Home tour in Texas {French chateau}

Hey y’all!
My name is Pamela.{ From my front porch to yours} I was so honored when Debbie came to me and asked if I wanted to be featured on her fabulous blog! I met Debbie after seeing her on Savvy Southern Style and have ever since loved visiting with her. She is such a sweet heart and always has nothing by kinds words and inspiration to share. Thank you Debbie for this opportunity!
Our home story started back in 07 when we moved away for two years. At the time that we moved from Texas our current home was for sale by the builder, ready to move in. Right after we moved to Baton Rouge the housing bust hit. Two years went by quick and well as luck for us would have it this house was STILL for sale in our old hood. After looking at many houses during our home buying trip we decided that we just could not pass this house up.
We like to think that it was waiting for us. I have enjoyed making this house into our home. As you will see I am slowly but surely trying to turn into my own Texas Style French Chateau!;)
Welcome! Come on inside for a look around!
We have a two story foyer and I just love all the light that shines thru.
Our foyer chandy was a $25 yard sale find.
As soon as you walk in you will notice that yes, indeed we have a couch in our foyer. I had every intention of putting it in our master but it refuses to fit around the tight corners and thus it resides here. We actually have grown quite fond of it being here.
Our home office is to the left of the foyer.
We had never had an official office before so I was thrilled taking on the challenge of decorating this space. All of the furniture pieces in this space were purchased at a steal second hand or even free. 
To the right of our foyer you will see our dining room. This is our first time having an official dining room. In our other homes the dining room has always been the boys playroom so needless to say I am loving this space. 
This is the view from the kitchen hallway.
Here is our living room.  
Last spring The Hubster got it in his head that we could rip out our old flooring and install new wood flooring ourselves. That morphed into a  fireplace redo as well.
I am in love with our fireplace place. This project was a fairly easy and inexpensive one and one that we would attempt again. Attempting to refloor almost the entire downstairs is NOT a project we will take on ourselves again!;) I do have sites set on our stairs though.
Our laundry room. I have dreams of ripping out the fluorescent light in here and replacing it with a chandy but so far nobody is on board with me. 
This is our stair landing. 
This is our breakfast room.
From our kitchen there is a tiny hallway to the guest bedroom on the left.
This space had a complete makeover in the last year.
It quickly became one of my most favorite rooms in our home. Even The Hubster tells me how much he likes it.
This is the adjoined guest bath. This space had an unexpected mini reno a few months ago. I call this “Mommy’s Bathroom”. No boys allowed!;)
We took down the builder grade mirror and replaced it with a custom mirror. Yet another yard sale purchase that was made over.
We had to rip out the built in vanity. The Hubster knows how much I love the look of furniture style vanities so he told me to go out and find me one. I lucked up and found this one on clearance and he didn’t even bat an eye when I busted out my paint brush and made it over. That is true love!;)Thank you so much for taking a tour of our home and thank you to Debbie for inviting me over! I hope that y’all will stop by and visit sometime soon!

Thank you Pamela for this awesome tour and fabulous story!
Hop on over to say Hi to Pamela…you will be glad you did.

Sweet gal, and obviously very talented.  She always has something fun to share!

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  1. Sonny says

    you know I think you have one of the prettiest homes in all of Blogland..

    thanks Deb for sharing it with us. This was a joy to view..

  2. says

    Hey-Debbie- When you click on the link it takes you to a “dead” post. There is nothing on the side bar there and no way to leave a comment. Just thought you might like to know. I googled her and was able to get into another post and sign up as a follower…..but it is weird. xo Diana

  3. says

    Debbie and Pamela, great tour! Of course, I love the topiaries and that guest bath is fabulous! Pamela, that vanity if beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Helen

  4. says

    Oh! Another great feature this week! Of course we adore Pamela, always so sweet and welcoming and her home is exactly the same way! Gorgeous and welcoming. I ADORE her new hardwood floors and her bathroom makeover is fabulous. Love all the details in her dining room as well. Thanks for sharing Pamela’s home with us Debbie.


  5. says

    Did that cat change color for the photo op on the bed?

    Dear Mr. Front Porch, you’re wife deserves to feel like a queen in the laundry room, so please install a chandy for her. Your underwear will be folded better in the light it casts.


    • says

      You are a hoot Bliss!!! Love it! And no the cat does not change colors!;) The black one only comes out when she feels like it and well the white on LOVES supervising.

  6. says

    Pamela’s home is fabulous! Love the sofa in her foyer (how nice to have such a big space) and the mismatched bench in her dining room – really adds some fun to the room!

    I love hardwood floors – lucky that her hubs took on that big job and the fireplace looks amazing.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. says

    Just gorgeous! And, something I adore about home tours, this house looks so comfy and liveable. Thanks so much for sharing, Pamela….and Deb too!


  8. says

    I knew you had a beautiful home, Pamela, but I’m so happy to see so much of it together in one post. I love how you’ve put your unique touch on your home. I love seeing your finds remade and used here, too. Thanks to both you and Debbie for giving us a tour!

  9. says

    Thanks for sharing pics of this lovely home. She has done a great job making it pretty and cozy. I always look forward to these weekly home tours!

  10. says

    That was so much fun to see! Beats driving past houses at night with the lights on so you can peek at what they’ve done! Nicer to be invited right in! LOL Pamela is the best and so are you!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  11. says

    Great tour! I feel so connected to both of y’all today…Pamela and I chatted via email a while back and realized that we are in neighboring communities…albeit about 45 minutes to an hour apart, but that’s nothing for the Greater Houston Metro Area….anyway, I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that not only will I get to tour this house in person, but that Pamela will let me tag along when she goes thrifting. I can’t over all her great finds!
    Thanks for hosting the tour, Debbie.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  12. FABBY says

    Fabulous tour, so many pretty rooms to see. The house is gorgeous outside as is inside. Pamela is terrific and you too! Have a blessed EASTE SUNDAY you both.

  13. says

    I love Pam’s home … they’ve done such a fabulous job of giving it a custom look, too! It truly has such a farmhouse, fun personality (just like sweet Pam)! Awesome feature, Debbie! xoxo

  14. says

    Your home is just gorgeous! I love all the projects you’ve done. That little niche with the guest cottage sign is so inviting. Way to go!

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