Shabby chic vintage bird cage

Hi there everyone! So happy to see the NEWBIE reunion party is going well.  It has been so nice to pop in and visit some blogs I have not been to in a while.  Thanks for joining in.  I teared up last night over some of your posts.  You are all too kind!

Now let me share a very special Shabby chic bird cage with you.  Funny little story to go with it too.

You see I received this birdcage from a very special lady, in which I have never met.

Her name is Isabelle, and she is my Father-in-laws cousin.  My husband remember’s her as a kid and has very fond memories of her.

Now getting back to the story…So, apparently Isabelle is a regular reader of me little ole blog and she has gotten to know me through IT!

Imagine that!:)  Recently, while my father-in-law was visiting with his family, Isabelle decided to send him home with this special bird cage.  She purchased it some 25 years ago at I believe an antique store.  It was very expensive even back then.  Probably something I would never splurge on for myself.  I know nothing more about it, except that I LOVE it.

The patina, and the color are just gorgeous!

So Isabelle, you were curious as to where I would put this?
Well, I pretty much knew where I wanted it to be.  I wanted to be able to see this out my kitchen windows, and also to be able to enjoy it when sitting out on our back deck, and fireplace area.

My husband was very creative in  thought as to where and how to hang it.  First we were going to build a pole, and have it in the ground.  This sucker is we went to Plan B.  I had no plan B, but Michael did.

he took copper wiring and detailed the four corners and then made the copper come to a peak.

He then took a long black hanger hook and drilled it into the tree.

I knew for certain I wanted it next to the bench that my husband built for me a few years back.

I just LOVE where it is, and now can enjoy it from many views.

Thank you Isabelle for thinking of me! XO

I will treasure it forever.

We did put a few coats of poly spray on it, to protect it from the elements.  I do not want it to get totally ruined and rusty. It is just right the way it is now.

I do plan on putting some seed in there as well.  I left the door open just in case the birds would like to hang out and build a nest in it for now.

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  1. says

    wow Debbie, this is a real beauty! How wonderful and sweet for your husband’s aunt to think of you, and how great that she reads your blog! Love the patina of it and that it’s hanging outside! xo

  2. says

    what a lovely gesture and the connection makes it even more special. Its a beautiful cage, I love the colors as well, just a wee word of caution, I’m not sure if leaving the door open for them to nest or eat seed is a good idea.The reason is I know someone who did this and the birds would get in and become confused by the bars and hurt themselves tharshing around until they found their exit.
    Just a thought,
    I guess thats where the term bird brain comes from, they do have tiny brains, and frighten easy.Not the sharpest tack in the box!

  3. Rondell says

    Oh my goodness! What a great Aunt to think of you and how she can stay in touch with you thur your blog! I love the color of it and don’t blame you at all for protecting it from the weather, the color of it is perfect!

  4. says

    Beautiful story and beautiful bird cage. I was wondering if there was a door that could be left open on the cage, so you could place some bird seed in it. It would be great enjoyment to watch the birds feed from the cage. Just an idea:) Do love the patina though.

  5. says

    How nice of her to send that to you. It is huge and just perfect out there. Great that Mike came up with a super way to hang it.

  6. says

    Such a beautiful addition to your gardens! Love it! I’m loving the new site, too. I had wondered if you had gone on vacation, because I hadn’t been getting updates, but now I see that the new site is up and running. I’ll be playing catch up.

  7. says

    Oh Debbie, that is beautiful! I love that you hung it where you can at least enjoy it. Also, you are such a sweetie in all that you do for all of us bloggers even if we aren’t newbies! Thank you for that. You are such an inspiration and I hope you have a wonderful week, Gail

  8. says

    Oh Debbie I’m so glad I finally found you and added you to my bookmarks..I have so missed you my young friend..Hope you and your family have a GREAT weekend..Hugs and love Gloria

  9. linda says

    what a wonderful birdcage what a thoughtful gift Mike did a great job with the copper very clever as the petnia will change nicely on that to .i dont think i would put seed in it though it will get moldie mabey a pretty petuna .I love the name Isabelle so pretty and that is the name of Angelas wedding dress lol:)

  10. says

    I’m having trouble commenting this AM so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

    What a wonderful thing to have happen to you.
    Blog Land continues to give and give and give.
    I love this story and the bird cage.

  11. says

    Such a beautiful story and bird cage! It looks great where you guys now have it, I wonder what the birds will think? Maybe they’ll hang out on it!

  12. says

    What a sweet and thiughtful gift! I love it and you are right, the patina is PERFECT!!!! Isabelle was my MIL’s name. It is such a pretty name. Have a beautiful weekend. I hope it is nice enough for you to be outside and enjoy your new birdcage! XO, Pinky

  13. says

    Wow, you had me at shabby! What a great gift! You will have to let us know if some birds make it home! I would love to have that in my yard….So, be sure you put it in your will for me!!

    Sista Carol

  14. says

    What a very special present…not only from a family member, but from a loyal reader who knew exactly what you would like…beautiful bird cage..I am sure you are going to enjoy it for many years to come….you selected a very beautiful spot for it…

  15. says

    That birdcage is lovely. Seems like you found the perfect spot for it. The bench your hubby made for you is lovely as well, Have a joyful weekend!


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