Rooster Kitchen decor {French Country}

Never sure if the correct verbiage is French Country or Country French.  I guess it does not matter.
Today I am sharing rooster kitchen decor and a little story.
I have tried to weed these little guys {roosters} out for years.

 First, let me tell you a little story how a conversation went with my Mom.

So, I am on face book one day, and she instant messages me…
“Hi Deb” I need to talk to you.
{This was the look in the summer time}
UH OH, was my first thoughts, this sounds serious.
So, I call her…and this is how the story goes…..

“Deb, you know how sometimes we think alike”?

You know, like you think of an idea, and I had the same one?
We have done this before many times.
Yes, MOM…
well, this is nothing  serious, so don’t worry,
I got you and Mike your Christmas present.
You want to know what it is?
No not really, do I have to?
Yes, because I am afraid Mike may think and do the same thing.
OK, Mom what is it?

WELL….{Keep in mind she built up this anticipation like nobody’s business.}

I had your magazine spread custom framed, the entire article.

Now I know in the back of my mind, this is no easy gig, not to mention how expensive something like this would cost.
 I would HAVE never in a million years done this.  Even though, yes it is a big deal to us, however, a simple magazine frame would have sufficed and that is what I was planning.
I suppose I made my Mom a little proud:)


 My Mom has created a family heirloom for us.  We cherish it, and love it, the colors, the frame, we seriously could not have done it any better.  The size is perfect, I can’t believe she did this all via long distance, no measuring, nothing, all done with her creative mind!

WOW, Mom! 
I thank you Momma from the bottom of our hearts.


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