Vintage shoe form and blogging friends!

Ok, so you are asking yourself, what does a vintage shoe form and blogging friends have in common?  Well I will get to that in a moment!
First, I want to tell you about my fabulous day.

A few days ago my blogging friend Carrie from Dittle Dattle, asked me if I would like to join her and Cindy from Dwellings The  heart of your home for breakfast and a trip to the Sleepy poet antique mall.

Of course, I would love to go, and thanks for thinking of me:)!
First thing we did was meet for breakfast, sorry no pics, too busy gabbing and eating.

Then we hit sleepy poet…

Asking yourself why I have this picture…well it was here we starting yelling, “HELP needed in aisle 9″
We needed help to have an employee take our picture.

{Cindy, me and Carrie}
they are as sweet as they look!

We promised the employee we would buy something and not just walk around being obnoxious…well that is hard for me to promise.  We were very well behaved, except a few times stopping in the dead of aisles just to chit chat and not let elders pass us by.

 We all did leave with a thing or two…
remember I had a story to this…

This was the first time Carrie had seen a shoe form.  I told her they were very popular and people use them in their decor all the time.

Then, I thought…why NOT all three us buy one at $10.00, not sure if that is a deal or not, but anyway,
buy it, and after the NEW year, challenge ourselves to come up with something really creative and fun.
So that is what we did, and you will have to stay tuned after the Holiday to see what we come up with.

Thanks Cindy and Carrie for a great day!

Have a great night everyone,
the weather is a bit weird here, very cold, windy and strange sky..

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