their start….Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers says

    What a lovely warm home! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  4. says

    Debbie I love Shirley’s gorgeous home and have been a happy follower of hers! It was so nice to see the full tour! Have a great weekend!

  5. says

    OMG!! What a beautiful large home for 2. I hope you have a large family.
    This home is stunning. I’m going over to Shirley’s blog now…..

  6. says


    Your home is as amazing as you are :) I can tell that you have poured yourself into every detail. Thank you so much for every picture, every word and sharing your “housepitality” with us :)


  7. says

    I just adore SHirley and her home is beyond GORGEOUS!! Thank you for inviting us in for a visit! Your stained glass window looks right at home Shirley over your fireplace. Hubs did do really well with that gift!:)

  8. says

    I enjoyed this home tour so much! I follow Shirley’s blog and have always enjoyed her posts, but have never saw a full house tour like this. I had no idea her home was so large! I love all of her huge bathrooms! Her home is southern traditional in every sense of the word. Perfect for a home on a golf course in NC!! Love her window treatments in the sunroom and how her color scheme is consistent throughout. I love all of her windows and doors on the back of the house. That is a well thought out home design. Thanks for sharing this today!

  9. says

    I’m fortunate to live just a short distance from from Shirley! I had the pleasure of meeting her back in February when we took an ASCP class together. I dropped by her house last night (to deliver something she won from me) and was given a personal tour of this extremely drool worthy home! Shirley probably got tired of me oohing and aahing as we entered each and every room. A truly beautiful and welcoming home, but the most beautiful things of all are the warm hearts of Shirley and her hubbie!

  10. says

    Shirley, we have very similar tastes. We used to live on a golf course and our walls were a similar color. The floor plan was very open, but our house was not nearly as large as yours. I spotted your Lance cookie jars on a counter. I have had some for a very long time, but I don’t have them displayed right now. And I noticed your monogram, too! It looks fabulous!

  11. Betty Ann says

    WOW!!! Everything looks so beautiful, warm and inviting, a true Southern hospitable home. I have followed Shirley’s blog and it is always so evident that she puts much thought, care and love in every aspect of her home. Also in these economic times I have appreciated the thrifty projects and inexpensive decorating tips she shares. Only wish I had an infinitesimal amount of her decorating gift. simply aaaMAAAzing! Thanks for sharing her with us Debbie…..

  12. says

    Shirley’s home is GORGEOUS!! I just absolutely love it all. So many incredible details with the moldings and that oval window in the laundry room is stunning! The color palette is right up my alley and she has truly created a warm and welcoming home. Definitely Southern Traditional! So glad you shared this with us Debbie and now I need to go back and look through all of the photos again. LOL!

  13. Kris says

    Debbie, I so enjoyed this home tour! What a fabulous home!!! Now I best scoot on over to say hello to Shirley!!
    How have you and your family been? Ready for summer??
    XO Kris

  14. says

    Debbie thank you so much for featuring Shirley and her gorgeous home. It is so warm and inviting!!

    2012 Artist Series Featuring the Gifted Decorative Painter Theresa Cheek

    Art by Karena

  15. says

    Shirley! You know how much I absolutely love your house. My favorite thing is that you took and obviously large home and made it feel so cozy and happy and friendly. Debbie, what a perfect home to feature on your home tour. Great great post!

  16. says

    What a Stunning Gorgeous HOUSE! Loved the tour! One thing I LOVE about your home.. Everything! :) But the one thing I loved were all the fun different style Chairs you had throughout! LOVED it– Me and the boys are moving in! ;)

  17. Barbara says

    i think it is wonderful to live in such a grand home…very beautiful and love all the little decorations that
    truly make it your special spot, your family home.

  18. Sonny says

    wowzers.. Thats a beautiful home. 5 times too big for me but BEAUTIFUL to look at for sure.
    thanks for showing us Deb.. Now I need to go over and look around:)

    have a wonderful weekend

  19. says

    There’s that word again. AWESOME!! Shirley your home is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Every detail is addressed beautifully. I can’t decide which room I love the best cuz I love them all. You have done a masterful job decorating your lovely home.
    Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for the tour.
    Blessings, Ginger

  20. says

    I had my white gloves on, during the entire tour and did not find a speck of dust…anywhere! Beautiful home! Warm, fun, open and inviting! Well done! Thanks, Debbie and Shirley!

  21. Barb says

    Thanks for the tour, Shirley! Your home is warm and inviting, with beautiful views inside and out! Love the colors and your attention to detail! Beautiful!

  22. says

    Shirley! What a fabulous place – I love everything about it. You have a wonderful sense of style.

    ps is that a price tag hanging from the sofa table?? Very Minnie Pearl! lol



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