Repurposed door mat to cover and ugly wall vent

Hello everyone!  Today I am sharing how to cover and ugly wall vent. 
 Easy DIY project that anyone can do on the cheap.
repurposed door mat
 My friend Tami  from curb alert  originally posted about it here. 
I have since found other upcycled door mat projects!
People are spray painting them white and using them as art work on their walls, in all shapes and sizes.
    First off, do you know what this is?
Van dykes Restorers
{retail value $500.00}

This is a vent cover.  A lot of us have  the ugly white vents on our walls. They certainly are not the most attractive looking.  In fact, they can be an eye sore.

First let me show you what Tami did with hers…

She took her door mat and simply placed it over the vent…so much better right? 
So I had to run right out and copy this idea…. 
 Of course, I had to spray paint mine first.  This metallic copper was the perfect choice!
 Ugly no more!
We just nailed  two small nails on top to hang the mat.
Cost of the mat, $13.00, spray paint $5.00. 
Pretty awesome!
Thanks Tami for this wonderful idea and for sharing.
how to cover an ugly wall vent

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  1. says

    Great idea! I love the colour you used on yours, matched the stencilling on the steps perfectly! I’ll have to check out Tami’s and pin a couple times. Thanks!
    Debbie :)

  2. says

    That looks nice. You might also want to paint the vent the same color as the wall and then it will blend in even more. I always paint my vents but now might have to go find a cool doormat! Thanks for the idea!


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