Decorating with brass! {is it in or out?}

Is brass in or out of style?  First let me clear up with you, that by NO means do my husband and I follow decorating trends.  Seemed if we did, by the time we would finish a room, a new style would be in.
  We have however, gone through a few decorating highs and lows, that we love to look back on and chuckle to our selves.  Like the retro style, the mint green striped couch, and not to mention the plastic pink and black canister set we once owned.
I guess we always knew we liked different and old, just had to figure it out in time.

I found these brass candles sticks at our local thrift store for 50 cents a piece.  I did not clean them as I like the patina aged look to them.

I started looking around and thought, I wonder what other brass we have around here.  Most people are getting rid of brass..they think it is outdated or out of style.  Tis tis, so not true! For the past few years you will notice it is making it’s way back.
I recall when we first converted the dining room to a pub room, we were going to change out the hardware on the bar.
Then it grew on us and we started incorporating a little more into the room.
Some are shinier than others…but again, I do not clean them in no way.
Most all the brass pieces we do have, are very old.
This old fire extinguisher has a nice combination of copper and brass.

The horse brasses  my husband found on Ebay and they were very reasonable…

This is an original sign, also purchased off of ebay.
My husband really wanted it, but it was priced way too high at a buy it now.
I told him just for the heck of it, contact the seller and tell him what you are willing to pay.
It worked! We got it for steal.
Even out vintage light is old brass.

The corner candle stick is solid old brass as well.
So tell me your thoughts! Are you a trendy decorator and try to follow what is in style now?
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