Bhg decorating and home ideas

Hello Better homes and Gardens,{bhg} can you hear me?
I love your decorating and homes ideas.
Today I am sharing some bhg decorating and home ideas of my own.
In fact,
 I should either be your spokes gal or have my picture on your magazine, curtains, comforters, lampshades, candles and more!
just sayin’ in case your lookin!
If you are a long time reader you know,
I am a seasonal decorating kind of gal.
Do you remember last year, how smitten I was with these Better homes and gardens curtain purchase?
I adored these checked curtains for an entire year.
Still love them, but again time for a change.

First, how could I resist roosters and fleur de lis?
Hard, to keep on walking by.
So…with a little imagination over here at this window,
I came up with this.

This is my problem window.
Very tall windows and high ceilings, which make for too short and skimpy valances.

First thing I had my husband do for me is hang a new rod.
All this time I have been using cafe rods..
it was time to upgrade.

I kept the cafe rods here, as I really do not have space in between for more of a decorative type.

 I bought two packages of curtains.

One pack was tiers, and the other pack was a swag.
I put the tiers in the middle and put a small fold on top to shorten them…, and have them appear a little more full.
Then I put the swags on each side.
PERFECTO, and at 16.00 total, who can beat it?
I really like the light feeling, and of course the roosters are adorable too.

I still have to remove the old hardware…UGH, I hate patching walls.
ha, I just noticed I have one end the wrong way…thanks pictures, you always point out my mistakes,
better go down and fix that.

I will take better photos on another day.  I have cropped some pics, because I have other things I do not want you to see yet.  I am sneaky like that.
Have a great day!
Oh, and the corner over there with the roo lamp, does not look the same either.
HUH? How can you ladies and gents even keep up with me?
I can’t keep up with myself!~ For the record, I drink a LOT of coffee.

Thanks for stopping by today. I you are not a regular I sure would love to see you back again.



  1. says

    I remember this one :) Lover the lemons and qt pie curtains. I adore the burlap ones you have up now though too. So fun changing things up! We are gonna have such a fun FALL :) Can’t wait for Primp Your Pumpkin.

  2. says

    Can anyone please tell me where to find these rooster cafe curtains found in this November 3, 2011 newsletter by Debbiedoos? Absolutely love the pattern and want to make a valance for my impossibly small kitchen.

    Thank you in advance for any responses xo

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