How to spray paint a wreath

How to spray paint a wreath,
at least 10 times over! One grapevine twig wreath can be used for all 4 seasons. Believe it or not and you can’t beat the price.  New wreaths are pricey. However, if you do it my way, you will save a ton~
Spray paint a spring wreath
Remember the other day, I showed you this new color I am in love with this season?
It does scream Spring to me. 
You recall the wreath I change out per season with a can of spray paint?  Well yes, it has one more life in it I think for color.   I will break down next time and just buy a new twig wreath.
I like stretching a new life out of everything. 
 and here we go for the last one… 
 Embellished with a  few dollar tree foam eggs.  
You get a whole pack for a dollar..on a stick, and I just pulled the stick out and hot clued these on.
Spray painted Spring wreath
 Screams Spring, don’t you think?
 The color is Blue Ocean Breeze!
 One wreath 4 seasons! and more if you would like.
 I am thinking about spray painting this copper
 and adding some cute red something to it:)
 I loved the color I recently used on my mason jar and still have most of the can left.
 And if you love spray paint as much as I do,
check out
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