Spring knock off decor ideas

Ahhhh….I see some anxious ladies out there today!
Welcome Spring, and welcome to the my monthly copy cat challenge.
{Normally I have you copy from a magazine} which I in fact did.  However, this party I see is open to all copy cats!  I found my inspiration through Country living 
and I just fell in love with these spray painted tin cans.  I have actually done this before, but never  with these fun fresh colors.

 Spring knock off decor ideas

So out came my spray paint can, and I let the magic begin! 
You may recall I spray painted my cans a few weeks back. Of course I had a master plan in the makings.
This is one of my favorite parties, and not because it is mine.  I love it because I love to see all the takes and copy cats you do as well.  I really have a ball visiting each and every one.
I think we all do a fabulous job at it as well.
Not to mention some are seriously better than the magazine!
Just sayin’!
Today was a gorgeous day to set our picnic table.
I even had a little friend hanging out with me watching the whole time.
Perhaps she thought I was going to put out some seed.
The skies were as blue as blue can be!
I really love taking outdoor photos.  For me they are effortless.  I just snap, and download, watermark, and I am good to go.
I just noticed in the pic, our neighbors cherry blossom tree is starting to bloom..see the little pink there.
This is my favorite picture! Again, no photo editing on these outdoor pics.
Thanks for stopping by today.
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