DIY Outdoor pizza oven!

The big day has arrived for the Reveal of our DIY Outdoor Pizza oven! 

pizza-268x650 DIY Outdoor pizza oven!

We have always wanted our own pizza oven. However, to have one built was way out of the ball park in price for our budget.

api DIY Outdoor pizza oven!
I am not saying it was easy, but I am saying it can be done!

P1090519 DIY Outdoor pizza oven!
When all was said and done, we DID it!
So far here what you see was the easy part.  
These are basic cinder blocks stacked on one another.  
I know Mike used some sort of special adhesive to keep them in place.  
This was labor intense for my husband, but you can see he is a big strong Man.
 So far piece of cake.
P1090522 DIY Outdoor pizza oven!
The cinder blocks were purchased from Lowes home improvement
My husband drew out the original plan and size accordingly.
P1090523 DIY Outdoor pizza oven!
First major mis hap:  our first pizza oven  {Round boy} being delivered in a thousand pieces.
Not sure why the freight company even bothered as it was an open pallet and clearly not in tact.
SECOND one, perfect…different freight company!
P1090524 DIY Outdoor pizza oven!
The round boy was purchased on line
at Round
they specialize in the ovens.
NOW….at this point
we are starting to get somewhere…..
P1090580 DIY Outdoor pizza oven!

That night we had to start a fire….

OK it works….that was a good sign:)

P1090646 DIY Outdoor pizza oven!
  Mike shopped on line for the best prices for the granite and stone in our area.   He drove hours away to get the materials, but again, worth it in the end.
It saved us a ton of money, so that was worth it.
The first piece of Granite we chose, was a different color, more earth tones.  Turned out to have a crack in it…Ok just give us what you got!
 That was resolved, now ONTO the stone work…
P1090550 DIY Outdoor pizza oven!
This is the MOST difficult part!
Unless you are a skilled mason, you really have NO clue how to work with Mortar.
After a few hours of trial and error, we called 911, no no, I mean we called my cousin who happens to be a skilled Mason.  Rob lives in Rochester, and we so wished he lived here.  If you ever need masonry work and you live in Rochester or near, I will give you his number.
What he told us is the consistency of the mortar needed to be like pancake batter.
The directions on those bags, does not tell you that, and the amount of water you are suppose to use,
does not equate either.
P1090644 DIY Outdoor pizza oven!
I say WE, because I did a lot of this work that you see.  I buttered the bricks and adhered them to the base, lots of sweat this day…
P1090649 DIY Outdoor pizza oven!
This oven is now going on two years old and we use it often!
You can cook meat, and breads in here as well.  
Not only pizza.
P1090634 DIY Outdoor pizza oven!
It has made for a wonderful addition to our back yard.
We have had many of fun entertaining nights spent with friends and family.
P1090631 DIY Outdoor pizza oven!
To say we do not LOVE it, or are not proud, would be a lie and an understatement!
I would also say, we saved thousands of dollars doing it ourselves.
When we first started pricing out pizza ovens, they ranged from
WAY out of the ball park for us.
Total cost was approximately $2,800.
P1090640 DIY Outdoor pizza oven!
P1090702 DIY Outdoor pizza oven!
And there you have our Outdoor pizza oven story!

So what do you think, making one anytime soon?

Here is the what I used to make my own pizza sauce and canned it so I would always have it on hand.

P1090875 DIY Outdoor pizza oven!

Today I used these crushed tomatoes, however the first batch I used San Marzano

001 DIY Outdoor pizza oven!

I added fresh basil, garlic, salt pepper, a few bay leaves, garlic salt, and a pinch of sugar.

I let it cook basically all day.

P1090876 DIY Outdoor pizza oven!

You can even freeze these, as is in the jars.

Thanks for stopping over today.  Hope you become a regular.



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  1. George Ann Over says

    Love your oven. What glue was used for the blocks. I am building a pizza oven and really do not want to work with mortar. Your help would be a appreciate.

  2. Angie says

    I would LOVE to have a pizza oven. PLEASE share where you got you oven pieces…..If you dont mind. Everything I have look at is outrageously expensive. Thank you. My email above if you dont mind emailing that information.


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