Decorating the banister for the Christmas Holiday!

OK, straight up…Decorating the banister for the  holiday is just not my thang!
I usually never do it, because I kinda stink at it.
  I am wanting to join in all the Holiday parties out there, I decided today, last minute, I would come up with something.
Now look how lovely this looks inspiration from bhg of course.
Well I do not have this kind of stair case or I would have tried this one.
I do however, have a pair of old black skates,  some greenery,some gift boxes, and of course some dollar tree junk.
So let’s see that I can do here….
Had to have these skates at 11.00 SCORE!
I had one more tin sign to work with as well….
Please ignore the tree, you have not seen it in full yet.
Dollar tree snow flakes..
fresh greenery..
the end result…


Not so priceless…but Not so bad either…
and that is my banister decorating!
So many parties my head is spinning….but in a good way.
Two postings in a day, that is just crazy for me!
Thanks for your sweet visits and I will be catching up soon.


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