Flower umbrella wreath for Spring

I thought because of the newbie party being a bit quieter so far  this week, I would feature some of the outstanding links.  So far I have visited all the participants, however, as the party grows today, it gets a little more difficult for me. How about we take a look at a few that have joined so far.

 Kelly’s flower umbrella wreath just makes me smile.  This is SO cute, and so simple. I love her clear umbrella too! But I suppose any would do.

Kim’s Nature inspired table is nothing to sneeze at! She had some inspiration from Martha…I say huh to Martha, this is wayyyyy cuter!


Julie’s DIY Kitchen makeover, is unbelievable!
I love warm tones, and this kitchen did not miss a beat in the details.





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    Debbie this is so stinkin’ cute!! I am pinning this for sure — my door needs to get more attention so I’m collecting ideas for different seasonal door decorations and this is one of my favorites so far!

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    Debbie, I love the umbrella wreath!! That is so cute! I cannot wait to see your sisters wedding bouquet. I have seen the big ones like I made go for $200-$300. The little ones I will probably price at $25. The one you said your Mom made with all vintage brooches, heck they could go for $400. I am so glad I am getting you by email and I can respond, I was having withdrawls!


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    Hi Debbie, its great seeing all of the great newbies. These ladies are talented. I’m so happy that my husband got my computer up and running again, now I can visit everyone.

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    Hi Debbie, I see that your blog has a new look. As always, you are ever creating. The clear umbrella is so sweet. I love the Forsytha over flowing. I decorated one for my door. A little different look, but it sure was a fun and easy project.

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