Stenciled lampshade {DIY}

Nothing fancy here, just a quick and easy stenciled lampshade.
I bought this awesome lamp at Marshalls back before Christmas.
stenciled lamp shade
It had a shabby french look to the base and the lamp shade was just a simple burlap.
Not to mention it was only $20.00 bucks for the entire lamp and shade, so Home it went.
Being the “stencil queen” you have come to know…
I thought, why not just jazz this up slightly.
I have enough going on in our bedroom in terms of decor, so I just went for simplicity here.
I have to admit, I held back on doing the entire shade with all these flowers….
hmmm…I still may, let me know what you think…
Plain and simple….
So what do you think?
I used simple craft paint.
If you like Stenciling you can check out my Stenciling gallery…there you will find a lot more ideas.
If you are not a regular here, I sure would love to have you back again.



  1. linda says

    i love the shade and the lamp base just perfect together .your bedroom is so pretty i would not do anymore to the shade its perfect and the best of all its a Debbiedoos one of a kind .Love when the lamp is on how it reflects the light :)

    • says

      I’m trying to find out what kinds of pPer products you can use to mod podge onto a square glass block? I want to put a family picture for a friend, but is the copy paper too thick to adhere?
      thank you so much if anyone can answer this question. sorry I got off of the title

      • says

        Copy paper should work. I would do a test on something else before you do the actual project. I make and print printables all the time on our copier and mod podge them, it works.

    • says

      Hi there Monique, I just used simple craft paint. You can find it at Walmart, Hobby lobby, Michaels. Plaid and folk art make a variety of colors. This was an old post, I should update it. Thanks!


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