Carolina Home and Garden house tour!

 Hi everyone, I’m Pam from diy Design Fanatic.
Debbie and I met over at RMS and I was one of many who encouraged her to start a blog. We are all so glad she did!
I’m so happy to be sharing my home with all of you today. It is definitely a work in progress.
We moved into our home almost twelve years ago and it looked quite different then. Our “landscaping package” included 1 small tree and 22 shrubs and all the walls inside were that stark builder white. It’s a good thing we are diy’ers because the house needed a lot of work, even though it was new.
Come on in…Our cat Kelly is here to greet you.
Here’s the view of the Foyer looking back at the front door.
The “Piano Room” is just to the left as you come in. Would love to redo this as my office since our piano player now lives in California.
When our daughter’s were little, they called this room the “Thanksgiving Room” because we only had dinner in there on holidays.
Our Family Room is right off the Foyer and soon will be painted a new color.
The Breakfast Room gets changed up the most and I love keeping the table set.
A few years ago the laminate countertops were replaced with granite and we installed in the marble tile backsplash ourselves.
One of the features we wanted when we purchased our home was a main floor Master Bedroom.
We installed a tile floor in our Master Bath and added a few upgrades a several years ago.
One of the first things we did after moving into our home was to have a custom closet done in the Master Closet. I was a closet designer at the time.
We’ll skip the Laundry Room and the worlds smallest Powder Room which is also on the main floor and head on upstairs to the Guest Room.
The next bedroom was our Oldest Daughter’s Room  before she moved to California last May. Take all the artwork and accessories out and that’s what it looks like today.
Our Youngest Daughter’s Room has my favorite furniture transformation in it. The bookcases were a really ugly Craigslist find.
We use the Bonus Room as our Craft Room/ Office. It’s on our project list for a complete makeover. Can’t  wait.
We also have a Basement with two rooms finished; a second Family Room and a full Bath. Our girls have had quite a few sleepovers here. There is an additional 1,600 square feet of unfinished Basement that is storage and part of that is often used for painting projects.
 The best part about our home is the outdoor space.  There is a deck off the Breakfast Room on the main floor where we often have dinner when the weather is nice.
One of my favorite places to relax is the Basement Patio. It’s below the deck and stays cool until the very hot days of Summer.
The view from the Basement Patio looks out onto the woods. This photo was taken a few years ago just as the trees were leafing out in early Spring.
The little blue playhouse was mine as a child. We brought it with us when we moved from California to  North Carolina. It is painted the same colors as our ranch home back in Southern California.
The patio was installed by my husband several years ago. I love gardening and designed the landscaping and we planted everything ourselves. It’s a good thing I love digging in the dirt!
Our cat Buddy is a sweetheart and loves to be photographed.
Just thought I’d throw in a scanned photo of how our backyard looked the year we moved in. We had already taken down a few trees to make room for a swingset for our daughters. The patio shown above now sits where the black plastic strips are. My husband is shown here trying to dig out one of the tree stumps. He eventually rented a Bobcat to dig them up.
It’s taken many years and a lot of time spent out in the garden to get our yard to look like it does now.
Debbie, thanks so much for featuring me and sharing my home with all of your friends!
Thank you Pam! This was a fantastic tour! Love you, Love your home, love your style…
If you do not know Pam, head on over to say Hello! She always is up to something fun!

diy Design Fanatic


Happy Mother’s day weekend everyone! XO

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  1. says

    Pam’s home is always perfection! She gives such attention to the details that it makes it so special! Thanks for sharing Debbie!

  2. linda says

    i love your home so inviteing and the set up is great and what great spaces thank you for shareing it with us happy Mothers Day:)

  3. says

    What a gorgeous home and property….i am loving her craft room….as I just have a “craft corner”…oh one day!
    I love how she moved that little blue playhouse all the way from California…such a treasure to still have from her childhood…So many warm and beautiful touches throughout the entire house…

    Thanks Debbie for featuring this beautiful home!! and…Happy Mother’s Day!!

  4. says

    Oh Pam’s home is just so beautiful!!! It was fun to see some spaces I hadn’t seen before and everything reflects her wonderful style and great taste! :-)

  5. says

    Always a treat to see what you have found. I adore looking around others home, don’t you. But, what I really want to know is did you survive your spray paint fiasco. Where was that. You must post about it sometime.

  6. says

    Another lovely home tour. My favorites, the pop or red with the white on the patio, and those crazy beautiful outdoor spaces. Also the fact Pam brought her childhood house with all the way from California – sweet.


  7. says

    Praise Be Debbie I got you on my Blog roll. It is fixed. It was worrying me so much. I am thrilled I can keep up better now. HappY Mother’s Day.

  8. says

    I love Pam’s house and her style! I like the layout of her home too. I am absolutely drooling over her lovely manicured back yard though. I also know she has a veggie garden in there somewhere as well making her yard pefectly wonderful. It’s soo pretty!

  9. says

    Your home is just beautiful, great style. I love the circular patio, I would love to recreate something like it with vintage brick. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

  10. says

    Pam, I love, love, love your beautiful home. I remember the pretty bench on the lower patio, it is so cool and comfy looking. The yard is fabulous and I know it took a lot work. Thanks for sharing. Ginger

  11. says

    Hi Debbie/Pam,

    Do you happen to know the dimensions of that master bedroom closet? We’re building a closet in a new house and I love that layout, so just wondering about how wide and deep it is. Thanks!

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