Stenciled lampshade {DIY}

Nothing fancy here, just a quick and easy stenciled lampshade.
I bought this awesome lamp at Marshalls back before Christmas.
stenciled lamp shade
It had a shabby french look to the base and the lamp shade was just a simple burlap.
Not to mention it was only $20.00 bucks for the entire lamp and shade, so Home it went.
Being the “stencil queen” you have come to know…
I thought, why not just jazz this up slightly.
I have enough going on in our bedroom in terms of decor, so I just went for simplicity here.
I have to admit, I held back on doing the entire shade with all these flowers….
hmmm…I still may, let me know what you think…
Plain and simple….
So what do you think?
If you like Stenciling you can check out my Stenciling gallery…there you will find a lot more ideas.

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  1. linda says

    i love the shade and the lamp base just perfect together .your bedroom is so pretty i would not do anymore to the shade its perfect and the best of all its a Debbiedoos one of a kind .Love when the lamp is on how it reflects the light :)

    • says

      I’m trying to find out what kinds of pPer products you can use to mod podge onto a square glass block? I want to put a family picture for a friend, but is the copy paper too thick to adhere?
      thank you so much if anyone can answer this question. sorry I got off of the title

      • says

        Copy paper should work. I would do a test on something else before you do the actual project. I make and print printables all the time on our copier and mod podge them, it works.


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