Rustic log cabin home tour

Welcome to a Rustic style home tour!

So excited to share my first home tour!  When I did my survey back in the beginning of January, it really gave me insight as to what my friends/followers like to see on my blog.
Although, not too much was going to change, I wanted to incorporate some new things to share.

Welcome Dawn from Creative cain.

Welcome to our Log Home!!

Located at Creative Cain Cabin

I am so excited and honored to be participating in Debbie’s home tour edition.
Debbie has been a great blogging friend and has helped me with my blog every step of the way.
***Thanks Debbie***
This tour may be a little different for some of you, our home is not the conventional home that most have.  It took my family (all three of us) 5 years of hard work to build, and the best thing about it, is we paid cash and have no mortgage.  Yes, it can be done if you are willing to not have instant gratification.
On with the tour….

The Front Porch of the Cabin with more photos here

A white kitchen, with black concrete counter-tops that we did ourselves.


You can see more kitchen photos Here.

An old library table used as a dining table along with the library chairs.


The living room furniture is all slip-covered and can be changed out or washed at any time, making it one of my favorite things about this room.

More living room photos can be seen Here.

The master bedroom is in the loft of our home and is a huge space with a sitting room an all.

You can see more of this room Here.

There’s many more area to explore at the cabin.  So drop by and take take a Tour of our Environmental Friendly home.

Thanks for looking and a special thanks to Debbie for having me.



Thank you Dawn for having us over to your lovely home.
If you are not familiar with Dawn’s blog, head on over, she is beautiful, and very talented too!


Dawn @
Creative Cain Cabin


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