Shabby chic home decor home tour

You are all in for a treat with this Shabby chic style home tour by my dear friend Melanie!
Finally, Melanie started a blog of her own.  Mel and I go way back when from RMS{rate my space}days.

Melanie and her Mom were frequent guests over at RMS and it was there where we all met and formed a friendship.
It wasn’t until recently that she started a blog of her own.  Don’t think I did not bug her a time or two about it. I sure did!
So come on in….meet

 Sweet Melanie!

Welcome to our home here in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia.
My mother had built this home in 1996 and after a sudden change in her marriage status, we all made the decision to move in together to help her take care of this huge place. It was only to be temporary…but years later, it would prove to become my dream home. Nothing big or fancy, just a nice place to raise a family.
Winter and Spring are my most favorite seasons. I love what the snow does to make everything look so clean and Spring flowers are the best!
A simple little pool…
Mom eventually remarried so we rented for a few years and then decided to buy the home. Since then…I have made it into my dream! Thank goodness I have a wonderful husband and two lovely girls that have allowed me to do so.
This is our livingroom where we all come together. It is open with our kitchen and we love it! Makes it a whole lot easier to get that snack when we’re watching a movie.
Our kitchen for Christmas….my favorite holiday to decorate for!
Our youngest daughter’s room….
Our oldest daughter’s room in purple…..
Where I spend most of my time…..I had to make it as pretty as I could since I’m in here most of my days.
Here is a glimpse of the girls bath….
Our master….where the hubs spends most of his time. Can you believe this is in the basement?
Our small but functional master bath….
One of our guest rooms….
Where I do my sewing….did I mention that I love to sew?
Another guest/slash game room….where we play the wii and watch tv. It is off of the kitchen and is seperated with french doors. Perfect for soundproofing!
And finally…our hallway. Lots of running and playing go on here from our girls. That’s what makes a house a home….love and laughter. And of course I have to say without God…we wouldn’t be here.
Thanks for letting me share our home with you….come on back now ya hear!
Beautiful home and family Melanie.
Thanks for sharing your story with us.Feel free to

pop on over to Melanie’s and say Hello! 


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  1. terry perantie says

    I love your style! I wish I could sew but I’m not that talented. I would love my house to look like yours. If you’re ever in the Washington area I’d love to hire you to decorate my house.

  2. Marie says

    Dear Debbie!

    My name is Marie and i am from Sweden.
    I found your site tonight and fell in love completely.
    You have a wonderful and so inspiering blog. Thanks for that.
    You will absolutely see me here often.
    Best regards and love from Marie in Kalmar Sweden

      • Marie says

        Dear Debbie!

        Tack= “Thanks ” in swedish :)
        Thanks so very much, i hope you exuse my little bad english writing:).
        Im locking forward to follow you blogg here, you inspire me to wanna change my home completely.
        Hug from me . Marie in the little country Sweden:)

  3. Delores Lyon says

    Wow, I really love your style for that bedroom! The shabby chic curtains and furniture work so well together, and the white looks so great! Maybe I should try adding some curtains to my bedroom. It might be what I need to really make it look styled.

  4. Elaine Render says

    I have fallen in love with Shabby Chic, little pink flowers in particular, but also blue and yellow. Bould you tell me where you purchased the fabric in the last guest/game room. I love it and would like to purchase some. Feel free to email me. Thanks, Elaine arender


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