Spring mantel,Pallet project,Mod podge, and a gorgeous china cabinet

Happy Sunday, Happy day! 
I plan on seeing a lot of you later on today for the Copy cat challenge.
Remember NO NEWBIE party, the party starting tonight is strictly for copy cats.  Let’s go ahead and feature some newbies from last week.  
First up, 
a gorgeous Spring Mantel

Tam, displays so many pretties here.  It just made me smile.
Next, I have to say my heart went a little pitter patter on this one.
Now this is a fantastic pallet project. Nice job to Newlyweds on a Budget
Now you all know I love mod podge too…
this is adorable for Spring.
What meegan makes is so cute.
Candy’s little chair project is way too cute too…

Last feature today is by Zuni, she shares her lovely St. Patrick’ s day china cabinet.


Thank you everyone for joining me each week.  
I am proud to say every participant does receive views.  It is up to you to make the friendships and connections.  This is why I have the party…FOR YOU!

ALSO, Please NOTE, you really should be watermarking your photo’s. 
 You can do this through picasa

There are many options out there.  This is for your protection. If someone pins your photo and there is no credit back to you, well how would do they know it is your photo?  You should want your name out there to protect your photos.  Thank you.



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