Teen boys bedroom makeover!

IdeasMy son Alex who is a freshman in High school asked me a few weeks ago if I could update his room to a
Boys “teen” room. Apparently he was over the Magic picture and red, white and blues. I did not see anything wrong with his current
room.  However, I understood his feelings and said I would see what I could do on a small budget. I am all about budget decorating!
My budget was $100.00.  I went slightly over, but that’s OK it was worth it in the end.
Let’s take a look at his old room first.
Not a great photo, but it was with my old camera.
Now onto the current look.
Teenager style…
Make it personal, about their personality, NOT what you like!
I wanted to incorporate a little music..as he is in the Marching band at school and plays the trombone..he loves it!

Recipe for success…nothing wrong with a little inspiration.

The pharmacy light I had in our family room until recently when I found an old cool one.

 I bought this long wonky picture frame. I loved the graphics that were already there, and just replaced the center one with some sheet music.


Created a gallery wall from things I already had.  I painted the star black, as it was previously red.
Bought some new comfy bedding.
Added a few black faux leather pillows..better known as pleather in my vocab.
My son’s dream is to go to Clemson University.  He wants to be a Medical Doctor.
We could use a Dermatologist in the house for the future of his Mother’s skin of course.
I may in time add more to the gallery wall. For now, I used what we had.
This was no easy gig though. I wish Mike would have helped me. Lots of holes and patching later.
 I  also took the drum shade off his free standing light and added to the ceiling fan.
I made his diy drop cloth curtains some time back from drop clothes.
I taped them off and hand painted them.
They still work in the room, so no need to change them.
Displayed some more of his special stuff, his big hobby is still Airsofting, aside from his music.
Cute little card from his Girlfriend on Valentine’s day.  I also bought this wooden I think book display at Goodwill for a buck.  I found this neat old music book as well for a$2.00.
It is from 1940 and has a lot of great music history in it.
Hope you enjoyed Alex’s room makeover as much as I did doing it.
He was pretty happy!

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  1. says

    Hi Debbie,

    I love the wonderful changes you have done. Alex’s room does have a cool vibe now. I love the drum shade on the ceiling fan. The artwork is wonderful. I’m using the pleather too for my son’s room. I’ll post it soon.


  2. says

    Girl, did I miss this before? I don’t see my comment and could’ve sworn I told you how much I love his “new” cool space! You’ve done the perfect job of *maturing* it (much to your dismay, I’m sure)! Lucky fella, fo’ sho!

  3. says

    Your updated boys room looks great! Love the faux leather pillows and the bedside lamp. I am sure your son is a happy camper with the redo you gave him.
    Thanks for the inspiration,

  4. Claire says

    I know you didn’t change the paint color, but do you still know what paint color this is? I really like it! Great job with the update!

  5. Susan says

    Looks fantastic!! (My son just completed his freshman year at Clemson and LOVED it… Good luck to your son!) where did you find that bedding??

  6. Sharon says

    I saw a picture on Pinterest of a concealed air vent. The link was supposed to be to the boy’s bedroom page, but I didn’t see it. Is it still posted on your site? If so, where would I find it?

  7. Jacqueline Marcello says

    Hi Debbie,

    You did a fantastic job with Alex’s bedroom. I love it..

    You are so clever and thrifty…and talented….I love it.

    I am glad I found you website. I got it from another one called Paint Me Pink. Norma has great idea’s also and is very talented too.

    I just wanted to drop by and tell you how much I enjoy your work.

    Take care and thank you for sharing all your work.

    Jacqueline Marcello

  8. polly says

    I am very late in finding your make-over, butI’m so glad I found it!Love the dro cloth curtains!Did you use a specific type of paint so they can be washed, and how many colors?


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