How to stencil a table top! {DIY}

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Today, I am sharing
how to stencil a table top with a ceiling medallion stencil.
After I stenciled the ceiling medallion, my husband came up with the idea to stencil and outdated table top.
Genius idea! 
wow your ceilings
This was the
stenciled ceiling medallion

You see here the stencil came in a half moon shape,which made it very simple to work with on the ceiling around a light fixture.
Seeing it was a perfect circle, my husband suggested I do this table that I have been wanting to paint for years.
It is an Ethan Allen table that was gifted to us from my MIL.

It has taken some wear and tear on the top though.

That is what happens with two boys around.

stenciled table top 004


stenciled table top 003

I used a black satin craft paint, and just rolled it on as I did the ceiling.  
A small foam roller
Stencil tape, craft paint, paper towel to dab excess paint off the roller.
I also did two coats of satin poly on it when it dried just to protect it from chipping.
With any stencil project, I always suggest a practice run on poster board.  Always remember, less is more when it comes to stenciling.  You never want to over saturate your brush or roller. 
stenciled table top 010
It really does look pretty in person, and the best part was it took me all of 15 minutes!
So that is what I have been up to!
stenciled table top 008
A simple 2 for 1’er!
Enjoy the day.
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stenciled table top

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  1. ellen says

    I have a low long rectangular table that houseplants were kept on ; how would I stencil something similar on it? I love this look.


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