Mod podge pumpkin! {Fall decorating}

Love playing with mod podge!
and I love Fall decorating!
Pumpkins are of course all the decorating rage now, with Fall and Halloween of course they would be. I had a plan!
Remember this?…..
ahhhh..yes, I had a vision…
I hunted and gathered some pretty Fall leaves from our backyard….
WELL, things did not work out for me with this project…
oh crap now what?
hmmm….I have this very old cookbook that I scored from an antique store some time ago.
I love how some is even hand written and other recipes are pinned in the book.
I suppose I could make a kitchen recipe mod podge pumpkin!
So that’s what I did….
I was able to mod podge the outdoor leaves, and topped off the pumpkins with them.
Maybe this was a better idea, than the original!
I even left the pins in tact.
Check out some of the pages, talks about phosphates and energy, etc…
pretty neat.  What I am gathering is this woman would cut out recipes from the paper that she liked, then pin them in her own personal cook book.  Not sure just a guess.
Oh btw, all these pages I used were loose leaf.
I did not tear anything out, they were already falling out.
And here you have my mod podge kitchen recipe pumpkin!
Perhaps there are more out there in google/blog land, but I checked and did not see a specific kitchen recipe one.
If you do, let me know I would love to see it.

Another cute idea would be to mod podge some terra cotta pots with the kitchen recipe, and then add herbs to the pots…
see my mind is already thinking ahead!

Vintage recipe mod podged pumpkin for your fall kitchen



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