Outdoor garden tour {window boxes}


I have always adored outdoor plant window boxes!

{This old house}

Galvanized Tapered Window Boxes

{Hooks and Lattice}

Just thinking of all the pretty flower choices I will have per season, to add color to the front of ourhome

Window Boxes

So, of course on Mike’s day off, what did I ask of him?

You guessed it…

I wanted simple black lightly distressed window boxes.

Being I am a newb at this, I was not sure of the kind of flowers I wanted, so I went fairly simple.

the creeping jenny I thought would look nice growing over the boxes…AGAIN, I am a newb at this.

So far the Marigolds are taking off like crazy!

I can’t wait until they start getting full and really taking off.


I will show you a little of what I have planted throughout the years, that is actually doing quite well.

My Clematis was full of blooms last week, however, I missed my snap opp. ewww…I see a bug!

This is next to the clematis…

Love the smell of Jasmine…How about as you are walking up to our door, you get a wonderful sniff first..

ewww…I just noticed another bug ! Good thing Mike sprayed today!

We have BUGS!

So far so good.  We shall take a look in about a month or so.

Thanks for taking a quick outdoor garden tour with me.

There is more I will be showing you soon.

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  1. says

    Beautiful! You did a fine job with your window boxes! You also have creeping jenny ( fig) growing up your wall. It is just a variegated form with the different shades on the leaves. Very pretty! We have the solid color variation all over our walls outside and growing up the side of the house near the garage and have to trim it all the time. It’s very hardy! I love your jasmine, it’s gorgeous! I am surprised your Japanese maple has grown so much so quickly. I thought they were slow growers but maybe not, what do I know. LOL! I really enjoy seeing your outdoors, everything looks so pretty! Have a great day!

  2. Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers says

    Your window boxes look wonderful Debbie! I love those shutters on your windows.

  3. says

    I love window boxes and yours look great! How pretty your house looks with the brick, those incredible shutters & the greenery creeping up the side. I love it!

  4. says

    I love flower boxes, our old house in Utah had them and I loved planting them each year…..now after living in Europe I loved them even more…..I have one here it needs some TLC! I can’t wait to see yours in a month or so. The rest of your garden is gorgeous….I love Jasmine! Have a wonderful day!

  5. says

    I love your new window boxes! I love those on the front of houses!! How lucky to have your husband build them for you custom. I think the flowers you chose will do well in there. They already look nice and full. Mine have done well on my front porch. They are spilling over nicely. Can’t wait to see yours progress too.

  6. says

    That is what I am doing today, Debbie…planting outside boxes and planters. First I have to run and get a couple more things, though. Yours look great. I believe that vine you planted is Vinca. It is an annual here. Hope you have a great day-xo Diana

  7. says

    I have wanted some front window boxes for ohhhhhhh, 15 years! I have some in the back but I just don’t have a green thumb. Thinking of only planting ferns this year in them, seems the only thing I have success with.

    Pinning your shutters.


  8. says

    Looks great Debbie! Your choices should do well. Creeping Jenny is a favorite and will spread all over!
    Keep the blooms picked off on the marigolds when they are dying back and you’ll get a lot more blooms!
    I like to add a pelleted fertilizer too to make sure they get lots of help. Annuals are super hungry!
    I got new window boxes last year and really enjoyed them! Keep an eye out on the watering, they can bake in the sun and dry out fast! Love the japanese maple, clematic and jasmine!

  9. says

    So jealous of all the Jasmine, Clematis, etc… you know my darn deer eat everything! LOL. I’ll have to look at these pictures again when I want a flower-fix. It all looks fabulous =)))

  10. says

    I love window boxes. My daughters tell me that I would love Germany because they are everywhere. (They were both foreign exchange students there.) My mom has them, but I dare not try. If I’m going to have an epic floral failure, I don’t want to showcase it in a box stuck on the front of my house. Ahem.

    YOUR outdoor space is lovely, and I agree about the smell of jasmine.

  11. says

    I love, love window boxes! I’ve wanted them too…filled with red geraniums and some sort of green spilling over. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many as in Calif and also Rhode Island….absolutely breathtaking! Your outside plants are beautiful….great job.


  12. says

    I love, love window boxes! I’ve wanted them too…filled with red geraniums and some sort of green spilling over. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many as in Calif and also Rhode Island….absolutely breathtaking! Your outside plants are beautiful….great job.


  13. says

    Ooooh! I love your window boxes and all your crepping jenny, and clematis plants! It looks great! The red maple is growing beautifully! Those rustic country shutters are really cool! Your place is lovely!
    Linda@ Grandmalay’s Daydreams

  14. MariaElena says

    Your window boxes look gorgeous! I also love them! You know that kind of decor is very Spanish! You can find them on every window in the South of Spain. So pretty! You did an awesome job with yours! And your Jasmine is sooo beautiful! I know it smells heavenly!

  15. says

    I love those shutters and that jasmine w-o-w!

    At some point you might want to add brighter colors and larger bloom on our window box so they can be seen from the road and as you walk up the sidewalk. I don’t know if your light condition is sun or shade but that would determine the exact plant you select.:
    SUN: Geraniums, Shasta Daisy, Sweet William and so on
    SHADE: Large leaf Begonnia
    I always put some perennials into my pots, a ornamental grass or two and then in the fall put them in the ground.I often use some herbs too.

    Go for some draping greenery too like (sun lovers) Licourish Plant, Creeping Jenny or a varigated Vincca Vine that can be replanted in the ground and will come back the following year.

    • says

      Thanks for the tips. I get full sun in front this time of year. I do have the creeping jenny…I was not sure what to put, so again thank you. I will see how these do to start.

  16. says

    Great windowboxes! I always admire them!! Your other garden beauties are doing great! That jasmine must smell amazing and it looks so pretty too!

  17. says

    Hip-Hip-Hooray. I too am working on my planters and boxes…Oh, and even better, Jose and I mulched the beds. Now, doesn’t that sound like fun. Drip-Drip-Drip.. But, I do adore the outside stuff. I love seeing the things you have put in outside. Hope to get some pictures tomorrow around here, now that I don’t have JD again….. I may be Scott free all week…fingers crossed. The city is a messy with NATO coming this weekend. Carry on and have some dirty hand fun outside this week. It will be too hot too soon.

  18. says

    I love window boxes, too and every year I say I am going to put one under the bonus room window over the garage, but then I remember it has to be watered and would be hard to get to. Love the vines growing on the house. I love that look, too.

  19. says

    I have been eyeing the window boxes in Grandinroad catalog….one day!…Hubby questions putting hardware into the brick…Does your hubby have any suggestions?….Love the window boxes and the flowers are beautiful!

  20. says

    I LOVE window boxes Debbie! They are on my husband’s list too and we are hoping to get to it this weekend. Yours look fabulous! We will be attaching ours to brick too…I love your bracket thingies…where did you find those?

    Lou Cinda :)

  21. says

    Deb, Love your window boxes. Mike you are a sweetie. Our Jasmine bloomed a couple of weeks ago. Most wonderful aroma ever. Show us the progress on the boxes, I know they will be great.
    Hugs, Ginger

  22. says

    I love your window boxes and I want some on the front of my house. Are they sitting on metal brackets that you attached to the house? I have brick too and was wondering how you attached them. I do really love those shutters too. Thanks for sharing

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